Power… What it is and how you leak it down to next to nothing…

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argueI am watching Person of Interest for the second time on Netflix. I argue, I get angry, hateful, steaming… I criticize, a am sad, depressed, in total reaction mode.

I am watching the “bad guy” calm, collected, emotionless, calculated, for years working patiently and methodically towards the success of the Dark Side.

Hm, the good side is losing, and the dark side us unstoppable.

And then I see it.

argumentI and all the good guys are good as a reaction… and all the bad guys are bad and at peace with it.

All the ought to and what’s right, and what’s wrong, and how it is supposed to be… the good side is not free to do what they need to do to do what they do effectively, because of judgment, argument, emotions, hate, steaming, and reaction.

Luckily only a few hours a day I am in this state, when I am watching this show. And maybe a little bit when I find stupidity in the ranks… lol.

The rest of the time I observe life unfolding and I respond… much like a dance, not like a war.

Now, what does this have to do with power?


Power is the speed at which you make things happen. Two parts: speed, and make things happen: take a thing from A to B.

angryObserve yourself: the more emotional struggle, ought to, should, wanting, resisting, resentment etc. is there, the slower things go, the more effort they take, and often they don’t even happen… in spite of all the struggle.

Some of you are so used to it: it doesn’t even occur for you… you don’t even notice it.

On one extreme: there is the moment to moment struggle, inner struggle… with yourself, with others, with the thing.

On the other extreme is the flow: euphoria.

Most live somewhere in the middle.

You can only cause being in the flow by becoming masterful at chipping away at the struggle.

The intangible capacity is to allow… but I have noticed that unless you see that whatever the outcome, you can be with it, you can handle it, no big deal, you won’t allow.

I call the capacity to know that you can handle whatever the outcome of your action… self-trust.

Trusting yourself to handle it.

Like the Dark Side in the series I mention in the beginning. Maddeningly calm.

In addition to being brilliant, a strategist, a planner, an organizer, having a silver tongue, Mr. Greer has the intangible: whatever happens is the next starting point… nothing more, nothing less.

When you have self-trust, you have the power.

You can watch tragedy, failure, losing a battle… and every one of those “results” are the new starting point, making you unstoppable, and powerful.

Whereas without self-trust, your concern, your unwillingness to risk any failure, any mistake, uses up all your power, and you become a nebbich… a never do well.

I know… your are trying… But the prize only goes to the one who actually does it.

Write to me if you want this capacity… I want to muscle test if you are ready for it first before I turn it on.

PS: I am going back to watching Person of Interest and start practicing not reacting, trusting… I am feeling myself tightening up… lol. It’s going to be a long road to hoe.

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