Why Dr. Wallach doesn’t have a wikipedia page?

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Close up on DNA chain with a sinister mutationWhy Dr. Wallach doesn’t have a wikipedia page? Why he didn’t win a Nobel Prize, in spite of Nobel Prize worthy discovery?

All evolution is caused by something or someone upsetting the apple cart.

The apple cart with its shiny apples displayed like a pyramid is a good analogy for the workability of the state that needs to be upset for something new, for something higher, for something organized on a higher level of knowledge, on a higher level of evolution, on a higher level of consciousness could emerge.

Eventually that higher level will become the status quo: the apple cart.

For evolution to happen, you need trouble makers. A troublesome mutation of a gene, a troublesome person, a troublesome piece of knowledge.

Every apple cart’s main function is to fight the intruder, fight the trouble maker, fight the mutated gene.

Apple cart is another word for homeostasis…

When we look at human evolution, some aspects of the previous “order” have been surviving: 99% of the population believes that the other part will do a better job at taking care of them than they themselves can.

Gods, governments, kings and princes, police, CIA, medical establishment, legal establishment, educational establishment, all fulfill the majority’s desire to not have to be responsible for their own well-being, their own livelihood, their own health, their own affairs.

And the establishment that rules spends all its resources to stay the establishment.

The medical/science/research/educational establishment is up in arms to protect their “meal ticket” from Dr. Wallach.

Dr. Wallach is attempting to teach the majority to take back their power… but the majority is not interested.

The majority is sheep. YOU are sheep.

I know, because Dr. Wallach and I are both rebels, trouble makers, both wanting you to take on your own power… and you nod your head, and go back to doing and being the same.

I don’t know how Dr. Wallach is able to do it. I am going back and forth between hating my life and curiosity, several times a day.

I know that without you becoming more courageous, seeing more of the bigger picture, neither of us, neither Dr. Wallach nor I will succeed.

It is really planting a tree under which I’ll never sit, under which probably no one will sit.

Because homeostasis exists and a workability, on every level. On the level of the person as well.

You hold onto how it is, to dear life… at your own expense.

There is just a little big of silver lining in this bad news: that it is really not a black and white phenomenon, from your point of view.

It’s easier to see it in nutrition: if you supplement your pitiful diet with some minerals, you will avoid some major diseases. You won’t be well, you won’t be all you can be… but you’ll avoid some big trouble.

Same in your emotional and spiritual well-being: if you supplement your low consciousness whole being with some higher consciousness being in some areas: you’ll feel better.

You won’t become a human being, but you’ll be a happier human…

And, as I can surmise, that’s what you want. Results without upsetting the apple cart.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

6 thoughts on “Why Dr. Wallach doesn’t have a wikipedia page?”

  1. Can you make any general recommendations for us based on his work and findings? He talks a lot about mineral supplementation.

  2. He found in his research and experiments that humans need 90 nutrients, daily, to live a really long healthy life… or to cure most any incurable disease.

    60 of those nutrients are minerals. I have been loosely following his regimen. When I have a client, I try to put them on Youngevity’s start up products at least for a month. They are expensive, I myself can’t afford it, so I am doing the next best thing I can do: I muscle test what deficiency the person has, so it can be corrected fast.

    The most frequent mineral deficiencies are copper, selenium, magnesium, and calcium. None of them is available in sufficient quantities from food. I take them.

    Another age related issue is not strong enough stomach acid… which you need to digest your proteins, and to use the calcium you take.

    And another cause of severe nutritional deficiencies is gluten intolerance: 30-40% of the US population has it. I have it.

    So it’s not your garden variety: eat more spinach type of system…

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