Giving and Receiving… the whole story

give-too-muchWhat happens to what you give to people, after you gave it to them?

We are told that we are what we eat… and it makes no sense… Because really what we are is what we can absorb from what we eat… including supplements.

Now, if that is so, then what happens to your pearls of wisdom, to your kindness, to your support, to your brilliance, to your gifts, to the value you sell people?

Before you point fingers at them, let’s examine how you receive pearls of wisdom… etc.

There is a predictability about it, is there not?

You have a fixed attitude about that, don’t you?

  • Some appreciate and use what they got. A tiny minority.
  • Some will pick and choose, and will use some of what they got.
  • Many will consider it an imposition, your way to dominate them, even if they paid for it. Don’t tell me what to do. I know, I know.
  • And most will not be able to see the value, because they don’t understand it.

Of course there is a lot of overlap between the above categories.

How do YOU receive a contribution, help, or a gift?

I hope you can locate yourself in one or more of the categories. It requires self-awareness. If you can’t… you know that your awareness is low, and so is your vibration.

If you can, but want to lie about it… well, how you do anything is how you do everything.

Remember, what you are is what you can absorb… or said in another way: what you can accept graciously, what you can and will incorporate into who you already are.

But… you’ll notice that the less you are able to accept and use, the more you block the flow.

You don’t only block what some person wants to give you… you block what Life wants to give you.

You are your worst enemy, maybe your only enemy.


Now, let’s turn the tables: let’s look at you as the giver.

Giver of wisdom, love, care, work, etc.

How do you feel when your contribution is blocked? You can tell, can’t you?

You want to kill… mostly yourself for having fallen, again, into the trap of throwing your pearls in front of swine…

No, let me correct the above: throwing your pearls in front of cats…

Cats don’t eat pearls… swine do. It’s food. Calcium. The beauty of pearls, the value of pearls is lost on them.

You have a lot of cats in your life.

What is their purpose for you? To confirm that you are no good, that you are not appreciated, not loved, not valued. That is their purpose.

I improved my life, a few years ago, when I decided that I would not give it away any more.

I stopped volunteering to coach people, I stopped giving gifts, buying stuff for people… not because I could not, but because I wanted to live a life where I have even exchanges.

Of course it resulted in a live void of people. I have a phone, but it never rings, except when a client calls, or a paid provider calls.

I went to the other extreme. No flow here either…

I have been, carefully, cautiously allowing myself to give more.

walking-the-tightropeLife is like crossing a chasm on a cable… rope dancing.

If you are unwilling to give, you are just sitting on the rope shrinking… and eventually will just fall.

If you give too much… you fall. If you give too little… you fall.

The art of crossing, the art of life is to find the balance… when you lean too much to the left… start leaning to the right… and when you lean too much to the right… lean to the left.

And stop being bothered. It is all in a day’s work.

Some people will fly from what you give them. Rejoice, but don’t make it significant.

Some people will curse you out, call you names, so what.

And most will not even know they were given anything… don’t worry, it isn’t significant.

tightropeYour job is to walk across the chasm, unscathed.

PS: If you have been stuck… start with allowing yourself to receive and muster some gratitude. Don’t go overboard, don’t pretend. Notice, and be grateful. Start now. Go slow. Lean left and then lean right… limber up. A little goes a long way.

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