You can’t think your way to consciousness… you need to start with consciousness

you-cant-think-yourself-out-of-aFor consciousness to awaken and become part of your life, you need to be willing to be stupid.

But if all your life you’ve taken pride in being smart, that “smart” has you in its clutches…

You try to do life with your mind, with your intellect, you are trying to get smarter… but smarts will only get you so far…

Smarts will not even allow you to understand what I am talking about. You see it is something you want. I tell you, you can’t get it through smarts. But you are unwilling to let go of being smart… so you are stuck.

When I am sent a link to video… I know I lost that person. They went to a heady, brainy stuff to figure out what I was saying.

For hours. For days. For weeks, months, years. But what I talk about cannot be “gotten” with the intellect or with the mind.

Why? Because it comes from consciousness, and only consciousness can get it.





228312I remember participating in Landmark. All the weekly assignments were written in code… at least they sounded like code.

Out of the 100 people in the seminars, about 10 understood… but nothing happened for them. Not a thing.

And I didn’t understand, and miracles happened for me.

The remaining 89 gave up after the first reading… no light came on, so they gave it up.

What did we do differently, so we got different results?

The 10 people were using the intellect, where understanding is the booby prize. You understand it, case closed.

I didn’t understand it. Literally. It was still code. But something in me looked at things, and saw things, and it was ALWAYS dramatic, upsetting, disturbing, but took me to a place where more freedom, grace, and ease was available to me.


My luck is that I don’t think I am smart, I don’t want to be smart, because smarts is a separator from all-of-it, and I don’t want to be separated from all-of-it.

I like flow. Go with the flow? It is whole body euphoria.

I think it began in drawing class. As an architecture student, we had nine semesters of drawing, painting, collaging, sculpting, designing, modeling classes. It is 70% of being an architect.

And I even took a weekly class before University, with the same teacher, in his house.

So I learned early on the art of squinting.

Squinting, or fuzzy eyes, allow you to see all of it. The big picture.

But more importantly, when your eyes don’t dominate your beingness, consciousness has a chance to look, consciousness has a chance to awaken and matter.

You live 100% of your life in the grips of intellect, imagination, and remembering.

Consciousness cannot butt in… no opening, no gap.

I can honestly say that everything I have ever accomplished was due to consciousness… or me allowing consciousness to see, and to guide me.

I don’t want good memory. I don’t want to understand. I don’t do exercises that make me faster or sharper or whatever…

I spend more and more time taking my conscious mind, my intellect, out of the way.

This is how to be in the world but not of the world. Being of the world is to be of the mind.

Low vibration. Low/no consciousness. Chunky life. Few results, forcing, manipulating, coercing, struggle, lots of fear. Lots of avoidance.

My intention is to take you on the journey to become a human being… Being is not a currency conscious mind appreciates.

So you need to squint. And let go of mind, let go of knowing, let go of being smart, let go of control.

I have found out that people have an illusion that they will turn on capacities for themselves.

I wish.

So, where do people go, what activity, to turn on a capacity?

They go to their mind, to their intellect.

They want to think themselves to consciousness.

It’s not working. But you need to give up that you, with your smarts, can do it…

You are trying to eat broth with chopsticks…

The capacity bundles you need are the “big picture+humility” and the “the sight+letting go of control”

I won’t just give it to you.

I am even raising the price every week. Why? Because.

As long as you think you can have a good life without these capacities, I don’t want to give them to you. Because you don’t think you need them.

Now, will I sell them to you at the current price?

Big picture combo:

The Sight:

Please turn on The Sight capacity for me

You get a week’s worth of my attention when you buy either.
Your best bet is to start with one… and when it is on, reliably, then buy the second.

PS: how do I know all this? How do I know what you do?

If you have to ask this question, then you probably have to spend more time on my site, reading. Because you haven’t gotten what an True Empath can know that is not visible to others.

PPS: If you have issues with nutritional deficiencies, panic attacks, poor sleep, confusion, etc… you need to find out what nutritional deficiency you have, and correct it. I can assist you in that. Your doctor? Won’t even want to…

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