The Chess Master’s brain… and how can a real smart person be so stupid?


…or what is the secret ingredient in The Machine that a chess master has or doesn’t…

I have been observing, for no reason, chess masters. Haven seen movies, read books, watched videos… for no reason… other than to allow consciousness to see.

WTF, right?

It is normal to do things for a reason. For fun. For research, For learning. But to take consciousness, like a baby, to the zoo? Who has ever heard anything like that before?

But, as you will see, this is one of the defining differences between humans and human beings… Human beings have layered intentions… while humans are, in comparison, simple machines.

I don’t mean this in a disparaging way… it is just the statement of facts.

Now, in my observation of chess masters, I have seen that playing chess opens, activates consciousness, and who plays chess thereafter is consciousness.

But consciousness is limited to knowing and seeing what you allow it to see… it is not independent of you or what you expose yourself to. This is why people who travel to other countries, expose themselves to different cultures, are so much more at peace… Their consciousness is able to guide them to sanity better.

Bobby Fisher was exposed to chess and to hate. I don’t know his upbringing, but the result is madness, and misery. Utter misery.

The Polgar girls, the three Hungarian chess masters, were exposed to chess and… obviously I don’t know this, but they must have been exposed to some level of caring… because they turned out somewhat sane… albeit not rounded.

Consciousness is totally dependent on you for sustenance.

The artificial intelligence, The Machine, in Person of Interest, excellent Netflix series, was trained, painstakingly, by its “father”, to do good, to avoid doing harm, to be a ‘good person’ machine.

And when it was exposed to something it wasn’t taught to deal with, because it wasn’t expected, it went back to the principles he learned from “his father” and did the best it could.

It apologizes: “I never learned to win… so I had to improvise.”

Now, let’s talk about you.

If you are like the 99%, you haven’t exposed your consciousness to much. If you travel for a living, or if you travel with others… even travel didn’t expose your consciousness to much.

When Tai asks: what is the difference between poor people and rich people (I paraphrased the question) he says: awareness. But if you travel the same tunnel every day, even if you are aware, you are poor… or poor in many areas.

I have known people like that: lots of money, poor person.

So what is the real difference? Exposing consciousness plus awareness.

Awareness to what? Awareness to what consciousness is saying. Awareness of what is below the surface… the intangibles. The attitudes, the inauthenticity, the things mind, and the ordinary consciousness cannot penetrate.

The number of intangible, spiritual capacities you have active depends on this.

And, because it is synergistic, this depends on the number of capacities you have active.

It is most interesting to observe people as they subtly change. I am not sure if they experience it or not, but the world is becoming bigger, a little brighter, and the elbow room they experience for dancing becomes just a tad bigger.

I remember my first big shift back in 1985. I write about it in another article, so I’ll be cryptic here: I suddenly had room for a lot of things to do, that previously I could not, would not, because they were impossible.

The second big shift was in 1987… I remember driving down the Garden State Parkway and noticing the sky and trees for the first time maybe ever.

I still gage my freedom by the number of times I notice the sky. I had a dark period this past winter… sky wasn’t present for me.

I am not a parent. I haven’t seen a child, mine or someone else’s go through the stages of growth… My closest experience is watching my students blossom.


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