Learning to learn… how you learn makes all the difference… What is the theta state of mind?

Some days I just can’t write. I don’t want to write.

Some days it doesn’t make any sense to me to write. It feels like I have done all I will ever do, and it hasn’t made a difference.

One of the main stumbling block for me to being able to make a difference for you, is how you listen.

You listen with a certain economy. You want to make sure that what you hear is relevant, what you hear is true, what you hear is worth listening to.

How do you make the decision what to FOCUS on?

brain-statesYou go to the only place you have: your mind.

The mind is a storage facility. I contains all the things you have put, consciously or unconsciously, into it.

Up till the age of about 4 years old, you walk around in “learning mode”, which is the Theta brain wave state. It is also the brain wave state of hypnosis. In theta brain state your mind is inactive, and only your consciousness is awake.

In theta brain state you have no filters, you have no barriers to what is put into your mind.

You are like a sponge, and everything you’ll ever know, more or less, is now stored in that mind of yours. You never organized that information, you never pondered about it, you never discarded the useless, and strengthen the useful. It is in complete disarray…

So when I talk to you, you go to your mind and check if you have that knowledge already. If it agrees with what I said.

Because what I say is always new, you always come up with a “no”. You cannot fit it in with what you already know, because it doesn’t fit.

So you aren’t even touched by what I say… It’s a shower that doesn’t get you wet, unless…

Unless you listen in theta mode.

Entering theta mode is surprisingly easy: you connect to your Tangerine Spot.

As long as you are connected, you have no access to the mind. You are either in the mind, i.e. Beta state, or you are in Theta state.

The art is to allow. Allow what is coming in.

To allow, you need to trust. Trust me and trust yourself.

The lack of trust activates barriers, filters, and there you are: unable to learn anything that would make a difference for you.

What I am teaching is not book knowledge: I am teaching the building blocks of a higher consciousness.

What I teach is useless in the mind: because your mind is low vibration.

The quality and combination of your mind knowledge has a 1% truth value.

Hundreds of people contact me for advice how to raise their vibration. Why? Because the way you live, advised by the 1% truth value mind, is horrible.

You feel horrible. You are not happy. You are not free to be yourself, you don’t know how to be with others in a way that is freeing and enjoyable.

You are trapped in a low vibration hell.

And no matter how many articles you read, how many times, it won’t make a difference, if you are reading with the mind.

All my wisdom will be a shower that doesn’t make you wet.

So, if I want to make a difference, I have to teach you to listen/read in theta mode.

You’ll have a long road to hoe to be able to stay in that state, long enough, and consistently enough: you have all those years that you survived.

So the selfish gene, the pull of the homeostasis will be working against you.

But if you never start, you never reach.

I’ll make a video to help you find your tangerine spot, and to put your attention on it.

You’ll feel the buzz/pressure on that spot, so it’s easy to know you are connected.

The feeling lasts as long as you are there. I am writing this articles in theta mode… I live in theta mode. It is possible.

Once you can do it, it will be up to you to turn it on… Most of you will pick and choose. What chooses is the mind… And unfortunately the mind isn’t interested in you learning anything. Or doing anything new.

We shall see what you are made of. It’s the survival of the most adaptable.

PS: There is a speed reading method, called PhotoReading. It has a part where you enter theta state, and allow consciousness to do the reading. You don’t even see the page, you make your eyes fuzzy. And yet, when you test your knowledge, surprisingly you discover that you know that stuff… even though you didn’t actually read it. YOU. Consciousness did. Of course the you you refer to is your mind. That is what 99.99% of people do: they identify their self with their mind.

This is why humanity is stuck on a low vibrational level, a low consciousness where people fight, argue, resist, go to war, try to control and dominate, and feel horrible in the process.

What I do is attempting to get you out of your mind, so you can grow out of this misery.

PPS: Many people have discovered that in theta state you learn better. But in my direct experience, adding guiding audio meditation to your learning process, so you enter theta state is harmful: you train yourself to depend on the audio.

Also, thinking about theta waves as a closed eye meditation tool is like living life for the weekends, 90% misery 10% bliss, nothing in between.

Some gurus talk about meditative living, especially Zen. What they aren’t telling you is that meditative living happens in theta mode. You can, with enough practice, live in that mode. Chop wood, carry water.

Chopping wood and carrying water in beta mode is hell… boring, tedious, death warmed over.

Of course there needs to be a lot of unlearning. When things bother you, irritate you, threaten you, it is because on your level of consciousness, on your level of knowledge, the world is a frightening place.

In my programs you unlearn b.s. like that, false knowledge, that keeps you on constant alert. You learn new ways of looking at reality. And I also activate spiritual capacities: truth be told: without them nothing much will happen. Even if you manage to walk around in meditative state.

In my programs theta brain state is used to allow you to learn new things that will make a difference for you. So you can start growing, so you can start become a happier, more fulfilled person.

The goal of learning to enter and stay in theta brain state is so you can get wet from the lifegiving shower I am giving you. Finally.

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