Can you heal yourself? Holographic universe or intelligent universe?

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asimov-quote-beliefs-realityMy habit is to read one or two non-fiction books, cover to cover, the old fashioned way, and then about 600 pages worth of fiction.

My choice of fiction is historical novels, mostly. I like the short and sweet novellas 60-120 page long pieces, from the Foreworld Saga, that for me started with the book Mongoliad.

These books are perfect for me. They are fantastical. They always have heroes, and incredible odds, and the characters are larger than life.

Just like I used the Medium series to learn how to hold guidance, I am using these books to show me how guidance can be even more difficult to see ahead of time, and why it is so important to surrender one’s immediate agenda to guidance.

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tesla-quote-universeIn my last book I read I saw something that showed guidance in a brand new light.

An orphan boy in Great Britain, in the turn of the 16th century learns fighting and sword making from a couple of outlaws. They suggest he joins a Christian order as a layperson.

The book, twenty or so years later, find this “boy” in Iberia (Spain) a reluctant part of a crusade, where he finds the only man that can save Christendom, at least for a while. Christendom and England… won’t explain why, it’s a little complicated.

None of the steps make sense, unless you look at them with 20/20 hindsight.

tesla-quote-thinkingI already have tons of these in my own life, and if you look through this distinction, you’ll be able to find traces or indications that you were guided, and your failures, or missteps were not in vain.

I am an atheist, but that doesn’t mean I can’t see design and that I deny it.

I don’t know why there would be design, but there is.

Response-to-intelligent-design-1There is also an indication that “design” learns from human imagination.

Imaginative, creative humans, writers, relate to the world this way: ordinary, pedestrian humans say: why not to do certain things, why they are impossible Our creative writers say: why not? And lo and behold, most everything that was ever written by creative writers have come to be…

As a child I loved Jules Verne… most what he wrote about was fantastical at his time, 150 years ago. Jules Verne inspired inventions, physical stuff, like the submarine.

Most writers inspire people to access reality, access the beyond, access energies, access intuition.

Whether what they inspired was already there or not: we’ll never know. It is like the question whether the cat is alive or dead in quantum physics… but the more fantastical things people write, the faster the beyond reveals its “hand”…

asimov-quote-beliefs-realityApart from the stupid, wishful, pedestrian “manifestation” teachings, which have one purpose and only one purpose: to dupe people into behaving as if they didn’t have to deserve what they want. And this manifestation b.s. includes religion: where just because you ask for something you’ll get it. It also includes faith healing…

Of course placebo works, if the person doesn’t know it’s a placebo. The moment the person knows, no placebo effect… which just show you how “powerful” mindset is to counter anything that requires you to have a high vibration if you want it to work.

I wrote an article on healing being a negative word.

Then I looked again, in different contexts, and found that healing can be used as “restore”, which means healing is a negative word if it is about fixing what is wrong.

I prefer the word “complete”, which means that whatever you do leaves you complete, no parts missing, no nagging anything… but I am sure that this meaning of complete is not common fare, so I am thinking of using healing…

How about healing you after a failed relationship? Restoring you to the state: whole and complete, you were before the relationship failed?

How about healing yourself from abuse and its consequences, healing yourself from rape or incest, from disappointment, from being betrayed, from a failed business venture, failed dreams, your stupid upbringing, your education, your wrong ideas… your delusions, your superiority, your arrogance, your being stuck in your mind, etc?

Because it is possible to look at what we are doing here, on as that. Helping you heal yourself from all the wrong steps, mistakes, accidents that result in the miserable, suffering person you are now.

Going back and restoring you. As many wrong steps, as many stages of “healing”.

Do you like this context? Please let me know in the comments section.

Download the pdf version of this article Can you heal yourself?

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

5 thoughts on “Can you heal yourself? Holographic universe or intelligent universe?”

  1. I wonder if there is yet another way of thinking about it, Sophie. Restoring seems to have a sense of time-travel about it. Of going back to a time and state before the incident.

    We heal, but scars can remain. We can only move forward. Forward with. With our histories, with our memories. Maybe they can be recontextualized, or understood, or reconciled, or completed. But they are included. That’s the “with,” the “yes, and, ” it’s a kind of acknowledgement that allows space for the truth of what happened and what is so. And hopefully opens up the space for what might yet be.

    Ugh, I am loathe to use the term clearing, but that’s the feeling. The attachment to the wound is released, and space is opened up.

  2. I can see your point, but I respectfully disagree.
    I am looking from the point of view of someone restored. No scars… Well, not all areas, but where I am restored, I have no scars… I may not be able to restore innocence, but I have restored power. Namely in my relationship with and to my parent. And as a side effect, to my brothers.
    Clearing is temporary, restoring is permanent.
    I don’t claim that everyone is able or willing to go there…
    Clearing, the way you mean it, is like erasing…
    I mean: restore to whole and complete, with a huge learning experience, with the memory of hurt… but whole and complete. Nothing erased, nothing forgotten, but something fundamentally changed, because there is no hurt, no attachment, and yes freedom to change path.
    Interesting. I wonder if your resistance comes from some “knowing” or “unwillingness”.

  3. Oh, Sophie, I can see that I have a strong mechanism to want to get credit for everything. For little efforts, etc. I see a similar mechanism in place for wanting sympathy for my hurts, my weakness, etc. Scars are badges of honor, or for me, signs of having participated in life…something to show as a witness and proof.

    There’s a value in it for me, as a way to connect to my humanity, that thing that I disdain. I think I might need a little more digging in the dirt, to acknowledge my own dark side ( in my history and nature), but then to pick myself up and move forward.

    I can see that it’s all a tie to the horizontal. Seeking solace and sympathy, not power and growth. There’s an unwillingness there, to do the work of becoming powerful in my own life.

    I am willing. Life moves in the direction of willingness. Life wants more for me.

  4. being willing is more than just saying, however loud you say it, I am willing.

    Being willing is a capacity and you don’t have it. It’s the fuzzy eye combo, letting go of control+seeing the consequences of your actions…

    One of my students has held onto that, and he is shining… so much that I had to make her thread private, because people were envying her and got jealous of her.

    You may want to read your post and see that what you value is what you get… very clearly expressed.

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