Healing… is that a negative word? Is that a sign of negativity?

negative-positiveDid you know that if you say: I need healing, what you are saying is that you are sick?

This includes inner healing, faith healing, etc…

And when you start from something wrong… like “I am sick”, you are on your way to create a context that is misery every step of the way.

If I needed to define what negativity is, it’s that “what is is wrong, and it needs to be fixed.”

Yesterday I was leading my Theta State training webinar, and I felt horrible. Partially, because I wasn’t feeling well myself. Partially because my students didn’t feel well. And yet partially because one of my students wrote to me, and I needed to feel their feelings stronger than they felt them… because I am an empath.

Today has not been a good day. I have been having feelings of sadness and despair without a concrete cause, I don’t know what’s wrong with me again, I’m so sad…

Now, having feelings of sadness and despair is not negative, it is stating the facts. But the second part “I don’t know what’s wrong with me AGAIN” is negativity.

negative-wordsWhat’s the problem with negativity?

Negativity is an approach. A world view. A context. It casts a big shadow on everything… and it allows for some actions, some thinking, and not for others.

When you say “what’s wrong with me” you can’t even look! You resist, you fight, you can’t leave it alone.

You speak from an arrogant stance: I know what is right, and this is wrong.

You don’t move with life, you don’t allow life to be the way life is.

And now everything happens against this self-righteous, all-knowing, resistant backdrop, where you place yourself above life, above everyone… and you need help.

No rhyme or reason… is there?

No one in their right mind will be willing to get their hands bitten… by the all-knowing king of the universe… you.

Contrast this with my “behavior”
I felt lousy, and I did not stay quiet about it. I coped with my discomfort by venting it.

I never said, never thought that it’s wrong, even though I didn’t like it.

It’s all in a day’s work. I still haven’t quite recovered.

But here is the most important bit: there is nothing wrong with what you are feeling, and it doesn’t need to be fixed.

What hurts is the resistance. Your own resistance. To life, to hurts, to the slightest interference with what you say life should be.

And all that resistance is your real issue.

The energy remedies, especially the Heaven on Earth and the Unconditional Love Activator address this resistance, and weakens it, so you can allow more things to happen without you forcefully resist them.

So you don’t author your own misery, so you can flow with life.

Your understanding of life is woefully distorted. Everything shows up as something to fight, jump at, or at lest resist.

Your resistance and your vibration are connected. Intimately…

The more you resist the lower your vibration. No matter how justified you feel about your resistance.

I’ll repeat the metaphor I have used to describe vibration with: Your vibration level is the level from where you view life.

You can be in the basement, totally clueless.

You can be on street level, where every other person is a threat, and you can’t see far because it’s crowded.

You can be on the second floor, the floor about the ground floor, and you can hear the hubbub of the street, but you hear it through the window, so it is not always trigger resistance, fear, or whatever you feel when you don’t like what’s happening.

And you can move up, when you raise your vibration, to higher and higher floors, where what’s happening in the street is no concern to you. You can see far and wide, see much, and you can design your life, build projects, or whatever you want to do with your life.

You’ll have pain, feel sadness, despair on every level. It is unavoidable. But your relationship to it will be dramatically different.

My relationship to pain, sadness, despair is curiosity. I may even find it funny. Or interesting. Like a bug for a child…

Life flows and brings flotsam and pain and memories, and sadness, and despair, and laughter, and hope, and it is all what life is.

  • Resistance often comes from rigidity.

    Rigid is a how… it is a way of being. The how in the “How you do anything is how you do everything”.

    Rigid. The opposite of soft, pliable, young, huggable, flexible, and fun. Rigid.

    If that is your main attitude, that is your stumbling block.

  • Resistance often comes from fear. Your how is “weak”. You need to toughen up.
  • Resistance often comes from arrogance: you know how it should be and no one and nothing will be able to convince you otherwise.
  • Resistance often comes from delusions. Your how is “entitled”, or superior, or special, maybe even smart… all of them are based on your saying so, not reality.

Obviously, as I explained in the Anna Karenina Principle, the way to be miserable is unique to you. The way to be happy is the strait and narrow… seeing accurately, acting when it’s necessary, with courage, and the rest… allow.

Serenity_prayer_largeThe serenity prayer is a good approximation

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

And because, whether there is god or not, there is a design to life, there is design to humans that has already planned for the missing capacities that make it possible, you have the capacity, albeit suppressed, to accept, to be courageous, and to see accurately, aka astuteness or wisdom.

But I have found that even just saying the little poem in your head eases the resistance, and sets you straight.

Because that little innocent poem has three distinctions that are missing for you in your daily life.

In the workshop this Saturday, we’ll look at your “how” and will design an new one…

So the “how you do anything is how you do everything” can take you to success instead of failure, pain, and suffering.

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