Why is awareness the predictor of future success, why not skills or knowledge?

shearling-coat-2The first few steps in the 67 steps are long, rich, convoluted audios. Why? Because no matter how long the audio, you’ll only get one little thing, if that, because the cone of vision of your awareness is as wide as a pencil.

Did I notice, did I take in all he spoke about my first time around doing the 67 steps? No. I didn’t.

It is like traveling in a car. If you look out the window, you miss the conversation in the car. If you take part in the conversation in the car, you miss the whole trip. If you read, if you are hungry…

The goal is to expand the cone of awareness so it’s wide. So you can see the view, partake in the conversation, and maybe even be hungry…

Now, that is, increasing your awareness is the goal… but how does it effect success?

I could tell you a lot of examples, but one of my own stand out, so I am going to share that.

I was a magazine publisher at the time, and I went to a transformational business workshop, because I wanted to increase the company revenue.

'What does unaware mean?'At some point in the workshop I was trying to explain to someone why it is near impossible, because it takes 15 days minimum to get an issue of the magazine together. More frequent issues would mean more revenue… obviously.

Then I had a sudden moment of awareness.

I had been saying how long it takes to put an issue together… forever. It was like the “truth”… knowledge. Everybody knew it… except… everything that you know limits you to what you know.

everything that you know limits you to what you know

Everything that you know is a world view, and you go unconscious, unaware around it.

I see it in how you answer the 67 step questions… you answer from what you know. No looking, no increased awareness.

This is how I was about publication schedule: it takes two weeks.

So after I went home, I did an experiment.

Now, I am smart enough to not experiment with my livelihood, just like doctors don’t experiment on live patients… hopefully.


I ran out of half-and-half, and I went out to get some.

I knew that the little corner store was, well, just around the corner, so it should take me 10 minutes to make the round trip.

On the way there every house someone called out to say hello… so it took me, as it was predictable, five minutes to get to the store. One minute to make the purchase.

On my way home I just waved to the people saying hello, and I made the homeward trip in 70 seconds.

There goes the truth, there goes the truth carved in stone.

I saw that HOW you do what you do, what you do and don’t do, change the time it takes…

That is awareness.

When I say awareness, people try to be aware of everything… you can sustain that for about a minute before you trip.

But awareness grown over time is not an effort, it is not a campaign, it is there. You can bring attention to it, or you can ignore it, but there is something to ignore.

The way you live: there is not much you see to ignore… you simply don’t see stuff.

Because awareness needs consciousness to look, and consciousness doesn’t connect to the eyes and the mind… it is an organ separate and distinct from both.

But as long as you live in the mind, look with the mind, read with the mind, your consciousness is not engaged, and your awareness factor is as thin as a pencil.

penny-dollar-foolThe second determinant of success is changeability.

The capacity of changeability is that when awareness and consciousness tells you: it is time to change… to change what you do, to change what you say, to change how you do what you do, change your world view… then you are willing and able to change.

If you paid attention, changing without awareness and consciousness is “more, better or different”, not real change, not adaptability. It is just stirring the pot… same ingredients, same outcome.

My first observation about people in Syracuse was that they don’t dress for the weather: they prefer to complain about how cold they are, or how hot it is.

I once was given a ride by a woman. She was wearing a shearling long coat… designed for the Artics. She cranked the heat on in her car to 80 degrees… it’s the temperature of a warm sunny day in the summer.

4457969-130913062144Oblivious, not adaptable, not appropriate. Unaware.

It is obvious for the onlooker. But you have been oblivious, unaware, and did things according to knowing.

When you first go through the 67 steps, you’ll see what you have always seen.

When you do step one, for the second time, you start to notice the elements you missed the first time around.

It is like entering a dark room. It takes time for the eyes to adjust.

Then after a while you can see enough to move around, maybe even to find things.

Life is like a series of dark rooms opening from a narrow corridor with the lights on.

obliviousYou’ve lived your life in the corridor, because there was light there.

But what you need to live a successful life in the area of health, wealth, and happiness, are in those dark rooms.

If you are unwilling to go in there and allow your eyes to adjust, you’ll remain sick, poor, and miserable.


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PS: I am starting to get feedback from the Theta Method of Learning…

If your view gets fuzzy, then you put your inner eyes on the Tangerine Spot, not the attention. The attention is an energy that comes from the spine… not the mind, not the eyes.

As soon as you get this distinction, you’ll be able to do things while in Theta mode.

I just tested, and if I put my inner eyes on the Tangerine Spot: no buzzing… Now you know.

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