Updated: When you bought it and yet you can’t see yourself using it…

the principle of taking consciousness out to a spinA few months ago I signed up to a service to create mobile apps, including a mobile app that would make it easier for cell phone users to use this site.

It was mighty expensive, but I thought that if I get just one new customer from it a month, it will pay for itself.

I signed up, and paid the $49 for a few months, but I never did anything with it.

I canceled it a few days ago.

In this article I am going to examine what is the dynamic of this phenomenon: you see something, you want something, and then you don’t do it, you don’t use it.

I think a lot of us want to know the answer, because a lot of money is flushed down the drain, and our self-image suffers. And your self-image is even more important than money: if you know yourself as someone who won’t do it… you probably make it a self-fulfilling prophecy.

But I don’t want to get ahead of myself…

So here I am, on this webinar, where they show how fantastic this service is. I don’t see it, but I do see that mobile users have a hard time with my site.

So I jump into it.

Now… by next day I can’t see the usefulness of it, and even thinking about doing what I need to do feels like a burden. Truth be told, they said, I think, that it will take 15 minutes… yet, I am not doing it.


So today I muscle tested it.

I found out that consciousness didn’t see it.

So what does this mean to you, for you?

child_legs_waterUnless you take consciousness to a tour, unless consciousness has a chance to be impressed, to see what can be done, see it is a good match for you, consciousness will stop you from doing anything.

The principle of taking consciousness out to a spin

But what if you already bought it, based on a thought… mind decision… coming from greed, or some other unconscious part of you?

What can you do to let consciousness see it, and if your decision was good, maybe support you in it?

I have a simple answer, but it feels simple but very hard.

I could have logged into that service and start playing around. Not with a goal in mind (goal is all mind stuff) but with the intention to allow consciousness to see. Read testimonials, case studies, so consciousness can see it.

If consciousness doesn’t like it, you can cancel it right away. Get a refund.

But not doing anything makes it a wasted opportunity.

I am talking to myself as much as I am talking to you.

I have found out that what you don’t know you can’t like. You can be told that the water is fine, only when you immerse yourself in it, you know if you’d like it or not.

There is a glitch in your mind’s thinking: thinking that trying means committing.

No… it is really a glitch.

Test driving a car, going on a coffee date, spending an hour in the library browsing, are your best way to see that there is no commitment involved.

You don’t have to buy the car, you don’t have to go on a second date, and you don’t have to read any of those books you browsed.

All these trials are for your consciousness to be impressed.

I think that you are limited to what you can see with your human eye… but the truth is that your consciousness (some cultures, I think, call it the third eye) sees a lot more: it is not limited by the filters of the mind.

But, and this is a big but: unless you allow consciousness to “tour the facilities”, be exposed to a lot, your consciousness will be almost as limited as your mind.

You don’t experiment.

There is a huge tendency to shrink… and as you see, you can shrink at any level of vibration.

I asked consciousness if it knew what that service was about… and the answer was yes. But when I asked if it was going to be useful for me or not, the answer was: No, I don’t know.

You, currently, make most, maybe all of your decisions with the mind. The same mind that stores your dominant belief about yourself. The same mind that desperately tries to avoid your doom. 1

And, if you pay attention, you are shrinking.

So the take away from this article is: give your consciousness plenty of opportunities to learn about your world, about your options, about life.

Your mind won’t see what consciousness sees… you are the camera, or the binocular…

I wrote about a spiritual practice a few weeks ago: to walk around with a camera in front of your eyes from time to time.

I had no one telling me they did it, so I assume you didn’t do it either.

And that is stupid… limiting yourself to what you already see with your mind.

Unless you try and test the methods, you’ll never know if it works or not.

It’s OK with me if you remain stupid and continue to shrink. Is it OK with you?

PS: I have observed cat behavior and dog behavior. Cat’s won’t eat anything unless they recognize it. Dogs eat everything. Both are stupid… Human BEINGS use consciousness, train consciousness, take around consciousness, so their decisions can be sound and ultimately serve them. That should be your goal.

PPS: I have had an experience of this phenomenon: on Saturday and on Sunday.

I had a webinar for my 67 step coaching students. First off: 4 canceled. Didn’t come. The rest came to the call so scared, so afraid… Then all were happy they came. The webinar was interesting, educational, maybe even f-u-n. Dominant belief and doom trying to make the decision…

On Sunday I had a call scheduled with a student, who really wanted to talk to me. I called, he answered the phone. But he wasn’t ready, wasn’t willing to “get wet”… so there really was no call. His consciousness didn’t kick in… maybe because he had never took it on a test drive: talking successfully to his teacher.

Another call: a sick client… he came to the call but then he was belligerent. He never took his consciousness on a test drive to see that surrendering to a mentor is a step in the right direction.

If you stay in your mind, you’ll shrink. If you stay in your mind, your doom is inevitable.

Remedy: move with consciousness. But let it learn a lot, through you taking it to places… a narrow consciousness will only give you narrow results.

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  1. Your consciousness sees that both the dominant belief and the doom are the figments of your imagination, not the truth.

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