Is Tai Lopez 67 steps a fraud or have you been defrauded? the bad news…

work_is_a_four_letter_wordI have been pondering something that has been really bothering me. I have diagnosed it 90% accurately, but I have no idea how to change it.

And that is the cultural shift towards avoiding work.

I first woke up to it when my favorite teacher, Robert Plank, called it a four letter word, and avoided using it.

The weird and disorienting fact was this: Robert loved getting things done. Actually really loved it. So it was the word, somehow, that appalled him. He lives in California… I thought maybe it had something to do with it.

But since then I realized that it is all over the place.

The media teaches us that work is ugly, or not necessary, or if you are smart you don’t have to work… and today any type of work is included. Even school work…
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The 4-hour workweek was a runaway bestseller. Not because it was good, but because it pushed the bandwagon of an idea that reduces man to something way inferior: that life is about what happens after work, not about life.


The unhappiest people I know are the ones who bought into this meme, this mind virus

People who like to work are happy.

Now, what does this have to do with Tai Lopez 67 steps?

Everything and nothing…

Tai talks about work, and talks about learning, mentorship and stuff.

His first few mentors were his employers… and he worked hard, physical work! and watched people who were happy because they worked hard. Today, some years later, he has apprentices and employees who are of a different breed than he is, who think that making money without working is what it’s about.

And no matter how much or how well he speaks, those that bought into the no work notion, regardless of age, will not be willing to change their mind, and those that always liked working already know the value of work: the only thing that will ever make you happy.

The more it takes from you to do your work, the happier you become… Why? Because fulfillment is the ultimate happiness maker.

Freud in his Civilization and its discontent talks about relationships, and other types of joy inducing activities, but ultimately the only reliable path to happiness is to enjoy your work, and to be proud of your accomplishments.

I have NEVER met anyone who has changed camps.

work-a-mind-virus90% of my site’s visitors belong to the “no work” camp. They want to listen to gurus who teach them that, and want products that unblock their money blocks, that make them attract money, love, happiness at will.

10% are undecided. And a few, a really few people love working.

If that is the case on my site, I can only imagine that the “no work” people that are 100,000 people strong in the 67 steps program will never change camps.

I watched a TED talk that says what I just said in a really shockingly entertaining way.

Watch it.

PS: I use Tai Lopez 67 step program to give structure to my coaching program.

After all you can’t coach someone who is not in action. That’s probably the biggest difference between psychotherapy and coaching: coaching is impossible unless a person is in action about something specific, at which they can fail at.

So I coach people on doing the 67 steps, taking consciousness to gain a 360 degree view of life.

Tai’s steps’ vibration is not extremely high, it’s 300, and its total truth value is 10%. So the goal is not to learn what Tai knows or what Tai speaks about… The goal is to become someone who comes out of the narrow confines of their mind, someone who starts reading books, someone who contemplates things, someone who looks at themselves through different principles or distinctions.


Of course, without the coaching, that is not what happens. I know a few people who have done all 67 steps, and haven’t grown at all… Without the coaching you get the 10%… with the coaching you get 30-90%… depending how intelligent you are.

Overall intelligence, not what the IQ tests measure… I am convinced that high IQ is actually a hindrance, when it comes to the real world.

Your intelligence and your vibration are correlated. But more than your vibration: the number of capacities you use in your daily life is very closely correlated to your intelligence and your chances for the good life, health, wealth, happiness.

And more than anything that is what you want.

I have several aspiring musical talent in my circle. The biggest missing is working the talent to achieve higher and higher levels of expertise. The second biggest missing is allowing other people’s opinion to be their opinion: to become untouchable… like the White Lotus.

Both missings can become a reality in the 67 step coaching… in my program that uses the 67 steps as structure.

Download the pdf version of this article tai-lopez-67-steps-a-fraud

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