What do people want when they come to my site? What do YOU want?

find what you needFor a while I have been cut off from what YOU want… you, who just came to my site. I don’t know what you want, I don’t know if I can serve you at all. I have been busy with my students… creating success after success, helping them raise their consciousness, activate new spiritual capacities… amazing…

Looking at my log files, this is what I see…

40%, maybe even 50% of my site’s visitors want to manifest more money


Manifestation is a myth, a lie, and I don’t teach manifestation.

It is true that who you are matters when it comes to money, but unless you have some value to provide in exchange of the money you desire, know business, know how to turn knowledge into money, you will NOT have money.

If you think you will have money because of that “law”, then you are delusional and stupid.

The reason I am attracted to Tai Lopez 67 steps program, is because it deals with reality, skills, attitudes, values, being worth a damn.

100 thousand buyers. People who resonate with the idea of becoming worth a damn. Versus the millions who flock to Mind movies, Natalie Ledwell, Christie Marie Sheldon, and other operators, who talk about vibration, and attraction, and picking money off trees… or something like that.

30% of the people who come to my site want to know how to measure their vibration. I guess they want to know, because of the fake principle that you manifest money by raising your vibration to the vibration of the thing you want… that makes it 80% who want to “manifest” money without being worth a damn.

Because the people who talk about vibration, on the internet, are the same people who sell you a bill of goods that you can get something for nothing, that you can jump around, or smile, or think positive, and that will make the world become your oyster.

Until you become worth a damn, until you have knowledge, skills, expertise, products to trade for money: you’ll be poor. Even if it’s a job: you’ll make only little… what you are worth… not much.

The more responsibility you are able and willing to take on, the more you are worth.

You are short on both, ability and willingness.

So, what can I do for you?

Probably not much.

If you belong to this 80% group, you are not willing to do anything, you are not persistent, you are probably delusional, and you have a bad attitude.

If you are an exception (I am not holding my breath) then please write to me and tell me how I can be of service to you.

No obligation, just gratitude.

Even though I have 250 different products and services, unless I have visitors who want what I have, I am, myself, in trouble.

I’ll start with the people who are here…

So, how can I serve you?

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