If you want the good life, you’ll need to “do” life differently

red-rock-coulee-c2a9-2012-christopher-martin-2406If you want the good life, you’ll need to learn some stuff, and unlearn some stuff… but most importantly you’ll have to learn how to and how not to… Remember the how? How you do anything is how you do everything… it is the approach, the attitude, the beingness.

There are a great many ways you can remain unaccomplished, and left behind in life.

Almost as many ways as many people. This is the Anna Karenina Principle.

As with everything, the strait and narrow works.

Most people don’t know that what keeps them off the strait and narrow is ideas they invented, made up, and now consider the truth.

One such idea is that unless you can jump tall buildings in one leap, you should just think about it, grieve about it, and do nothing.

getting-things-doneI learned in a book by David Allen, famous organizational guru, that one of the fallacies you made up, is that a project is a monolithic entity, like a rock or a ball of wax.

What he teaches is very counter intuitive to your mind.

A project is made up of hundreds actions.

An action has only one thing to do.

He uses the project example: get car fixed.

It’s a project. When you are looking for the first action, you’ll find that often before the first action there is even a “more first” action…

In his case he first needs to find the phone number of the shop. Then he needs to check his calendar when it is convenient to take the care in for repair. Then he needs to call the shop and make an appointment…

Get the drift?

Most of those actions take a minute or two to accomplish.

Why is this the method of successful people? Why this is part of the strait and narrow?

Because everyone has a hard time doing a big project from the idea to the completion in one fell swoop… leaping tall buildings.

I am quite good at breaking up my projects in the area of teaching to actions, but I am lousy in seeing that decluttering my apartment, or cleaning, or doing the dishes is also suitable for this method.

But when I set out to practice this, I am always in for a surprise: everything can be broken up to tiny tasks.

About 70% of my students behave as if they had to do every step in their program in one sitting.

So they while their time away when they don’t have the two hours they see they would need, or when they don’t feel they have the smarts, the coherence, the focus.

So they take a week to do a step, but six days they are not engaged, other than feeling guilty.

Now look at how I start a program I want to teach, like the Theta State Mode:

I talk about it. 2 minutes
I start writing a video script, for the steps that I can see are needed. 2 minute
I add a few more things when I see them. 2 minutes
I make a powerpoint presentation
I add a few pictures
I make a really lousy video…
I announce a webinar
I send emails for the webinar
I do the webinar
I look what I got as results
I announce another webinar…

This is where I am now. I am at 20% readiness.

I do the 67 steps the same way.
I listen to a step every day. I do NOT answer the questions right away. I don’t care. I look at my life. I ponder. I write a line or two of my observations.

I do this every day.

This is NOT school where you win if you keep the rules. This is your life, this is coaching, and I am interested in you taking your consciousness to places where you are either misinformed, or clueless.

Doing it like school is the worst thing you can do.

The more you worry, the more time you spend in the mind and the less time you spend in consciousness.

And your results will be between nothing and not very good.

So, please, learn some new ways to do life… if you can. Thank you.

PS: When you make a commitment to something, Life listens…

If the tools you need are not showing up, if the knowledge you need doesn’t show up… then please check your commitment. You’ll ultimately find that you did NOT make a commitment… so what you need to do, is make a commitment.

When you are NOT committed, then you don’t need the strait and narrow… but you should stop lying about it.

You don’t have to do anything. If you never change, you’ll live… how do I know? You are here, right? And you have been the way you are forever… so you’ll live.

You don’t need to do anything, unless you are committed to something else.

Committed doesn’t mean wish for, want, or desire, or interested in it…. No, commitment is giving your life to it… A very high vibration, high consciousness action.

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