Narcolepsy, tiredness, adrenal fatigue, brain fog, panic attacks…

narcolepsyI started this article 3 years ago, but the topic is as fresh as a daisy… Adrenal Fatigue and its nasty side effects.

I just measured a woman’s Starting Point Measurements, and suggested that she gets her Health Measures… so she can start behaving in a way that builds her up, instead of behaving in a way, living in a way, that destroys her.

She is a writer of books… and she has a family, sky high desire, no, maybe even higher.

When I clicked “send” on the email with the Starting point measurements, Rob Brezsny’s horoscope email popped up…

Here is my horoscope for the coming weeks:

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): In the follow-up story to *Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland*, our heroine uses a magic mirror as a portal into a fantastical land. There she encounters the Red Queen, and soon the two of them are holding hands as they run as fast as they can. Alice notices that despite their great effort, they don’t seem to be moving forward. What’s happening? The Queen clears up the mystery: In her realm, you must run as hard as possible just to remain in the same spot. Sound familiar, Virgo? I’m wondering whether you’ve had a similar experience lately. If so, here’s my advice: Stop running. Sit back, relax, and allow the world to zoom by you. Yes, you might temporarily fall behind. But in the meantime, you’ll get fully recharged. No more than three weeks from now, you’ll be so energized that you’ll make up for all the lost time—and more.

Sounds like good advice for this woman, and for many other ambitious folks… myself included.

I am an overachiever, and I am overeager… Nothing wrong with that, but unless I pace myself, I’ll end up where I was back in August…

I measured my health numbers yesterday, and also on Sunday morning… about 36 hours prior.

I aged 20 years… and the tiredness in my body was intolerable. I could not even lie down and enjoy it.

It’s next morning, and I am a little more rested… even though I woke up from a recurring nightmare around 4 am today.

In the dream I was employed as an architect but I was too foggy and weak, and unmotivated to work, I was just wandering all day, not able to do any good work.

Still in the nightmare: I was coming back from the lunch break having one desire only: climb under the drafting board and sleep. Or dream of a company that has siesta rooms…Hide.

Then the phone rings: the boss calls for me and says: Sophie, we need to talk.

I need to explain my non-performance, but  Brain fog is not an accepted excuse for work not done…

This is when I woke up with a start, at 4 am…  and started to muscle test different questions.

Because I’ve dreamed this dream so many times, I am still trembling from the experience of getting caught… It is hard for me to tell what was real and what was imagination.

What was in the dream never actually happened, worse things have happened… Like being hospitalized for depression. Three times. Or feeling I am going crazy… or trying to control my life by trying to control my eating and become anorexic… and bulimic.

For about 30 years, on and off, I was ill, I struggled to get anything done, I had narcolepsy, and I often had to take a nap on the potty, or under my drafting table. It began to get obviously bad around 1975… I was 28 years old.

I had no idea why I was so ill… And doctors weren’t of any help.

When my mother visited in 1992 I was 45 years old, she was 72. She ran circles around me…

narcolepsyI didn’t start to get better until I started to muscle test the 90 essential nutrients (from dr. Wallach’s program).

Next came the eating style revelation, that I need to eat only when I have an appetite, and that I am not allowed to eat what we would call a “dish”… soups, meat and potato, meat and vegetables, not even soup… That my body cannot process the “sludge” that gets created from the different elements of the “dish”…

Then came the energized water, and finally the food list, finding the food items that match my DNA and my health state… It was a long road to hoe…

And then the health measurement and the energy audio… my magic weapon.

I haven’t had a narcolepsy episode for 20 years now. I mostly only experience the brain fog in that recurring dream, and sometimes, for a few minutes, when I cheat on my diet, especially in the how, the style of eating… Or when I overdo things: exercising, working, talking… anything overdone is bad for me. I identify it, and correct it and it goes away.

As I said: I have a tendency to overdo it… whatever the it is.

Being well is tricky. Getting well is tricky. Staying well is the trickiest… unless you really know what does what…

If you just read articles and follow advice, you can’t get well. Superficial and slanted news, the medical establishment’s desire to exploit your ignorance will make you ill. And your ignorance is real.

I study, learn, meditate over what I read… and most importantly, run it by Source… ask nearly every sentence: is this true? Most things I read aren’t true. Most things I think, theorize aren’t true either.

Muscle testing is how I communicate with Source mainly. Occasionally I get “direct knowing”… but not often.

