Narcolepsy, tiredness, adrenal fatigue, brain fog, panic attacks… can you do this work if you are not well?

I woke up from a nightmare around 4 am today.

It was a recurring nightmare: me being employed as an architect but being too foggy and weak, and unmotivated, I was just wandering all day, not able to do any work.

The crucial moment of the recurring dream is me putting my stuff in a cardboard box when the boss says: Sophie, we need to talk.

Every previous time, at this point I ran.  Brain fog is not a good excuse for work not done…

I woke up with a start and started to muscle test different questions.

Because I dreamed this so many times, it was hard for me, still trembling from the experience of getting caught… to tell what was real and what was imagination.

What was in the dream never happened. But…

For about 20 years I was ill, I struggled to get anything done, I had narcolepsy, and I often had to take a nap on the potty, or under my drafting table.

narcolepsyI didn’t start to get well until I started to muscle test the 90 essential nutrients in dr. Wallach’s program. For me, I think, it was Selenium that was most missing… I don’t know any more… It was just the start. Then came the eating style revelation, the coherent water, and then the food list that matches my DNA… It was a long road to hoe… but…

I haven’t had a narcolepsy episode for 20 years now. I only experience the brain fog in that recurring dream, and sometimes, for a few minutes, when I cheat on my diet, especially in the how, the style of eating… I correct it and it goes away.

Being well is actually tricky. If you just read and follow advice, you can’t be well. Superficial and slanted news, the medical establishment’s desire to exploit your ignorance will make you ill. And your ignorance is real.

I have found that if I eat the way my body, my DNA told me to eat, plus I take my supplements, I am reliably well. I don’t get tired, I don’t get listless, I don’t get demotivated, I don’t get brain fog, I don’t get depressed. If I add any food, any habit, that is touted as healthy: I am suddenly NOT well.

I am not taking dr. Wallach multi level marketing company’s products. I am sure they are good… I can’t afford it, and I can’t tolerate the astringent taste of the colloidal minerals. And muscle test says no…

So I do the best I can. I sometimes take Dr. Schulze’s superfood tablets. The powder is not good for me, it has something my body doesn’t like.  I supplement it with about 10 other products I muscle tested and found that they are frequently need to be supplemented, like Copper, Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium, Manganese, Essential Fatty Acids, and probiotics.

I make no wild swings in my diet… even though I take probiotics, after a wild change all that “new” food will not digest… and I’ll get sick.

I am regular… brain fog, it seems, comes from the gut, not the brain. If I didn’t take probiotics, I would have frequent brain fog, I am sure.

I am well now. My body is still suffering from Adrenal overuse, but being an empath, and feeling other people’s misery for a living, there is nothing I can do.

Your anxiety and fear, for no reason, keeps your Adrenal gland stuck in overuse, and your anxiety and fear, albeit it’s yours, kills MY Adrenal gland. But getting enough rest, I am getting better at dealing with the onslaught of bad feelings I get from you when we talk.

I am researching this topic, Adrenal fatigue, and when I find something or someone who test reasonably high on the truth value scale, I’ll come back here… and post the supplement, or the practitioner, or the diet here.

I don’t want to be in the “diet” business, but I am willing to share my own trials and tribulations. Many of you will find it useful. Why? Because I have no financial interest in duping you. I have nothing to sell. And…

…and because for me, integrity is more important than money.


b55f318c2886aba7fcc04e392d998136Now, returning to the dream… I have been getting warnings, but guidance, unfortunately, is non-verbal. I am still not sure what the warnings are about.

Adrenal-Stressors-Muscle test says: there is time to prepare.

A few years ago I had a class where people rated the areas of their lives on a 1-10 scale.

One of those areas was health.

One of my students, who I personally knew because he lived in the city where I live, I saw him regularly… He rated himself an 8. So I invented a question that drove home the truth more readily:

If a flood or earthquake came, would you be able to run to safety?

I knew the answer, because whenever we walked together, he was asking to stop while I was still in good shape.

He was knocked conscious by the new question.

You need nutrients that are not in your food, your body can’t absorb because of the wrong foods, daily.

Don’t skimp on that. And the daily multivitamins most people take, is not enough, doesn’t dissolve and leave you weak, listless, not able to think… in a massive brain fog…

Don’t be stupid. Don’t be unprepared.

My recommendation is to get your self tested, by me, or if you can’t afford it, or don’t trust me, get Dr. Wallach’s supplements, or  Dr. Schulze’s superfood plus individual elements.

I can muscle test for you what you need most… what you are deficient in. Like I needed Selenium, Potassium, Magnesium. And Copper. And the names won’t mean much: all those nutrients need to be in a formulation that YOUR body can benefit from it.

When you get your nutrient list from me, I also muscle test the supplements BEFORE you buy them, so you don’t buy something that will cause harm, or no benefit to you.

Of all the Magnesium products, only one is effective. Of all the Potassium products only one is effective.

Most formulations do not work, even though they sound fancy. The fancier they sound the less they work.

And you probably need to stop eating most of what you eat now… and how you eat now.

If you cannot run out of harm’s way… you are in for a world of trouble.

This is a relatively old article and I have changed my mind about some things…

Brain fog is so frequent, many people don’t remember themselves without it.

I haven’t had brain fog in a while, because

  • 1. I have managed to raise my cell hydration to 30% or higher.
  • 2. Because I am now following a very enjoyable albeit boring diet of about 8-10 items… but I am well. It is worth for me.
  • 3. I eat in the style that is my eating style… one food per meal… no soup, no stew, no side dishes. One food.
  • 4. I am taking the supplement my body says I need…

You can get to the same result. The page in the link above will show you the most popular supplements… I don’t take anything, or hardly anything to fix something… I take what my body seems to be needing. I muscle test every day…

You can have a consultation with me. But before you do, you need to find out where you are at… It’s a preliminary test that tells me your numbers relevant to health, and also your attitude. If your attitude tells me you won’t follow my instructions, I won’t do a consultation with you. Why? Because every time this happened, I felt I took money for something that had no value for the recipient… And that makes me feel really bad.

OK, get your Starting Point Measurements done. I also provide a short conversation so we can feel each other out.

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