What will it take for you to change?

8837c29244da8a55f79f9377b28b36deWhat is learning? (If in spite of all your efforts to learn, change, become a winner, you haven’t succeeded, this is an article you need to read! You’ll find out why nothing has worked… )

There are two kinds of “learning”,

  1. one is what you’ve been considering learning: information added to your mind
  2. the other is through doing, looking, examination…

If you were good in school, then you were probably good in the first kind… live in your mind, in a narrow cone of vision way. You do life the same way… because how you do anything is how you do everything…

Your vibration is really low, even though you think you are really smart.

But vibration is most correlated with how wide your cone of vision is, how many questions you ask, how much you see.

And because what you see is so narrow vision, and because you don’t ask many questions, you are stuck in the narrow cone of vision mode, which is simply misery.

If you weren’t good in school, then you have no illusions, you know that you are not so smart, and therefore you know that it takes work to glean any insight from anything.

One group, the first, refuses to look, because what is outside of that narrow illuminated triangle of what you are looking at, is frightening.

About 20 years ago I was afraid too. The more scared I got, the narrower my cone of vision got… and I got to a place that I could not go to a big store… I developed agoraphobia, a fear of open spaces.

I’d had that, at that point, at least 20 years… but I suspect that it was longer.

With simple daily eye exercises, in six months I returned to the “living”. I still practice the eye exercises, because the human tendency to narrow the cone of vision applies to me to.

I am not cured, I am just better informed.

So I self-manage.


I now belong to the second group: I am learning through doing (experimentation), looking wide and deep, to see more. And life is changing, ever so subtly.

One of the tools I use is the 67 steps program. Because it makes me look at different principles every day, I am forced to widen my cone of vision, and therefore widen my learning.

I am looping the steps, I am at step 2 again… having gone through all 67 steps once already.

And this is where, I am finding, it is getting more exciting.

When I first heard the concepts, they were new. But this second time around they have matured into a knowledge of sort, that I didn’t expect.

2007-07-vs01Example: I have been struggling with my health ever since I remember myself.

As a baby and toddler, I threw up all the time. I had a skin reaction to most everything. Every wind made me have an infection, or a cold, or both.

Sickly, scrawny, weak.

I didn’t want to eat. I was picking at my food. I liked green fruits… but would not touch ripe ones. A real pain in the arse.

I was beaten, I was made to sit with the food all day… I ate some, didn’t the rest.

Then around age 9 I started to eat everything in sight. Especially the food that used to make me sick.

This morning I didn’t fit into my jeans. I took a hard look at myself, and I saw that I needed to make some changes.

But what? How?

f22Then a distinction from Tai’s program kicked in: evolutionary stable strategy (ess).

I am surviving, and my genes are choosing to hold it together. In my case: it’s fat, and keeping me eating and craving what keeps me fat.

Not healthy, not energetic, not pain free… no, keeping me the same.

I suddenly saw that how I am, what I crave, how I do the things I do, are an evolutionary stable strategy, and the resistance of the genes is the enemy.

It’s almost like evolutionary shift is necessary for me to change. And that is the choice: am I going to be comfortable and sick and fat and poor, or am I going to take on temporary struggle, discomfort, fear, and a fight.

I am choosing the evolve to a new evolutionary stable strategy, which, hopefully, going to mean healthier, and less pain, more vitality.

But I am also seeing this as not a personal issue, but an issue that is everyone’s.

What I am asking you in my programs and in my articles is not less evolutionary… and not less painful.

And at some point you’ll have to decide, just like me, if you are willing to go for the painful route of growth and evolution, or if you are going to stay the same.

No chance for growth in the evolutionary stable strategy where you live.

Bad news? I guess.

This is the situation the saying applies to: the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

If you are not willing to go through the torrid rain, you won’t get the pot of gold either.

PS: Addiction is so hard to kick, because the genes are fighting you… it is an evolutionary stable strategy.

Interestingly, your selfish genes aren’t selfish enough to want you well…

I have proven to myself that I can go “cold turkey” and stick with it. I can trust myself to go and create a new ess… as long as I avoid cream in my tea or coffee…

Oh, I haven’t told you? My poison of choice has been tea with cream…

I have kicked sugar and bread years ago.

PPS: Evolution isn’t a continuous growth, as you have expected. It is giant jumps.


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