As long as you are interested in the “what” and not the “how” you remain the same

winner-losers-whyIf you go about it the same way you have always gone, you’ll get the same results: not much.

I just got an insight I want to share.

There are all kinds of valid sayings that, as it turns out, only tell half truths.

If you do what you have always done… you’ll get what you have always gotten. Meaning: do something different.

But when you do something different, you get the same dismal result.

So what they are missing is the how.

The how, interestingly, points to your beingness. To your approach, not only to the task, but to life.

Because, please don’t forget, how you do anything is how you do everything.

The how is your approach.


  • So if you are narrow minded in one thing, then you are narrow minded in everything.
  • If you are unwilling to do anything that doesn’t make sense to you in one thing, then you’ll do everything that way: do only what makes sense to you. i.e. you do things from your mind.
  • If you only do things that you are sure of their outcome, then you’ll do everything that way: meaning you won’t do much of anything… because you can’t be sure of the outcome of most things. So you won’t amount to anything, you won’t make much money, etc.
  • If you are unwilling to start anything, any direction, until you are sure, then you are dead in the water…

And the list can go on and on, listing your approach to a task pages after pages.

If you remember the Anna Karenina Principle, the principle that spells out the strait an narrow way to happiness, success, raising your vibration, peace of mind, abundance, prosperity, etc.

Strait and narrow.

Your way isn’t… and yet, you are unwilling to change your way.

You wish life worked differently, but wishing hasn’t and won’t make a difference.

You’ll have to change your approach… or you can keep on wishing… and stay where you are.

I have spent my morning organizing my hundreds of webinar recordings, first phase, second phase, third phase, fourth phase, fifth phase, sixth phase… blah blah blah.

When you are ready, you’ll change.

I have a few people who have done all those… and nothing much changed for them.

From time to time, they release their tight control, their resistance, but after a while, something triggers them, and they go back to how they did things before they came to me… and all gains are gone.

The mind reclaimed them and their lives.

Sometimes I compare myself to famous losers, like Jesus. If he, or someone like him, ever lived, after three years of making no difference, after three years of utter failure, he chose “death by police” in today’s terms, a great way to avoid suicide per se… 1 and the shame associated with it.

If you read your bible (I am a Jew, so it is not my bible) not a word is said that indicates that he made a difference. Not one. Even his closest disciples remained low vibration, and unchanged. Did not get any of it.

I added energies hoping that you can’t resist energies: I was wrong. You can resist anything.

Seven billion people. Doing things the same way since the beginning.

Evolution has stopped, except a few individuals who don’t make a difference.

Because unless you get the how of things… you didn’t get it.

Where is that police? I want to get off.

PS: I had one response to my article of “how to learn”, by a person who has never even come close to getting anything, changing anything… so I am discouraged. It doesn’t seem to me that any of you wants to change your how. Whether it is learning, whether it is health, relationships, money… you insist on doing different things the same way…

PPS: Winners seemingly do the same things as you are. So you are complaining, you are dumbfounded. What you are not seeing: They are doing the same things differently. The how is not visible to you, because even your own “how” is hidden from your view.

So winners are so rare, you know their names. They are famous. They make a lot of money. And you envy them, but can’t join them. Because you cannot see their how, you think you are as good as them.

In Tai’s 1st step, your deserving factor, you being worth a damn, what you can’t and won’t hear is the how. I am not even sure he knows. If he did, he would be a happier person. Instantly.

In the coaching I provide is that “how”… but you are still fixated on the “what”.

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  1. per se
    ?p?r ‘sa/
    adverb: per se; adverb: perse

    by or in itself or themselves; intrinsically.
    “it is not these facts per se that are important”
    synonyms: in itself, of itself, by itself, in and of itself, as such, intrinsically;

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