What else… Where else… A spiritual practice

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where-elseOne of my “favorite” practices is this:

I find out that I misunderstood something. It cost me… It always does.

I ask the question: I wonder what else I misunderstand? I wonder what else I misread? I wonder where else I am sure I understand and I don’t.

Or I make a mistake… Where else do I make a mistake like this? Or this same mistake…

Because how you do anything is how you do everything!

I sent out an email last night asking for people who haven’t raised their hand to work with me yet, to raise their hands if they are potentials to work with me.

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Many of my current students raised their hand… WTF…

This coin has two sides that are worth examining:

Was it my English that didn’t communicate, or was it you who misunderstood what I wrote?

Both are a great opportunity to ask the question:

What else…

What else do I think is clear and isn’t?
What else do you think you understand and you didn’t?

This is a spiritual practice.

Asking these questions may remove some of the filters that you are unaware of, and show you glimpses of reality that you have been unaware of.

And more importantly, the questions may teach you to say:

It ain’t necessarily so…


Changing is only possible if you catch what you need to change

But you can’t catch what you can’t see. Or what you don’t want to see.

The question I asked in the emeil: Is happiness more important to you than feeling safe?

The correct question would be: Is happiness more important to you than being right? Is money more important to you than being right?

99% of humanity won’t understand the question. Because they ARE right… NOT!

You need to catch that you are not right… and asking these questions will gently show you where you are right about being right… while you are actually wrong.

And the cost is happiness, money, success… and health.

So start catching yourself.

Stupid as the stupid does… it is not a problem with capacity, it is a problem with not looking twice. Seriously…

Download the pdf version of this article where-else-spiritual-practice

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