It’s hard to be silently brilliant. Lots of thoughts occur when you open your mouth.

eb3bf6d2bcf2ecaf1ee944306d115dd2Some days I have nothing to say. It doesn’t feel like there is anything to say that needs to be said.

Some people never have anything to say and they talk all the time. Others think that they have to first formulate it in their heads to say it, and it never comes together.

Professional thinkers, writers know that “it is hard to be silently brilliant. Lots of thoughts occur wen you open your mouth.”

Thinking is a lot like digging for gold. Someone or something has to hold the dirt, or you can’t get beneath it.

For something worth thinking, something worth saying to be revealed, often you need to go through the top layer of inane nothings…

That is where most people live… in the inane nothings layer of things to say… and you never go deeper.

And then some of you have so little command of the language you speak, that although it seem to make sense in your head, it is nonsensical when it comes out, whether it is spoken or written.

Maybe this is why language is so much part of the standard intelligence test…

The other extreme is the person who is so eloquent, so smooth… it is impossible to “get” what they say…

I had a teacher like that. He was supposedly a transformational teacher, but unfortunately the “so eloquent” speaking comes directly from the mind, and cannot connect to transformation, that is outside of the mind.

I like teachers whose speaking is “chunky”

Osho spoke from the mind. Maybe he wasn’t in the mind all the time, but when he spoke, he spoke from the mind. The Buddha spoke from the mind. Smooth.

The writings attributed to Jesus are not smooth. They are definitely chunky, especially in the Gospel of Thomas. I am way too simple minded to get any of it.

There is time for everything, everything in its time.

If nothing goes in, nothing can come out.

Just like we don’t consume enough nutrients to build a healthy body, we don’t consume enough ideas to build enough consciousness to say anything worth saying.

garbage_in__garbage_outYou consume garbage through Facebook and places like that, what will come out of your mouth is garbage. Stinky garbage.

Many of my students think that reading and re-reading my articles, or listening and re-listening to my webinars is enough nourishment, but it isn’t.

You need to read. Books.

073e12aAnd you need to read with consciousness.

Reading with the mind is slow, because the mind is only interested in what it can relate to. It doesn’t want to deal with stuff that is new, or doesn’t fit with what it already knows.

The mind wants to remain closed…

But reading with consciousness is a delight. Even though you can hardly formulate the words about what you read… I am that way with the book I finished yesterday.

I am in shock, my whole world is turned on its head.

I find myself re-visiting my relationship with my mother, re-visiting students’ relationship with their mothers…

It’s a long book, but what “hooked me” is the idea that a mother, with limited resources, attention, love to give, will choose to give more to some of her offspring and give none to others.

And the selection criteria is health, beauty, smarts… the mother will love the child that has those, because the mother’s genes that run her life are only interested in the reproductive potential of a child, not in anything else.

So that means that my mother didn’t give me the resources she gave to my brother, because I was sickly, and the genes knew that I was not going to be a reproductive success… And lo and behold, I have a reproductive loser: I have no children. So my mothers’ genes were spot on about me.

Looking at people, parents, children, boy friends, husbands through the distinction: “the purpose of life is to reproduce” is a brave new world for me, and as a new world, it is not pleasant.

But it makes sense.
To me.

In olden days, antique cultures examined the baby and decided about its fate. Not healthy, defective, ugly… they let it die.

In olden days, antique times people were more in touch with what Life wanted, what the genes wanted, and acted in concert with it.

Maybe this is why I find the joke hilarious: “The gypsy kid falls into the latrine. The mother wants to go and get it out, but the father says: “no, too much trouble. We’ll just make another one… OK?”

All of us that for some new morality that is sharply opposes nature and Life, and of course the genes, we were allowed to live.

We were allowed to live… But love, care, nurturing? The mother didn’t pretend.

So, what is there to do if it is you, who would not have been allowed to live in more natural, honest times?

I have a suggestion: make the most of yourself. If you want to make your mother really wrong, prove to her and yourself that the genes were wrong… and become worth a damn.

That’s what I decided to do some 30 years ago. Become a force to reckon with. Like I did.

By the way, I put the book in the paid subscribers’ area. You should read it. Prepare to be shocked, mortified, angry, sad, mixed up… just read it.

Evolutionary Psychology book

5651strip2Just like your body can’t be healthy if it doesn’t get its daily 90 essential nutrients and some physical exercise, your brain and your consciousness cannot be anything but dull, ADD, ADHD, stupid, incoherent, and toxic, unless you feed it. Feed it good stuff. Not some rehashed b.s., please.

If you have learned Photoreading, but weren’t successful with it, I find the missing piece was that Photoreading has to be done in Theta Brain State… or it doesn’t work. Not alpha, as some moronic teachers say… by the way.

Read a book a day with Photoreading, or just read… I know Photoreading, but I prefer just to read. And read a lot.

Theta Brain State: it runs learning from a tricle to a tropical shower

And if you haven’t, learn to enter and stay in Theta Brain State… It may take months to perfect it, but it’s worth it. It’s like getting a 10 times bigger brain, without all that noise.

How will you learn to enter and stay in Theta Brain State? Definitely not from Vianna Stibal, I have muscle tested more than 20 of her Theta Healing teachers, and none of them enters Theta State. Why? Because she, like me, didn’t have to learn it, so she can’t teach it.

I am lucky: I can teach it. And you are lucky: you can learn it.

I am doing a webinar to teach the rudimentary steps this coming Wednesday. If you come, I’ll check you, live, if you are doing it right or not.

You need to be or become a subscriber to come, but otherwise there is no cost.

Here is the link to become a subscriber so you can register.

If you are already a subscriber, I’ll send you the link in email.


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