The poisonous tree that you are… and what you can do about it…


“Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.” —Marie Curie, Our Precarious Habitat

The “What’s The Truth About You” workshop series is kicking off this afternoon.

As usual I haven’t done any preparation: I never do. I like my life, my teaching fluid. Freezing it would be to ignore guidance, stop growing, and start becoming a sculpture on a pedestal.

I slept well last night. I had a ton of guiding dreams. All about what I am trying to do in the workshop this afternoon: take you over the threshold between human and human being.

Being human means being a poisonous tree.

You weren’t born that, you became that. You are poisonous in predictable ways, along predictable lines, predicted by your soul correction.
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Distinguishing your poisonous ways is normally not part of this workshop: a workshop I have lead many times.

But the dream, the guidance tells me that without this part, distinguishing your way of being a poisonous tree, the main work of the workshop cannot do a good job.

The original job of the workshop was to show you your attitude in an area of your life, so you can choose a different attitude, so that your life can work in that area. Attitude is another way for beingness, by the way.

But the results of the workshop are temporary at best, unless you give up the poisonous nature that has taken hold in you.

If you don’t, when you don’t, the workshop works as an elixir, a soothing cream or a healing ointment that will wash off.

Hippomane_mancinellaI have encountered your poison before, and I pulled your attachment to it.

But like with any intervention, unless you do it, unless your ego, your mind, your consciousness chooses to change, you’ll continue being in the world as if nothing happened, continue doing what you have always done. 1

I’ll share with you my example, because ultimately I only know myself to have gone through the threshold permanently:

My dominant belief was that I was stupid. I believed that was the reason my mother didn’t want me. That is why… blah blah blah. I saw that I had to fix that I was stupid.

So I became a know-it-all, arrogant, a smart alec, and became fast thinking, fast acting: a jumping jack.

Mistakes, ugly, stupid, harmful mistakes followed, an army of those.

Poisonous tree, poisonous fruit.

In 1996 I saw what I was doing. I saw that unless I accept being stupid, the machine will kill me, the machine will kill my life. So I embraced that I was stupid and with that I killed all the mechanisms that made me prove that I was smart.

It was a process.

From that point on I could just be… I could invent attitudes and I could be them, easily. I could be authentic, I could be curious. I could be comtemplative, excited, a winner, a fighter, committed, present, generous, etc. Whatever worked in the situation.

Before that crucial act of embracing, whatever attitude I invented was on the top of “stupid wanting to sound smart” being…

All the new selves I invented were like a short blanket: the feet peeked out or the head peeked out and took over.

The difference between human and human being is the capacity to create the beingness.

Human can’t. Human being can.

Human has to be the reaction machine, alternately expressing their dominant belief or the fix. The oscillating structure… a binary switch.

That is the life of a human. Either/or. Flipping back and forth. It is very visible with my students in the 67 steps coaching. I approve of you: one behavior. I admonish you: the other extreme… Like a puppet on a string.

For a judgmental person, it is right/wrong.

For a superior person, it is superior/inferior.

For a “building bridges” person it is either being accepted and the best, or not being accepted and not the best… gotta fight! or run.

The behavior doesn’t change from the childhood till the end, unless you can embrace it.

And you can’t cross the threshold to human being, not even for a visit, unless you embrace it.

My job is to work with people who can contemplate embracing what’s ugly about them.

It takes a lot… Most won’t. Most can’t.

So, in these what’s the truth about you workshops, I am going to see who can and who can’t.

I plan to advertise these workshops to a larger audience once I am clear that I am doing everything that I know to do to take you over the threshold… like a groom takes a bride.

You can come to as many sessions as you want… you’ll feel if attacking the poisonous roots more often will help you or not.

If you think this workshop it for you… if you think you have it in you to embrace what is running your life… register in this workshop series.

Here is the link to register

Download the pdf version of this article the-poisonous-tree-you-are
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  1. I am talking about your dominant belief and your doom. Or more precisely, the therefore… the conclusion, that if your dominant belief is true you have to, you need to, you want to, you should do something… something specific, something that kills on contact.

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