Raise Your Vibration: The Original Design

original design vitruvian man leonardo da vinci The Universe had an original design. Though I grew up not believing that, I have seen proof, evidence, and other convincing signs that today I consider myself someone who helps return humanity to the original design.

Here is what I believe to be true:

In the beginning there was only the Light. It had an abundance of energy, and it was giving it to nothing… there was no other entity, no recipient, it was just energy flowing.

For eons this was fine, but one day the Light had this new “thought”: I can create a Vessel. I will create the Vessel to be the recipient of my light.

So it did, and then, for eons, it was wonderful. The Light did what the Light liked to do, give its light without any restriction, and the Vessel received it, and it was all good. Very good.

But there was a glitch in the system: because there was nothing else but light, the Vessel was made of that raw material too, and it had, in its DNA the desire to give. And with the light it was receiving, this hidden desire to give got stronger and stronger, until one day…

The Vessel said: Enough. I want to earn the light I receive. I want to be able to give light myself.

The Light withdrew itself to an infinitely small spot and then expanded, with a Big Bang, and a Universe got created where, because of the physical nature of that Universe, there was plenty of vessel type energy.

The Original Vessel broke into tiny fragments in the Big Bang, and each tiny fragment, a vessel themselves, with a desire to become like the Light, now found a place to practice giving, practice becoming like the Light.

We call these fragments souls.

The vehicle these souls use is what we call Human Being. The soul uses this vehicle to practice being like the Light.

But there is a ground rule: 1. the human beings cannot know about this arrangement 2. The human beings have a right to choose their own attitudes and behaviors, to listen to the soul, if the want to.

And although the Human Beings are built from light, and although the human beings are inhabited by the fragments of the Original Vessel, it’s taken them eons and thousands of eons to come to today, where I am able to tell you what to Original Design was, and what we, as Human Beings can do to fulfill that Original Design.

This whole “creation” took no time, though looking back, with the introduction of time, it seems like forever. But… time is a purely human invention.

Anyway, back to the Original Design…

You see, just like it the “olden days” before Creation, we have an immediate line of communication to the Light aka the Creator, but at some point we discovered that we can know an awful lot about a lot of interesting stuff without conferring to the Creator, without checking in with “him” if we are on track or off.

Some of the time, and some of us tried to tell others that we are divine, that we have a design, that we are living inconsistent with the design, and that’s why there is so much trouble in the world.

But it sounded like a good idea, but…

Recently I have stumbled upon the idea that the design of the Human Being that can become like God is hidden in our design. It is by design that it’s hidden.

If you understand computers you’ll get the analogy: in certain Windows machines, it doesn’t matter how much RAM you put, it can’t see and it can’t use more than a hair under 4 gigabytes.

If you change, ever so slightly the operating system, it can see all the ram you put in the machine.

RAM is what makes a PC be able to be fast, and have all those different pages open at the same time.

The analogy is to show that we, as human beings have hidden capabilities that need to be activated by upgrading our operating system.

In human beings, operating system, Ram, and Herz are measured in our vibration.

What upgrading our operating system is what we call raising our vibration, or raising our consciousness. To where? To the Original Design.

But how do you do that?

For eons, human being tried to use go-betweens. A golden calf, a man, a prophet, a sculpture, a book, a pendant, a symbol, your breath, your mantra, your guru, spirits, spirit guides, shamans, healers… with rare exception people talk to the go-between, and do not connect directly to the Light, to Source, to the Creator, to where all comes from.

In the past few weeks I have developed a technology that connects you directly to Source, and it takes a few seconds… it must have been an idea whose time has come.

When you get your hidden capacities activated through the Creator, your vibration starts to rise. Your life starts to be smaller than you, and you start to be able to live like the divine being you were always meant to be.

According to the Original Design.

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar