How could you become ready to grow?

I am not ready to grow upI am using Rob Brezsny’s words here… maybe his English communicates better than mine:


Exaggerate your flaws till they turn into virtues Pretend your wounds are exotic tattoos Refuse the gifts that infringe on your freedom Shun sacred places that fill you with boredom Keep in mind it’s bad luck to be superstitious The official story’s always fictitious Pump up your karma with idiot laughter The promised land’s here, not in some hereafter

We are searching for the answers so we can destroy them and dream up better questions

Here are two attitudes that will be useful, invaluable, and mandatory if you want to grow through my programs

  1. Attitude #1: Desire for perfection is a standard and an ideal, unattainable… Standards are designed, by you, to make you right and everyone else wrong. Also to make anything less than the standard inferior, wrong, and undesirable…

    Perfection is the opposite of possibility. Perfection comes from scarcity thinking… scarcity thinking is one of the causes for no growth, no joy, no peace.


    “Perfection is a stick with which to beat the possible,” says author Rebecca Solnit. She is of course implying that it might be better not to beat the possible, but rather to protect and nurture the possible as a viable option — especially if perfection ultimately proves to have no value other than as a stick. This is always a truth worth honoring, but it will be crucial for you in the weeks to come. I hope you will cultivate a reverence and devotion to the possible. As messy or maddening as it might be, it will also groom your powers as a maker.

  2. Attitude #2: Tomorrow’s happiness is built on today’s happiness. From gloom and doom only comes more gloom and doom tomorrow.

    If you want something, you’ll need to start when every fiber of your being tells you it’s a lie, it’s wrong… so tomorrow’s reality can grow on what you invented today.

    This also applies in reverse to all the bad stuff: if you even want the bad stuff to go away, however sweet it is to beat yourself and others up with it… you need to invent today without it.

    It won’t die by itself: it is an invention that kills it: surprisingly the acceptance of it.

    An invigorating challenge is headed your way. To prepare you, I offer the wisdom of French author André Gide. “Through loyalty to the past,” he wrote, “our mind refuses to realize that tomorrow’s joy is possible only if today’s joy makes way for it.” What this means, Libra, is that you will probably have to surrender your attachment to a well-honed delight if you want to make yourself available for a bright new delight that’s hovering on the frontier. An educational blessing will come your way if and only if you clear space for its arrival. As Gide concludes, “Each wave owes the beauty of its line only to the withdrawal of the preceding wave.”

I am starting a workshop series that will need you to practice and use these attitudes so you can use the workshops to go to the next level.

Without these attitudes you’ll remain on the toxic fixing level… which is the hallmark of humanity at this point in its history.

The words that best express what is toxic about you and about humanity are these:

  • “there is something wrong here”
  • “someplace is better than here”
  • “there is something wrong with me”

what-if-I-m-not-ready-to-grow-up-yetThese are the ones we need to replace, but not on the mind level, but on the consciousness level 1 with

  • “there is nothing wrong here”
  • “I am here and therefore this is the perfect place for me to be, because I am here”
  • “there is nothing wrong with me”

In my modality, accepting what seems to be wrong as “just what is so” turns the power back to you, instead of the “fixit” gene. And when the “fixit” gene is turned off… you can begin your journey up and up and up…

And finally be able to keep on spiritual capacities… and become an expanding human being.

Here is the link to register in the workshop if you believe that you can bring those attitudes with you, and sustain them for any length of time.

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  1. Your current consciousness level is low, because you associate yourself, identify yourself with these statements. And, of course, your vibration level is the same as your consciousness level.

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