The natural law that prevents you from growing

scarcity-behaviorsWhat is the natural law that prevents you from having human being capacities while preserving the seed of right and wrong.

Just like the seed needs to die, before the plant can grow, a new version of humanity depends on the seed dying.

The seed level characteristics of the new version of humanity that prevent evolution are all behaviors, attitudes that are based in scarcity.

How do you recognize scarcity?

There are many, all fear based, but one behavior I just recently discovered, that in fact the behavior comes from a scarcity way of being.

AbundanceIn the 67 step coaching program I ask students to go wherever the step takes them… so they can introduce to their consciousness more than just the pea size life they are living.

Students refuse to accommodate this request.

The more a person has an agenda, something to fix, something to prove, the less they are willing to allow Tai’s audio to take them on a discovery tour.

Instead they only listen, they only hear, they only want the 2-3% that relates to what they want to hear: their agenda.

Then they answer the questions from another agenda: the agenda to please me. Score points with me, so I keep them in the program.

Pitiful, and ultimately self-defeating.

how far are you willing to swim from your deserted island?If I asked you: “How far are you willing to swim from your deserted island to find help?” your answer would be: not far.

Scarcity is the essence of the level “human”… fear based, knowledge based, misery based.

Scarcity causes you to fight for every resource… compare yourself with everyone… be greedy and be always on alert.

Add to this your incessant activity to cover up what’s wrong with you… and you can see that the life of a human is no fun…

It is exactly the opposite of what you’d like… exactly the opposite of “the good life”.

You need to be right about everything… and you won’t do anything, won’t listen to anything, won’t risk anything if it threatens to prove you wrong.

scarcity-abundanceThis behavior is the direct opposite of expanding… you can’t expand if you need to stay small… duh.

You also have an aversion to learning to do anything, because you can’t tolerate mistakes, you can’t tolerate you being anything less than perfect… which means you lack the big picture and the long term view of anything.

I could continue for hours listing all the ways scarcity, the ultimate marker of the human level is like an active poison.

It’s all about you… and what you want, what you like, what you consider important.

So is with every other human. Result: a planet that is being destroyed.

Now, how do you know if you are willing to go to the next level?

Hell, you don’t…

But there are some significant differences I know of:

  1. you have more than the average spiritual capacities used in your life… meaning: your life is bigger than most.
  2. you have less investment in staying the same… so you are more flexible, and more able to allow mistakes, errors, lacking, than others.
  3. you have managed to do good work under tutelage, direction. There is still hope for you.

At this point you get a chance to be measured, evaluated, you get a chance to see what’s the truth about you.

You can make the best of this scarcity domain by some tweaks… and if you are ready, you can continue on the human being level.

Surprisingly, the instruction, the work will be the same for both.

What you’ll do with the instructions will be the only difference.

Human beings look like everyone else. It’s not a physical evolution… it’s all inside.

All toxicity disappears once one is on the human being level… and when it shows up: it is recognized and let go.

It’s a trip… that starts today.

Here is the link to register in the workshop.

The workshop is not available right now… But you can get your Starting Point Measurements… and see where you are today, as far as scarcity thinking goes

The truth may sting… but ultimately it will lead you to abundance.

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