The most accurate predictor of success is…

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I am quite unflappable…

But enough is enough… and I am a little flapped… lol.

I can feel the corners of my mouth pointing downward, and I am pouting a little.

I screwed up… I did all the things I tell you not to do… lol…

I alternate between laughing out loud and pouting. Actually quite funny. Not dead.
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The funniest part of this story (oops, I haven’t even told you what happened… in a little bit, ok?) the funniest part that this happened right after I watched, for the third time, the episode in the 67 steps where you are warned to double secure yourself against mistakes and the cost.

I was nodding… I heard it from “I already know” and the next thing I know I crashed my windows setup… and bam… all my files are gone.

Luckily I didn’t have time to waste on grieving… I had a webinar coming up and I needed to be able to record it on this computer.

With no time to spare, I was done… and lead the webinar workshop.

I was present. Maybe even compassionate… lol.

Now, why am I sharing this with you?

For one: it’s a victory with painful high tones… I did it, I have managed to stay well, I didn’t miss a step… but the second learning is more important

Takeaway: I listened to what Tai said in the video as something I have handled, something I know, and not like a wakeup call… Just like you.

And I missed out. I could have heard what he said as if he were talking to me directly: don’t do something stupid that you’ll regret. Make a backup before you change operating system.

I missed it. And you miss it too.

You listen to those audios as a background noise while you are doing other things. I was getting ready to two calls, I would have rather read a book, or watched a netflix video…

But listening to something like that is the biggest mistake you can make:

1. it is a waste of time if you don’t pay attention
2. it may have said the one thing you needed to hear, like myself… but you don’t hear it, and the result is catastrophic.

The most reliable predictor of success is your awareness.

But what the heck is awareness… and I am not blaming you for not knowing.

There is inner awareness and outer awareness.

Most of us walk around with our heads stuck between our cheeks… ass-cheeks.

Self-absorbed, unaware, clueless.

Like me yesterday.

Interestingly, humility is not just the opposite of arrogance, it is also the opposite of awareness.

For a human to be humble is as unnatural as flying.

So when you think you already know, when the mind recognizes something as something it has already seen, already heard, the mind pays no attention to it.

Your Witness/observer aspect does, but you are not available to be in touch with that aspect of you.

You are stuck with your mind like dogs after the deed… and anything can just catch you unawares… and that’s that.

In the workshop I admitted that I didn’t have time to prepare, and do my “case”, my notebook exercise ahead of time. And while I was completely and 100% there for my workshop attendees to attempt to visit Human Being… the next paradigm, I didn’t get a chance to look at my life.

But now, a day later, it is really clear to me that if there is anything not working as well as I’d like it, is awareness, and humility.

Giving up knowing.

I am re-inventing myself anew: this new self will serve me well: I am aware and proactive. That is the beingness I am going to try on. And although they may sound to you mundane: I am excited.

What a great opportunity to grow into that huge space… I am giddy I am so excited.

This coming Saturday we’ll do the same exact workshop we did yesterday.

If you were there: you are welcome to come again. I am excited to hear what you did with what we invented.

And if you weren’t there: you can still register.

Here is the link to register in the workshop.

Click here to register

Download the pdf version of this article the most accurate predictor of success

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