Sell an idea for a buck… then do it again. Make your first dollar…

>first-dollarOne of the best life lessons I follow, I learned in a course, 30 years ago.

The course was called “more money workshop”

The lesson was: sell an idea for a dollar to at least three people.

It’s not easy, especially if you have never thought that you could sell an idea.

It has two benefits:

  1. it gets you over the hump of what is worth money. A lot if people think that they are geniouses, but they never sold anything, so they have no idea if their ideas are worth anything.

    Because worth is not innate… it is in the eye of the buyer.

  2. You find out that everything needs to be sold. You can’t sell, you have produced no value. That should be stinging…
  3. one_dollar_bill

  4. you never thought that making money can be started with making just one dollar.

    But the only healthy business is like that: make your first dollar, with one idea. Then sell it again, until you are sure that it is really selling, that the first sale wasn’t a fluke.

    People are bogged down with building websites, and webstores, and worrying about legalities, and software, and all that… without ever checking if their wares will sell or not. If they know why people want to buy it or now.

  5. Lastly, if you poopoo a dollar earned, you’ll never make money… ‘nough said

Now, here is the same principle with a twist:

This is not just an idea for business, for more money, it is the idea of a lifetime, for every area of your life, health, wealth, happiness.

There is nothing that cannot be built on the same basis.

I got my multiple phd worth education by reading one page at a time, one book at a time… every night, for the past 30-40 years.

I read slowly, 30-40 pages an hour. I read until I get tired, 30-90 minutes. before I turn off the light.

phpwSmxgCIt’s a cumulative effect… I read faster because I understand faster…

I only read in bed, but I read every night. Sometimes I take a break in the middle of the day, go to bed and read.

I read 80% non-fiction, and 20% fiction. I only read the kind of fiction that teach me something, like reading about the Mongols… 10 thousand pages later I know a lot about the Mongols: history making nation.

Or about epigenetics. I read the book Seveneves, and the four more books on heredity, genetics, the selfish gene…

I don’t read biographies: poorly written by people who don’t understand. I don’t read autobiographies either.

I am not interested in the story in a fiction: I am interested in people… that is what I pay attention to.

You get what you pay attention to:… just observe… Same with movies, same with Netflix shows… I am interested in people.

I am interested in reading or watching things that make me look at things I have never looked at the same way before.

This is how to get a phd level education. Every 4-5 years.

Let’s talk a little bit about raising your vibration, shall we?

Unless you make it your passion, it probably won’t happen. Your hobby at least. Hobby is what you do for your own sake.

I started this process by going to classes where I grasped one sentence maybe two, one thing per course.

It seems puny for the money… 60 hours and you got one thing? Yes. But I really got it.

Now, when you work with me, you’ll get something occasionally. The rest of the time you are building up to it.

Remember? Going from not ready – to getting ready – to ready…

You don’t have to try hard. It is a natural process, or it’s forced.

You cannot force transformation.

For example a 67-step… you write whatever you can think of… you sit with it, and nothing more comes up.

Then you look where I ask you to look, easy, peasy, Japaneasy…

Every 4-5-6 step you see something. You don’t know what it is, you don’t have words, but you saw it.

It’s cumulative. It happens behind the closed doors of your consciousness.

No forcing necessary.

It’s the way winners learn. No campaigns, no need to win every day, just do it. And do it. And do it.

Winning is inevitable, unless you stop… Unless you live your life from campaign to campaign, from quitting to quitting and quitting again.

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