The tree of consciousness… in practice: climbing the tree of life

fledglingsI am often asked to map out the path to raising your vibration, raising your consciousness, and become a full fledged human being.

The first step to any journey is to find out where you are at now.

As I muscle test people’s vibration… as I am merging my senses with theirs, feeling their feelings, I feel their overall relationship to life. I feel it stronger than they feel it… like a tool that puts your heartbeat on loudspeaker.

Most people give me feedback, saying “spot on” if they are from England, and then follow my first steps to feel better.

And others, having pursued spirituality for years, having practices that are supposed to raise their vibration, feeling good about some area of life… give me feedback that my “reading” is off.

Truth be told, your experience can be all over the consciousness map in different areas of your life, at different times.

The top of the iceberg, that is, but not your whole being, not your vibration.

Your vibration doesn’t change because you are feeling good. Or because you are in love. Or because you just won the Nobel Prize.

Vibration, it could be said, is about doing the spirit’s work… it’s about flying… or better said, for most people, not flying.


birdfallFor a bird, flying is a building process. More muscles, more feathers, more bones, bigger, better, different.

But for humans, flying is a “getting rid of” process.

Staying with the iceberg analogy, the job is to melt away the underwater part of the iceberg… making a few ton heavy iceberg, with its own power, is not very possible, you can see that.

The underwater and above water part at least need to be in balance.

  • Turn belligerence into willingness.
  • Turn resistance into allowing.
  • Activate spiritual capacities, the main difference between lower and higher states of consciousness. 1

Gently, by finding the inner cause of the heavy ice particles… and melting them away.

No force, no hurry.

The heat source is consciousness. Or we could spell it with capital C: Consciousness. That is the part that melts, that is the part that helps you fly.

map-of-consciousness-croppedOn the map of consciousness, what you can see, is that the person who created it wasn’t looking with Consciousness. It is viewed from the limited perspective of the human mind.

But that doesn’t quite invalidate the chart.

But like any mountain climber knows: the mountainside looks different from the top than from the bottom.

The limited perspective of the human mind looks from the bottom up to the top… where it wants to get to. 2

Same with a maze: there is the view from the inside, and then there is the aerial view, where you can see which way to go.

So really, what does it take to successfully scale the mountain?

As I see it now, and it’s taken a lot of experimentation, this is how it looks.

You need a guide.

  • You need a guide who wants you to get up the mountain more than you do.
  • A guide who can see, with laser eyes, the underwater parts that need to be melted away
  • A guide who will direct your fledgling consciousness to areas YOU don’t want it to go.
  • A guide who can give you an energetic push when that’s all you need… like turning on a spiritual capacity for you. This last one is, by the way, the most important of all. Because without spiritual capacities all work, all good will, all that you do, will keep you where you are.

I had guides, and I have guides.

Guidance always feels harsh, even nasty.



Tricolored Heron fledgling

361c0d24c6dccb98773b55d588c5495cGuidance always makes me cringe. I can still hear it in my ears… But when I remember, I cry tears of gratitude. Then… shame, anger, hate, spite… because when the hidden parts of the self are revealed, your first reaction to it is denial, revulsion, and wanting to protect it.

This work, raising your vibration, is not for the squeamish and the sissy. You need to have to be able take it.

Maybe you won’t need as much ability to take it, maybe not as much as I had to: I came with a disproportionately big underwater portion. You may be luckier than me.

But what was lucky, in my case, is that misery, the level of misery, can be a good motivator.

The more comfortable you are in your skin, the more bearable your life feels, the less motivation you have.

Because the pain of remaining the same needs to be bigger than the pain of growing. Otherwise you won’t grow.

Because growing is painful. Not a 24/7 pain, but like the pain of a surgery… it has to be worth it.

The methodology I have devised is this:

You take my 67 step coaching program. It uses a video series by another teacher… but it just uses it: it doesn’t stop there.

