Can you change your money DNA, your love DNA, your DNA?

I’ve participated in Landmark Education’s programs, on different levels, for 26 years.

In all of those years, there were two sentences that made a difference:

  1. Your actions are correlated to the occurring world. Meaning: your actions depend on what you see. Not your mind… on what you see.
  2. You live in a world of your own design.

The two sentences are intimately connected, though I learned them 19 years apart.

There is a sudden proliferation of programs that claim that they change your DNA… in the area of money, love, or some other concern that you have.

Their truth value is 0%, their attractiveness to you, given that you don’t know how a human machine works, is 100%.
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Just as you have bought into manifestation, and law of attraction, and positive thinking… hook, line, and thinker.

What makes these lies so attractive?

They promise, listen up! that you can pin cherries on an apple tree, and that will make your apple tree a cherry tree.

If you examine all the stuff you have learned in self-improvement programs, they all boil down to this: you don’t have to know the root of things (they are not what happened to you either) and you don’t have to do any much work: just follow the instructions, change your mind, and you’ll be home free: rich, thin, and married.

It’s a big fat lie.

Now they’ve realized that you are getting more sophisticated, and have found out that the most important stuff about you is encoded in your DNA… so now they promise to change your DNA…

What a crock of bull…

But you want to believe it, because you want your world, your life to be different.

Hate me if you want for telling you the truth, but it is not going to happen that easily.

Your mind, the words in your mind, your emotions are the fruits of the tree we can call you.

Just like changing your mind, changing your wording, changing your emotions, however you do it (release technique, Esther Hicks’ method of thinking better feeling thoughts., or even the Heaven on Earth) will not change anything deeper than the fruits of the “you-tree”.

Meaning: they are temporary… often not lasting more than the program you are in.

So, what can one do if one wants to change?

Do you mean what can YOU do if YOU want to change?

First things first: excavation. Find out what the roots are saying.

Your roots are your genes.

Interestingly, for reasons I don’t see, what your genes want seems to be consistent with your soul correction. Why? I really have no idea. But it seems to be true across the board, across races, nationalities, and countries.

When I examine me and my two brothers, I find only one shared characteristic: we all tend to be blunt and rude. Other than that? not a thing.

Now, that is quite a limiting factor, if you consider it. You seem not be able to rise above your genes, not able to rise above your soul correction.

If you could, we would be another species.

Humans (and any other species) are limited by our genes

But… drumroll please… in spite of that limitation, we all have 160 spiritual capacities, that are either active or not.

Although no one can change your DNA, although no one can truthfully claim such a feat, turning on new capacities, intangible, spiritual capacities has worked in the past, even though most people promptly turned off the activated capacities… I’ll tell you in a little while how and why.

For now, it is important to see that you can enlarge your world, you can enlarge the world in you play by having more capacities turned on, ie. activated.

I had a long call with a client this morning. She managed to hold onto one capacity.

Why this capacity and not the others? Because the capacity needs to be in harmony with your soul correction.

Said it more precisely: the capacity needs to be allowed by your soul correction… just like your life, lifestyle, needs to be allowed by your soul correction.

What is the mechanism that the soul makes it near inevitable what you do, what you feel, what you think?

Let me talk to you about that in the next article… coming up later today…

Download the pdf version of this article Can you change your DNA?
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