How dead are you? If your life is not a roller coaster, then you are not alive.

how-dead-are-youWhat you are, instead alive, is a walking dead, resigned, and settled for the little that, it seems, life has to offer. To you. You see others, seemingly happy, seemingly alive, and you feel regret, shame, and envy.

Your heart, where rain forests and colorful birds, and life used to live, is devastated. The lush rain forests gone, the birds gone, life: gone.

Your ups and downs are tiny, not like a roller coaster. They are about money, or noise, or that you are fat, or skinny, or that you are aging. Irrelevant circumstances.

Maybe it is about someone being sick, maybe dying… but that is also a circumstance. Storm in a teacup.

Your pain is the pain of not having lived.


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Don’t worry, you have company. 70% of all humanity, more than 98% of humanity over 40 years of age, is like you.

You have given up, and died a long time ago.

No one can help you. You are done.

You feel sad, miserable, anxious. You have, when you still had a choice, chose the selfish gene’s game, the homeostasis, and not the soul’s game, not the spirit’s game; the spirit that wants to fly.

The pain, the sadness, the anxiety is from the tension between what is, and what could have been.

But you are, probably, too far gone.

dead-or-aliveWhen you read my articles about capacities, your highest thought is: it would be nice… it would be nice to be curious like little children that have seemingly unending curiosity. It would be nice to have generosity of spirit. It would be nice to want to read. It would be nice to forgive my mother. It would be nice…

If you recognize yourself thinking: “it would be nice…” the rest of this article is for you.

I will do the only one thing that I can do for you: help you to test yourself to see if you have enough energy, Life-Force, to lift yourself out of your current state of mind, your current world view.

The state you experience is not physical: it is a state of mind.

your-heart-desirePeople in similar situations have come out of it. What makes it a swamp is that the state of mind of resignation is very sticky at any age.

The alternative, going for it, whatever the “it” is looks like work, looks like effort, and the selfish gene says: “don’t do it. It’s not worth it. It will never happen. Nothing will change… no matter what you do.”

And then the selfish gene sends you fear… the death blow… Fear is a socially acceptable reason for not doing anything. And it sends you “busy”. That is another socially acceptable excuse.

Unmotivated? That is not socially acceptable. Lazy? That is not socially acceptable.

Not pretty.

So you pretend to be afraid to cover up that you don’t think it’s worth it, that you don’t want to put out the effort, that you have accepted that you are dead and will stay that way.

You may not be quite dead yet

If you are part of the humanity that is not quite, not totally dead yet, your state may be similar to the following:

You are like a bird who is hovering over a big body of water, just barely making it air borne… on the verge of drowning… Occasionally the waves catch a leg or a wing, and pull you down… but so far you have been able to fly again… but there in no shore in sight… and there is no place to go.

So you hover, and there is dread in your heart, because you see all those dead, and you know that unless something happens, you become one of them.

These two groups comprise 99.9% of all people. The age at which people become this is getting lower and lower… I see children as young as 12… already dead… or already circling the drain.

The reason is this:

unless you see that you can AND it’s worth it: you won’t do anything. And unless you do something that stretches you, you are stuck with capacities that are only enough to live dead or half dead.

And the culture, the current civilization, supports dead and near dead. Actually creates it.

Gives lip service to aliveness, and purpose, and goals, and achievement… but it is lip service.

It’s a virus. A mind virus… you can call it memes. Yeah, memes. The short phrases that you spend so much laughing at or nodding at in agreement.

You are in theta brain state when you are on Facebook, or when you watch television. Near dream state… and like a sponge you soak up the virus and get to the walking dead state.

The memes tell you how it should be… and of course they are lying… but it is too late for you.

You already know how it should be, and that is the first and last stage of walking dead.

Because unless you know how it is, you are interacting with the virus created world that is not real. And you give up, lie down, and let the energy of life, Life Force, leave you.

My students are part of the 99.9%. I have both hoverers and dead…

We all need help… all the time… Because the mind virus is so strong, and every person you meet is intent on infecting you.

So how can I help you? If you want help… that is…

How do my unique skills may bring you back from the dead, and make you alive again?

My diagnostic methods, my energies, my ability to turn on capacities for you are coming to the rescue.

It’s a tough job, and none of the commonly touted miracle methods work. No talk therapy, no energy healing, no energies that I have found others use… Nothing seems to be working… past the initial glimpse of light people experience.

I am committed to a lasting result, and that is how I developed my tools: to cause lasting results… with your cooperation and participation, of course.

This coming Wednesday I’ll start a workshop series.

It is a “diagnostic” workshop series. You get to see in it what is your dominant state of being in life, the “how” in the principle “how you do anything is how you do everything”.

Once we see your “how” we’ll look at it, appreciate it for its power to bring you and your life down. Then we’ll see what “how”, what beingness you could bring to life, that would transform you and your life to something alive, something akin a person instead of a zombie.

This workshop is so good, that if there is any life-force left in you, it can dislodge you from resignation and return you to the living… often in just one application. Most people need to come more than once…

So, what I am setting up is a series…

One registration admits you to all sessions…

Here is the link to register

Looking forward to seeing if there is any Life-Force left in you…

Are you scared or are you curious?

Download the pdf version of this article how-dead-are-you
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