Learning lessons the hard way… or the easy way… Part 2

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thought experimentThe brilliance in the movie, “It’s a wonderful life” is that the angel creates a thought experiment what the world would be like if our hero hadn’t been born.

Thought experiments are uniquely human: animals don’t do thought experiments.

The minimum intelligence required to create a thought experiment is 70… and I am not talking about IQ measured intelligence, I am talking about overall intelligence.

The average intelligence in the world is 50… But all my site’s visitors qualify.

So let’s look at that movie and see what is a thought experiment:

If X were different, in the movie take out the main character… and then look at different elements that you know how they are… the marriage, the loan bank, etc. The amount of happiness, the amount of difference.

Now let’s look at different examples of thought experiments, all in the area of my work of becoming someone who loves life, and lives it successfully.

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  1. I had an interaction with a client where I informed her that the inflammation and pain she experiences is mainly due to the lack of pumping power from her heart. The inflammation causing materials remain in the arteries and capillaries blocking flow in the muscles.

    She immediately went into a reaction: “there is something wrong with me” and “there is something wrong here” and it needs to be fixed. Urgent, urgent, urgent. At the expense of everything else.

    The vibration of “there is something wrong here” is 35. To the degree that you hand over your life to that, your vibration is lowered.

    If you stay in this state long enough, your active capacities turn off, and you approach “reactive zombie state.”

    It is a state in which I can’t work with you, I won’t work with you. I’d rather have my eyes poked out than work with you.

    Other people may not be as astute a myself, but they will avoid you, to one degree or another, adding insult to injury.

  2. Now, here is the thought experiment: what would happen if I went into “there is something wrong here” and “there is something wrong with me”?

    The trigger doesn’t matter, but let’s take two recent potential triggers: me injuring my ear, of me realizing that my heart is getting weaker and weaker.

    The first result you’d see is no new article, probably no old articles either. You’d see me being busy trying to fix myself, causing more damage than the original problem.

    Just a few weeks in this state, and my utilities, my web servers, my internet would be turned off: I would spend the money on doctors, and medication…

    Now, that was a quick thought experiment.

  3. Here is a third thought experiment: This person has the soul correction of “Sharing the Light”. It is the archetype of stingy. The person is not stingy because they are ungenerous… not at all. They are afraid.

    A childhood experience taught them that in order to please their mother, they have to be excellent… and today they are never satisfied with what they produce. They start with great enthusiasm, but in the end withhold their creation, no matter in what field that it is.

    Childhood praise can do that to you. It creates a craving for praise and anything not praised is not praise-worthy… and you stop, you slack off, you sabotage, and you suffer.

    So here is the thought experiment: in the face of what is predictable, abandonment or botching up the projects, poverty, and shame…

    What would happen if the person learned, from me, probably, that instead of hoping for praise, instead of fighting the odds, they should learn to find themselves on a scale of 1 to 100… and say: this effort was a 70. This result was 50. And celebrate being on the map.

    You see, if you withhold your brilliance, you are NOT ON THE MAP… you don’t even exist.

    And that is the only way to live a life of shame, regret, and being beaten.

    Businessman with yellow balloon flying over labyrinthThis thought experiment is for you, the reader. Put yourself into this position, and follow my suggestions, as a thought experiment, and see what will happen.

    Try also to see where the stumbling blocks lie, where you may trip, where you may forget to use this tool… and end up where you are headed. Please send me an email, or if you feel generous today, write a comment. I promise to tell you where you are on the map of 1 to 100.

    This is a great training…

I hope it is now clear how to do a thought experiment.

Given that you can do it in your normal state, and can’t do it in a reduced intelligence, reduced vibration state, you may be able to see that the time to practice “there is nothing wrong with me” and “there is nothing wrong here” is when you are well.

You may also be able to see, that having someone or something remind you how to get out of your low state is mandatory.

Had this woman not write to me, had I not knocked some sense into her, she would go all the way to the bottom, and I know her, and she has.

One of my favorite webinars to give is the “What’s missing” workshop.

The core element of this workshop is a thought experiment.

A thought experiments takes you to a place from where it is obvious, very visible, what you are supposed to do.

It takes you out of your normal “vantage point” where the world looks one way, to a “vantage point” from where the world looks strikingly different, where this new view gives you access to different actions, different attitudes, different states of being.

It’s easier to see what is relevant and what is not relevant to be able to move forward to the good life.

For a few years in my life, I participated in that workshop at least once a week… and that way I traded one hour of unpleasant insights to a week of growth. Only one hour of the workshop is unpleasant…

Interestingly, the more thought experiment you are willing to go through, the faster and easier it goes. It will not be less painful, but it will be faster.

Little by little, you’ll develop the facility to do it, and hopefully the habit to do it.

Whether it is in the area of work, money, relationship, health, or fulfillment… the process is the same.

And the good news is: because how you do anything is how you do everything: if you manage to shift your “how” in one area, it will shift your “how” in every area, so you work once and get many results.


PS: If you are a subscriber of mine, I’ll send you an email to register in the workshop… this time I’ll connect it to this article… what enormous fun… I love things like that.

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4 thoughts on “Learning lessons the hard way… or the easy way… Part 2”

  1. Here’s a thought experiment, I think: What would happen if I went into “there’s something wrong here” with my employment: I would start become closed off. My customers would start to sense something and rate me accordingly. I wouldn’t be able to enjoy any interactions with people. The misery associated with just seeing things as wrong would lead to more elaborate thoughts of suicide. Eventually, I wouldn’t be able to make a living as I regress into becoming a bigger burden on my family and society, as well as, hating myself for this new low.

  2. thinking… starting to look to what you want.
    I’ve read somewhere that the most important matching element that needs to be honored is lifestyle.

    For example I wanted to, dreamed about being a public speaker, but the life style that suits me best is being a hermit, stationary, home bound.
    It is also connected to whether you are an introvert or extrovert, how much stimulation you need to be well… etc.

    That is where I would start.

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