Our ultimate aim is to become fully conscious and capable

seven-soul-heads-w350Our ultimate aim is to become fully conscious and capable as unique individual expressions of All That Is.

This is very catchy… titillating even. I read this on a blog talking about the reincarnated soul… Barry McGuiness: personal vibration: 170. Truth value of teaching: 4%.

People look at spiritual work as titillating, and that is why nothing happens as a result of the “work” they do. 1

But, occasionally, real spiritual work gets done, in my programs.

Fully conscious and capable is a tall order… especially after decades of being unconscious and not capable, for most people.

Fully conscious means: bring into consciousness everything… everything that has been lurking under the water level of the iceberg, and has been running your life, the way you feel, the way you are.

I am finding that ultimately you can be with anything. How do you know that you can be with something?

If something is so painful that you can’t be with it… meaning it would kill you, you faint.

I only fainted twice in my life, and the second was from blood loss.

The first was at age three… something similar in intensity happened 18 years later, and I didn’t faint.

You want to increase your pain tolerance. Really. How? I don’t know yet, I’ll read up on it and let you know.

But unless you can be with pain, your own, you’ll never do the work you need to do to become fully conscious.

There is nothing foofoo, there is nothing mystical about consciousness. It is miraculous, but not mystical.

It is the “tool” you are given to do well, feel well, navigate well in a world that is full of reasons to not be well, not feel well, not navigate well.

Being human is not fun. You see too much, you want too much, you understand too little.

Being a human being is the beginning of fun.

How? Why?

Let’s see the main differences between the paradigm of human and the paradigm of human being, shall we?

Human, the paradigm, moved the self into the mind. Out of the body, that had millions of years of wisdom, and into the mind, that is like your computer: full of malware, full of viruses, full of email, full of cat videos.

You see only inside the framework you are permitted to see. You see only the tip of the iceberg. And you don’t know who you are.

Human being, with the activation of the inactive intangible, spiritual capacities, makes you a lot like a computer programmer who makes all of you, activate all of you to see, feel, perceive, and move around.

We could say, that the difference between the two paradigms is how much you see, and how much power you have… as a result.

What power? You are in power of your own being.

  • Human is blown about like a ship on stormy sea… an effect. Feels what he feels, thinks what he thinks… the only semblance of power a human has is in pretending.Pretending to be something they are not.

    But the inner tension eats a human alive, because pretending to be happy while you are really being afraid, or disturbed, or cowardly, or settling for less… is a lie and it’s a lot of work: under the surface.

  • A human being is like a submarine… the storm rages outside, but it is more like a spectacle than a disturbance to the inner state of the submarine… the human being.Feelings, thoughts, that incapacitates a human, changes his being with every new feeling and thought, is just a storm outside… no effects on the inside: you were happy before the storm? You are happy during the storm. The storm does not change your being… to afraid, or worried, or panicky.

The secret is doing the work that takes you from human to human being.

The work can be done in many different ways… and I am seeing good results with the method I am currently using.

All the previous methods had flaws… the only flaw this one has is this: my personal involvement is needed, therefore the number of people I can take across the divide is severely limited.

I am working with a group now. The next group won’t start until I can take every person over.

So what can you do to prepare yourself for the work to be done… now?

  • You have the remedies…The Heaven on Earth will gently bring up and resolve emotional states that come from past hurts. The less charge in those hurts, the easier will be to bring consciousness to them.

    The Unconditional Love Remedy starts to resolve the issues between you and you… so you can stop being run by what you think the world wants you to do, and start doing what YOU want to do.

    The Effortless Abundance Remedy has the beginnings of all the spiritual capacities. It’s gently starts poking at those inactive genes, gently making them aware that you want them to come alive. Some only need a little poking to become available to you to brighten your day.

  • You have the Avatar State audios… powerful vortex energy makes you aware that who you are being is heavy, clogged, and an effect. Increases your awareness to where you are heavy, how you are heavy and ground bound.It has several flavors… visit the page that lists them all.
  • And if you are smart… you know that not all people are good… and many can mess with your energy body… and they do. They do it with attachments… which are like darts that grow roots… in you. Nasty.Having them removed is mandatory if you ever want to grow.
  • Lastly, there are the DNA capacity activation… you have to live a life that can use them. If not, they will turn off… I prefer to do these activations when they are needed.

Avatar State Audios

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  1. Work is always painful. Work is never “nice”, never an experience, never passive. The soul isn’t doing the work, and the world’s people consciousness isn’t like the Bell Curve…

    It’s more like 99.99999999999999% of humanity is unconscious, and has scarcely any spiritual capacities working for them.

    human evolutionThe soul evolution “model” has a 4% truth value, yet, it has usefulness, at least for me.

    My observation is that people go to it for titillation, because there is no work done… without guidance.

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