Do you feel banged up? By life, by people? Listen up!

STOP GETTING IN YOUR OWN WAYWhen Tai asks you, what is in the way of you growing, and starting to live the good life, most people have a ready answer. An answer they are sure is true. And an answer that they had seen a million times.

What no one seems to consider, that the saying “how you do anything is how you do everything” is more of a reason than you would consider.

One of them shows up an awful lot on my site: assuming to know. The opposite of astute. That is a how… falsely certain.

Falsely certain about what?

You are sure you understood. You are sure you saw it right. You are sure you know. You are sure about everything. Unless you have the opposite: tentative… about everything.


  1. I was sure my mother didn’t love me because of what happened to me…. or who I was. Simply said: I was sure that people did things to me because of me.

    I never considered that they had their own agenda, and they didn’t even see me. I was a non-entity. Like the Jews for the Nazis, like the Blacks for the racists: non-entity.

    And just like the Blacks, I was carrying this burden for 40-some years.

    Nobody gives a hoot about you. You know why? Because in their gene’s agenda, you only matter if you are a potential mate, or a potential competitor. Otherwise you just don’t matter.

    And if you can’t take it: I say toughen up.

  2. You come to me because your vibration is low. You beg me to take you.

    But when I tell you, you are up in arms, and sound off… upset, loud, violent.

    You tell me that your life is a story of not being liked.

    The problem is not necessarily you being upset, loud, violent: what is giving energy to these emotions, this behavior is the issue: You assume you understood what I said as an insult, or affront, or some other horrible thing.

    misunderstandingYou assume that you understand. Everything.

    But you don’t. Your life is proof… and unless you catch it, the rest of your life will remain the same, not pretty.

    I recommend that you follow my suit: at age 40-is, or was it 50? I decided that embracing that I am stupid is a good idea.

    I did. And my life began anew. A life with a lot less false starts, a lot less argument, a lot less struggle.

    I know I misunderstand. I mis-read… I look again. And again. And yet again.

    assumingI listen to the likelihood of someone wanting to give those instructions, or someone telling me that hurtful thing.

    I find it helps. The likelihood. Works in math, works in listening. If it is not likely, I made a mistake. I did, not them.

  3. You buy something and then send me an email that there is something wrong with my site. Or that you didn’t get your product.

    You assume that my site works the same way as some other sites, but it works the way it does, and only if you stay aware the you don’t make me work twice for my money.

    You never notice that it is your “how” that is at fault…

    And you can’t catch anything that you can’t see.

  4. You don’t feel well. You are tired, your muscles hurt, your attention suffers.

    You contact me for some help in muscle testing what nutrients you are missing.

    You know your body type, according to Ayurveda, but the way you eat, you assume that it’s b.s.

    Now you are suffering. 90% or more is because you ignored your body type… and your vata is deranged… I have deranged vata… it’s horrible.

But what I want you to get: if you catch yourself assuming to know, that is the how.

And please suspect that it is all over the place, jeopardizing your success, your health, your happiness, your money… everything, every single day. Until you grab hold of yourself, and make an agreement to be less arrogant.

Another word for “assuming to know” is arrogance.

The number one enemy of humanity.

It’s time to become an outlier… humble.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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