The importance of knowing what you want

Knowing what you want to achieve, is one thing that is missing in you. Another name for that is called “mental representation” of what you want to achieve.

Mental representation is a detailed picture, so detailed and so tangible, that you can pinpoint where reality is deviating from it… and how.

Mental representation is a spiritual capacity that sits squarely on a lot of other spiritual capacities, so obviously it is not part of the first seven most people have, not even part of the first 13, many professionals have, not even part of the first 20, that doctors have. And, believe it or not, it is not even part of the first 30, that most millionaires, billionaires have.

Bill Gates doesn’t have it. Warren Buffet has it.
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Without it achievement is hit or miss.

You don’t know what you want, you don’t know what you want to achieve. This is level zero.

You are crystal clear on what it looks like, what it feels like what you want. This is level 100%.

And obviously there is everything in between. My level, just measured, is 10%.

How do you get from level zero to level 100%? or even to level 1%?

1% puts you in the 1% of all people living today.

OK, I am making this up, so this is not like building a bomb… but trust me, I am in the ballpark. Because I have gotten to level 10%, and I did most of it in the past 2-3 months… So I am going to share with you what I did.

I’ll do it through stories: I hope it will be easier to grasp…

  1. The Turkey story

    I grew up bumbling idiot, directionless, the way you did.My parents didn’t teach me anything, except what I gleaned from watching them.

    My mother cooked well. I followed how I saw she cooked for most of my life, with mixed results.

    Recently I discovered that most animal proteins cause heartburn for me: intolerance to their leptins, whatever that is.

    I am OK with turkey. But turkey is hard to make well… the flesh of the turkey turns tough.

    But I knew it was possible… I have eaten huge turkey legs at fares: tender, you can cut it with a fork.

    Pay attention to that: When you look, that last sentence created a mental representation of an end result I wanted: turkey legs that are tender.

    I read somewhere that the lower the temperature of the cooking the juicier and more tender meat is the result. So I have set my glass oven to 170 and cooked the turkey leg for an hour. Result: very close to what I wanted, but not quite.

    Yesterday I saw an article on Lifehacks on cooking in a plastic bag… I’ll try that next.

    The point of this example is: if you have a detailed mental representation of the end result, you’ll find solutions, often the solutions will seem to seek you out.

  2. The marketing story

    I recognized that in the areas of my life where I don’t have a clear picture and an understanding how it works, my results are horrible.Marketing has been an area where I was literally clueless.
    I asked a friend of mine to give me an example of what he wants, and he answered: being a millionaire. But when I poked around, asked more questions, it became clear that he had no idea, literally no idea why someone is a millionaire, and others are not.

    This past week I had a breakthrough in my mental representation of marketing, or what I want my marketing to do for me.

    I saw, for the first time, that I can create a marketing plan that will keep the lookie loos out, and allow in only those that want to learn, want to buy, want what my stuff does.

    And the moment I saw that I shot up to 10%. Will it be enough? Probably not, but I now know something, whereas beforehand I was shooting in the dark.

  3. Worrying about the car’s hood story

    For 17 years I was an architect, and if we add the five years to get my first degree, we are talking about 22 years. And for those 22 years I wasn’t ever looking at anything else… I think I was afraid that I’ll lose my focus.I was a lot like the person who is afraid that the hood of their car will pop up when it’s least convenient, so they drive with their eyes on the hood… slowly.

    For 26 years I was married to Landmark Education… and I said no to everything else, all other forms of growth… except for the last two-three years when I learned meditation, and wielding energy and other weird stuff.

    Narrow cone of vision, caused by fear.

  4. The 67 step story

    In the past few months I allowed a person to guide my attention, and introduce me to areas of life I have never really looked at. I am talking about Tai Lopez and his 67 steps program.It’s taken all I got to allow it to guide me.

    I don’t particularly like Tail. I don’t particularly agree with his approach. He is mostly Tree of Knowledge… and yet.

    I have gone and looked at areas of life, areas of knowledge, areas of failings, that I was never going to look at… other than maybe failing and being in the middle of it.

    I allowed my eyes and my consciousness to cover territories that are as wide and as varied as it can be.

    None of what Tai teaches matters to me. Only that I can go and see… through principles, through his eyes, through books he read, through his mentors.


    And whether Tai Lopez is smart, whether he is the real deal or a scam artist, I don’t know and I don’t care.

    The breakthrough I had this past week came directly from relinquishing my fear-driven habit of dogged determination, and start playing the field.

    I even noticed that there is no fear. When did it disappear? I don’t know. Why? Because I pretty much didn’t know it was there before… It was the water I was swimming in: invisible.

  5. The coaching program story

    If you are in my 67 step coaching program, you know that I don’t care about the subject matter, I only care that you do what I have done: widen your world view.For a while the results were pitiful. Then, in a free webinar, I turned on “patterns” the spiritual capacity for my students, and since then the results are starting to be amazing.

    The results, at this level, is seeing. You were blind before, are sight impaired, and now you see.

    That got you, on average, to level 1%. Unlikely as it sounds, it puts you on the top 1% of humanity.

    Now, some of you still do the program focusing on your agenda.

    My job is to unlock your eyes, so you can follow where Tai is looking.

    When you can do it well, you’ll be on the same level where I am now.

    Of course, by that time I’ll be on 20%… but this is not a competition. Your battle is your battle, and it’s not against me… I hope.

  6. The missing the point story

    I have the opportunity to know people who did the 67 steps without being in my coaching program.They came out unchanged. They paid attention to what they can learn from Tai… and as far as I can see, that is worthless.

    They missed the value of being guided to look where they would not have looked…

    So they ended up unchanged.

  7. My 2,400 articles story

    My articles could serve the same purpose: forcing you or inviting you to look. Nothing to learn, no truth, no useful knowledge.Just looking. Allowing consciousness to see.

    If and when you can do that, the results are phenomenal.

    But the question is: can you do it? Will you do it?


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