The Flow… Life… The Light… how do you block the flow?

emotional-intelligence-by-daniel-goleman-1-638Psychologist Daniel Goleman, personal vibration: 200, 10 capacities active, 7% truth value, talks about the flow as a state, when things seem to go just right, when you feel alive, and fully aware…

And they say: it alters your consciousness

What they don’t see, can’t see, that flow is the “state” when you, for some reason, stop blocking the flow… when YOU, as your identity, are not there.

What am I talking about?

Soul corrections, the names and categories I borrowed from Kabbalah, seem to be 72 ways that you can block the flow and live a life of scarcity (and lack of intelligence).

The psychologists don’t see it, but each moment that there is no flow, your stingy self is there blocking it.

What part of you? Mostly mind.

Each Soul Correction blocks the light differently, and then complains about it.

My work attracts some soul corrections and not others. It is not an accident: some soul corrections want to grow, others don’t.

Owning, confronting one’s stinginess head on is not for sissies.

Attempting to let go of what you know, especially about yourself, is being willing to die the identity for the birth of what’s possible.

One is afraid of dying, or one is afraid of the new… or the flow.

My soul correction is terrified of the flow… How do I know? Standing under the shower is painful for me. It takes longer to let go of the fear than how long the shower normally takes… lol.

It also shows up, I think, in sex, love, intimacy, and last but not least, in money.

The Light is like a fire hose… it needs you to either go with the rush of the water, or stand planted…

So we block it. We reduce it to a trickle…

What would allow you to unblock… to take your self out of the way?


Spiritual Capacities… what Goleman calls emotional intelligence

Spiritual Capacities are encoded in the human DNA. They are just blocked from expressing themselves.

Certain activities practiced long enough tell the active genes to allow that capacity to express themselves. They are proven to be useful and used.

In a strange way intelligence… several genes, gets only unblocked when used.

  • Reading text that you don’t understand, trying to penetrate its mysteries…
  • Looking at mathematical problems until they talk to you and tell you what you needed to know
  • Looking, out there… not in what’s stored in the brain… summoning consciousness to do the work.

Said in another way: standing in front of something that you don’t have a way to relate to because you don’t recognize it: i.e. there is nothing about it in your brain, and keep on standing, even though there is no understanding.

This, you could call it “faith” that there is a meaning there… activates one gene of the three.

We could summarily say, that any and all capacities are blocked by the mind, what you already know, or think you know.

Know about the world, know about yourself.

And that “knowing” is knowing the meaning of things…

But Life is empty and meaningless… and things don’t have a set meaning… so all the meaning you have stored in your mind are meanings you made up or accepted from others who made it up.

You are once, or twice, or thrice removed from Life… and from Flow.

Forcefully blocking Life and the Flow.

  • Capacities allow you to see that the meaning is made up. Capacities allow you to question. Capacities allow you to experiment. Capacities allow you to learn. Capacities allow you to take risks. Capacities allow you to stop protecting yourself from what you want…
  • Capacities allow you to see the big picture… and see what fear would block you from seeing.
  • Capacities allow you to summon consciousness to see the consequences of your actions.

Without capacities you are rigid, stingy, and dominated by fear.

  • Tight fisted, squashing life in the process.
  • Posing that you are already there
  • Claiming superiority over all
  • Shrinking hoping you disappear so you are not blamed…

I have known for a long time that I am in the “activating capacities” business.

Because I was experiencing my own blocking disappear with the introduction of capacities.

Responsibility was the first… the capacity to look and claim my share in the troubles. To own what belonged to me.
Of course, like a door, capacities can be fully open, or partially open. They can be even closed but not locked.

That same responsibility opened wider when I confronted kindness… the refusal of being kind, the refusal to consider how my actions may hurt other people.

Capacities build on each other.

I have been experimenting for 20 years now, with turning on capacities for people…

And much like with a light bulb, there is flash, and lightening, and burning out… until the right combination, the right environment, the right practice are identified… and after a thousands failed experiments, the light bulb burns lightly, and long.

Each capacity allows a little more of the flow of energy to come through.

Each minute you spend with people who have no capacities, who are afraid of flow, you risk the capacity to turn off… the others’ energy suggest that it’s dangerous.

Holiday gatherings are dangerous. Visits with family are dangerous. Falling in love is dangerous… because they are afraid of your flow.

How do they know? They don’t know it consciously.

Humans are merely vehicles for the genes. And the genes of the other talk to your genes. And together they turn off (i.e. make it unexpressed) the new capacity… because it threatens the unevolved vehicles’ homeostasis.

I have always been called trouble maker.

It is not my behavior, it is my energy.

I was born with 30 capacities working… and the environment, including my mother and two brothers’ genes did their darned best to turn my capacities off, or at least mute them. Successfully, I have to admit.

Only since I have been choosing my environment, people I spend time with, limit time spent with “less capacities” vehicles, I have been able to maintain the humming of my vehicle, and somewhat allowing more and more flow.

What is YOUR solution?

How could you increase the flow if you spend your time with people who block the flow, whose genes will rise up to kill your new capacities?

Hey, isn’t that the big question?

You keep doing the same things, in the same exact environment, the same way… your vibration will remain the same…

Because the vibration number is a numeric expression of the flow you allow.

In the 67-step coaching, step by tiny step, we invite your consciousness to start participating in your life.

Consciousness is on the side of flow. And it will advise you step by tiny step on moving from low vibration to higher vibration… to use capacities you have dormant, to do things that used to scare the pants off you…

Step by tiny step. Mostly so minute changes, that you are the last person to notice.

It’s a good thing. It prevents your ego and mind from sending you back to square one.

Challenge_vs_skill.svgPS: According to Goleman, more skills means more chance for flow.

But skills, it seems, are a Catch 22 phenomenon: you have to start with no skills… We are born with capacities, but no skills. So you have to be willing to go through “no flow” anxiety states to build any skills. But unless you have capacities to allow anxiety to be there, you will not build capacities.

Many people I observe are like that. Caught with no skills, because they want flow before anxiety.

It is like sitting in front of a fireplace, waiting for the heat… not even considering that you need to give it wood first…

In human evolution terms, the wood is the willingness to continue, in spite of boredom, apathy, worry, anxiety, fear, pain, ridicule, diminishment, overwhelm,… and not stop… Weak at these?

Well, now you know why you are at the level of flow where you are.

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  1. I want to grow. But I keep telling to myself that my children and my responsibilities to my family prevent me from growing. With these thoughts I begin my day and go to bed. Like a horse at the horse mill.

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