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You_Dont_Know_What_You_Dont_KnowThis article has three parts: truth in science, truth in growth, and truth in hindsight…

There are two ways to “do” science:

  1. you have a theory, and you set out to prove it. You ignore everything that doesn’t prove it, and consider only what does.This is how current science works… especially when the livelihood of the “scientist” comes from a concerned party, like a drug company, or like the government.The eye movement of this type of “scientist” is a narrow cone of vision, glued to what he wants to prove.

    050505mateo_blindersWhat keeps the narrow cone of vision narrow is lack of humility.

    Humility is the capacity to look at things that you don’t want, don’t want to prove, don’t like, and things that potentially prove you wrong. It is taking off the blinders and deal with all-of-it, instead of staying in the groove where you already know everything.

  2. You want to find an explanation to an occurrence, and you gently avoid jumping into conclusions. You stay open to whatever you can see.You are a babe in the woods, innocent.You have the capacity to see all the possible avenues, all the controversies, ambivalence, but you know you can handle it, and refuse to settle for an answer and call it THE answer. We call this humility.

The second type of scientist doesn’t exist.

We can say that the truth value of anything is the amount of humility, the author/speaker/teacher has with regards to the subject matter.

There is no real money in humility. So at some point one needs to narrow the field of inquiry, if one needs to make money with the discovery.

I have found that money comes to those who stick with the 1-3% truth value… a very narrow cone of vision.
Someone who achieves a 30% truth value is killed, imprisoned, exiled, and suppressed.

The non-scientist general population has a narrow cone of vision… even when they read something that is wider.

I remember “honing in” on Copper and Selenium upon reading Dr. Wallach’s books, or listening to his famous “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie” audio.

I am offering simple health service: I muscle test which ones of the 90 essential nutrients your body lacks, and I also look at what you eat regularly that doesn’t agree with your body type, blood type, constitution, or race.

Obviously I don’t come from my own “knowledge”; that is too narrow a cone of vision… I connect to Source, which is All-of-it, or All-Knowledge, and muscle test questions that obviously come from the limited perspective of the human mind… mine.

My challenge, as is the challenge of the recipient of the answer, is humility, or the lack of it.

Sometimes the answer the muscle test gives surprises me. I live for these moments.

Why? Because for the answer to make sense, I really have to “flash out” my cone of vision, to include 170 degrees of reality, and start asking different questions.

The cause of that “yes” or “no”, whichever it was that was an “outlier”, is way outside of my current knowledge.

Now, what I am writing, scientists, and knowing, and blinders, and lack of humility isn’t limited to health. Not in the least.

What I am writing is relevant in every area of your life, your relationships, your relationship to your feelings, your worldview, your money, your job, your self-expression, your growth, your intangible capacities.

In the 67 step coaching program, I can tell who has already gotten and is using the capacities of humility and seeing the consequences of your action, releasing control.

The ones that do, can look outside of the narrow cone of vision, the ones that don’t… cannot.

I have taught it before, but I need to bring it up:

All power comes from the areas that you are not looking at. The stuff that you don’t know that you don’t know, because you are not even looking.

But… there is a big but, I just realized.

If you take your narrow cone of vision to the area you are not looking at… and see something… like a distinction: perpetration/withhold, or you see that you have a complaint that makes you right and makes someone else wrong, or you see that you perpetuate your sob story by not taking ownership of your side of it…

The moment you go back to your life, you stop seeing the distinction.

ONLY when you can see your life and the distinction… that you can actually see the distinction in your life.

I have been trying to teach distinctions for 15 years, to no avail.

A “good” student can see the distinction when I point it out. But they cannot see it everywhere.

A distinction is not seen, unless you see them everywhere.

But to see them everywhere, you need to look at a wide swath of life… at least 90 degree wide.

The capacity of humility/big picture combo is what’s missing.

It makes life, for a while, more painful. You’ll see that you haven’t been right, that you haven’t been powerful, that you have been doing the wrong things.

And the capacity combo of the fuzzy eyes, letting go of control/seeing the consequences of your actions… does the exact same thing: show you how you have been wrong, have done the wrong things.

If you expected that growing won’t have painful aspects to it, you have been wrong, and you’ll be very disappointed, probably quit.

Depending how invested you have been in being right, you’ll continue, or not.

Do what’s OK for you.

But here is the thing: unless you have those four capacities, you will NOT grow. Because all the growth comes from outside of what you know, outside of what you’ve been looking at, and even if you get glimpses of the “outside”, you won’t be able to use it, because when you return to your life, as you will, you’ll not see it in your life, you will not be able to use the knowledge.


If you have bought the capacities but they turned off: you have a vested interest in staying right. Most likely about your parents: what they did wrong.

You’ll need to set that straight… before the capacities can stay on.

You can do the “setting your relationship with your parents straight” in a private session and/or in a group session.

If you can see it as a principle, but you can’t let go of control… I’ll activate the capacity on the call, hoping that it will release your hook on misery.

The rest is up to you. Weigh if it is more important to you to make someone wrong, of happiness, joy, fulfillment, feeling like a person.

Choose one and then remember your choice.

If have had cancer, and forced menopause, and failed marriages, and failed life… it will be harder to choose to let go.

Why? Because you’ll have to look at your life, and the fact that you have been wrong, all along.

No one would be happy to see it.

But if you think it is worth to let go, so you may be happy for your remaining years, successful, fulfilled, etc. then, I say it’s worth it.

Ultimately what you say will matter.

Choose wisely.

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