Muscle testing is NOT your body’s wisdom… your body is actually pretty moronic, craving sugar, and crunchy, and excitement…

If you talk to your body with muscle testing, your answers will tell you to do what the body wants… and unfortunately the body is not smart. The brain is not smart. This is why only when you use my energy audio to instruct Consciousness to take over the vessel, body and mind, you start healing… not before.

If the brain were so smart, we would be all healthy doing healthy things.

And the brain is not only not smart: most people’s brain operates on a very low level, 1-10% of its capacity.

Note that you can only muscle test accurately if and when you are not in your mind, when you don’t care about the result. If you can connect to Source… great. If you can only get into Theta brain wave: it is still OK. I teach muscletesting and I teach how to get into Theta brain wave.

I make no wild swings in my diet… even though I take probiotics, after a wild swing all that “new” food will not digest… and I’ll get sick, weak, and stupid.

Brain fog, it seems, comes from the gut, not the brain

It comes from how and what you are eating…

I am well now. My body is still suffering from Adrenal overuse, but being an empath, and feeling other people’s misery for a living, there is nothing I can do about that.

Your anxiety and fear keep your Adrenal gland stuck in overuse, and your anxiety and fear, albeit it’s yours, kills MY Adrenal gland. Doing four sessions over a weekend depleted my adrenal gland… And set my recovery back by more than a month.

Getting rest when your adrenals are depleted is not easy… it is not a simple “I am tired, let me take a break” thing. You are running on empty, and unless some fuel is coming, you’ll stay on empty.

I wrote an article about the topic before. The body says: eat something. Drink something. But the body lies. The only way to fill yourself up is to put in something intellectually and spiritually fulfilling… reading, loving, walking, listening to something good… Not food, definitely not coffee.

Coffee encourages you to overextend yourself and to rest less than you need.

b55f318c2886aba7fcc04e392d998136I don’t want to be in the “diet” business, but I am willing to share my own trials and tribulations. Many of you will find it useful. Why? Because I have no financial interest in duping you. I have nothing to sell. And…

…and because for me, integrity is more important than money.

Now, returning to the dream… I have been getting warnings, but guidance, unfortunately, is non-verbal. I am still not sure what the warnings are about.

Muscle test says: there is time to prepare.

A few years ago I had a class where people rated the areas of their lives on a 1-10 scale.

One of those areas was health.

One of my students, who I personally knew because he lived in the city where I live and I saw him regularly… He rated himself an 8. So I invented a question that drove home the truth more accurately:

If a flood or earthquake came, would you be able to run to safety?

I knew the answer, because whenever we walked together, he was asking to stop while I was still in good shape.

He was knocked conscious by the new question.

You need nutrients that are not in your food, the nutrients your body can’t absorb because of the wrong foods, daily.

Don’t skimp on that. And the daily multivitamins most people take, is not enough, doesn’t dissolve and leave you weak, listless, not able to think… in a massive brain fog…

Don’t be stupid. Don’t be unprepared.

My recommendation and a special deal for the next 10 days

My recommendation is to get yourself tested by me, or if you can’t afford my rates, or you don’t trust me, get Dr. Wallach’s supplements (30% truth value), or  Dr. Schulze’s superfood (10% truth value). What’s special is that I’ll throw in your health measurements and a 30 minute long call… to help you interpret what you get.

Update: This is a relatively old article and I have changed my mind about some things…

Brain fog is so frequent, many people don’t remember themselves without it.

I haven’t had brain fog in a while, because

    • 1. I have managed to raise my cell hydration to 30% or higher. (with the Water Energizer)
    • 2. Because I am now following a very enjoyable albeit boring diet of about 8-10 items… but I am well. It is worth for me.
    • 3. I eat in the style that is my eating style… one food per meal… no soup, no stew, no side dishes. One food.
    • 4. I am taking the supplements my body says I need…
    • 5. I keep a regular sleep schedule
    • 6. I exercise three times a week
    • 7. I listen to my Secret Weapon all day and sometimes all night while I sleep.
    • 8. I measure and re-measure my health numbers at least every Sunday, so I don’t let some issue fester long before I notice.

You can have a consultation with me. But before you do, you need to find out where you are at… It’s a preliminary test that tells me your numbers relevant to health, and also your attitude. If your attitude tells me you won’t follow my instructions, I won’t do a consultation with you. Why? Because every time this happened, I felt I took money for something that had no value for the recipient… And that makes me feel really bad.

OK, get your Health Measurements done. I may provide a short conversation so we can feel each other out, if you ask for a health consultation. Don’t forget, I am offering this special deal for the next 10 days only.

Let me muscle test your health measurements

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