With each step, you have an opportunity to

  • grow what consciousness sees by looking wider, looking deeper, looking at things you normally don’t look atBecause we need consciousness to be a considerable heat source… because, remember, what we are working towards is
  • melting away the underwater parts
  • so consciousness can make us fly

Blue Tit (Parus caeruleus) fledgling

The coaching is one-on-one, and, if you do your work right, you pay, approximately ten dollars, at present rates, for an hour of my attention.

Why so little? Because this is still an experiment.

But the rates are going up. Will it be worth it?

I have no idea. If the pain of staying the same is big… yes.

What if you can’t afford it? Then you won’t be in it.

I remember when I started my journey: I paid for my first program $380 in 1985. That was more money than what I made in a month… in inflation beaten Israel.

Then I paid $625 for my second program: I was unemployed, but wasn’t going to be beaten down. It was so important that I was willing to be kind, and pleasant, and even cheerful to get enough work to pay for it.

Being kind, pleasant, and cheerful weren’t my normal ways of being… you can gather that much.

And then, I did whatever I needed to do, to make the $1400 for my third course. Then my fourth course.

I had cheap clothes, I had cheap food, I had no entertainment, I had no car, I commuted four hours a day… I had no other interest… because spending the same money on clothes, and food, and entertainment would not have bought me a future where I feel good about myself and my life.

But you see, I was lucky for being so miserable. You may find that eating out, watching cable TV, or having a nice garden is more important, for you.

It’s OK. You just want to know that you have made your choices.

Spirit is OK with that.

Spirit is only interested that there be flying. Who is doing the flying, the spirit only has a passing interest.

And so am I.

I will NOT be the wind under your wings. It has to be your own consciousness, fueled by you.

If it is worth for you.

PS: I can hear your question: can you go halfway?

Of course. Every week you spend in the program has a chance to melt away a little bit of the misery. Every week has a chance to grow your consciousness a little bit.

'I just came from our stock broker. Our quality of life has just improved!'It’s a lot like money: it is not all or nothing.

You can increase your income by 10% and suddenly feel a lot richer.

Because the whole 10% becomes discretionary income… which, in terms of the spirit, feels like freedom, or joy, or self-love… depending on your constitution, of course. 3

I can still remember the milestones, the first three courses, that brought me up from a vibration of misery, to a vibration of courage. I know exactly what I saw… I didn’t stop until I went from misery to where I am now.


You’ll do what you’ll do.

This is an intense program. It gets done as much as my first three courses, the courses I spend $390, $625, and $1400 for.

For a lot less…

Here are the differences:


  • Minus: you don’t have the benefit of sitting with a 100 other people… the synergy of the group isn’t supporting you.
  • Plus: you can’t hide. your program is one-on-one, and I may be in your face… lol.


So, if after all this, you are still interested in doing this program, then here are the requirements:

    1. Get your vibrational measurement
    2. Get your soul correction
    3. Get your attachments checked… and get them removed if you have any
    4. Book a 15-minute call with me… in an email… after you have the first three steps accomplished.

    And then, and only then, we’ll decide, you and me, if you are a good fit for this revolutionary growth program.

    PPS: My energy remedies COULD start taking you higher on the consciousness scale, if you took them consciously.

    I just took some Heaven on Earth, consciously, and huge grief welled up. I don’t know what its source was, but I allowed it to envelop me, I fully felt it, and then it melted away… 4

    Energy remedies are all based on the homeopathic theory: like cures like. The little grief in the remedy awakens the big grief so it can melt away… totally, or little by little.





    1. Forgiving, one of the crucial “melting away” phenomenon is, for example, becomes possible when you have activated the capacity to allow. Allow the other to have their own needs, their own priorities, their own preferences, and be OK with that. As long as you can’t allow… you are not able to forgive, and you are stuck.
    2. just like humans created gods to their own image… lol
    3. 'The most common side effect of this medication is loss of disposable income.'Most spirituality and growth courses are like medication… the only effect is the side effect
    4. The Unconditional Love activator “attacks” all the way you hate yourself. The 2nd phase and 3rd phase activators in the Effortless Abundance Remedy attack all the nasty ways you are with yourself and others.

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