The “art” of blocking consciousness from seeing…

allowing consciousness to see moreThe art of seeing more of the world, the art of causing consciousness to see more of the world is to ask different questions.

Asking questions is not easy.

Questions come out from the top of the mind region… to clarify, verify, cement the world view.

The value of these question is negative value. They make you more stuck in the mind than not asking that question.

These are the questions you mostly ask.

How to get “other” questions, questions that allow you to see more of the world or let consciousness see more of the world?

Simple. Let others ask the question. and Be willing to follow the questions down the rabbit hole…

But aren’t you going to see the same mind answers?

Yes, you will… so the how is the most important thing: stay in the question, reject answers, wave them away like you would wave away a mosquito. 1

seeing-moreAnswers shut down the looking.

If you are in the 67 steps coaching program, it can be seen clearly, that you are looking to answer the question.

The more you do, the less useful they will be.

The real value, not all of it, but most of it, will get lost.

Now, I admit that being in the question, dwelling on the question, having a question that isn’t answered is not comfortable for the mind.

Which also means, that to the degree you are comfortable to the degree you are not dwelling in the questions that don’t need to be answered… but need you to look, so you and your consciousness can look.

There is also a way that you can BE, if you can, if you have the capacity for being, where you are finding answers, but not THE answer.

I know two types of question: mundane, and Tai’s questions are mundane. No thought required, no insight required, no love required to ask those questions.

And then there are the Landmark Education type questions, or assignments.

Here is an example from the Relationships Seminar:

Between now and the next session, begin to look in the areas of relationship, love, partnership and romance, and begin to look for where you are being inauthentic.

Here is the structure:
–I pretend to be X
–I am covering up being Y
–The impact on my life is Z

Bit difference, eh?

Landmark’s questions leave you looking.

If Landmark weren’t as cultish as it is, I’d recommend that you do their programs. But Landmark is cultish… Cult in this context means that they want you to believe that you only need Landmark.

But if it were true, then Landmark participants had high vibration, but they don’t. The average vibration of Landmark participants is 150. And that includes the “teachers” as well.

That, of course, doesn’t mean that Landmark’s programs are not good. After all I raised my vibration, exclusively with Landmark, from 35 to 175, in 20 years…

But that is slow. But that is only because I did it for more than 10,000 hours, including all the assisting, and coaching, and group calls. All the courses. All the training programs.

I say that you can do it faster. You can do it in the 18 months I’d like you to stay in Reclaim.

I am going to start to use some of the questions I can steal from Landmark.

Without teaching Landmark… of course.

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  1. There is the 99% way of looking, where you use your eyes as a projector, and you project what you already know onto what is out there. Result: your world never changes, because what is really going on isn’t perceived by you, only what you already know. How do you know that? When something dramatic happens to wake you up, you get a glimpse of reality, and the difference between what you had been seeing and what you suddenly see is too different to hold onto… so you either go crazy, depressed, get on medication, get hospitalized, kill yourself, or quickly return to your imaginary world. I am not kidding, it’s 99%.

    All my articles, all my programs talk against it. And three in about 4,000 hears it. Less than 1%.

    Recommended movie: Vanilla Sky. I watched it with subtitles twice before I got a sense of what’s going on… it is a question more like an answer type of movie. You won’t understand it… just know that he is going in and out of dream/reality…

    By the way, I’ll upload the full movie to the subscribers only site in an hour or so…

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