What is the vibration of being right?

religion-school-school-proselytizing-politics-1360499426.gifOne of the most desired possibilities, one of the most desired life anyone can have is a life where you are free to be yourself, warts and all.

It is human nature to be self-critical, it is because of our ambivalent nature of feeling everything and the opposite.

There is no one on the planet who is all good. It is not possible. It is a physical impossibility. It’s unnatural.

You have to be good and you have to be bad, and you have to have high thoughts and you have to have low thoughts. Actions: you have a choice about. But feelings, thoughts… no choice.

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Bus-there-is-probably-no-god-650It is just how it is, your genes are only interested in propagating themselves, to dominate the gene pool, and the next person’s genes wanting the same means competition.

So the good and the bad is genetically programmed, you can’t get rid of it.

The most amazing dishes are built on the contrast, the opposites, to create harmony: bitter with sweet, sour with sweet, pungent and some other main taste…

A life of harmony, a man of harmony is based on this principle: not too much of either side.

When you suppress what you don’t like about yourself, when you only want to eat one flavor, sweet, or salty, because you don’t like bitter, or astringent, or whatever, you become dull and uninteresting, and violent.

Your reactive nature gives you away: you can’t allow anything that isn’t just so.

You want to be right, you want to be good, you want the other to like you and to agree with you.

Being on the receiving end of a conversation where the other wants to be right is probably the worst experience a person can have… physical torture would be preferred, I say.

Two major religions in the world, Islam and Christianity are proselytizing religions.

Proselytizing is a right and wrong played violently. Whether you use guns or just your words, it is violent and it intends to kill, to annihilate.

Imagine yourself being on one side of this zeal to convert another to the true religion. All you want to do is being left alone, to be allowed to live your life in peace.

You don’t care if you are right, you have a life that works for you, and someone comes along and talks about their god who is distraught because you want to live your way.

This happened to me yesterday.

atheist-cartoon-1Under the pretense of a marketing coaching call, the so-called coach mounted a full scale missionary campaign against what I do.

Talk about feeling violated, powerless, and not having the words to protect what doesn’t need to be protected: I am OK with what you believe, your god, your Jesus, your opinion that your god created you beautiful… just don’t push it on me.

The man’s vibration is 130.

Escape the clutches of anyone who wants to be right. About anything.

Wanting to be right requires you to be wrong. And vice versa: when you want to be right, the other has to be wrong, or you can’t be right.

Being right is violence. In Judaism, being right is shedding blood… a primary “sin”… on the level of murder.

Judgment is being right. Judgment is pitting yourself against another and saying: he/she is wrong.

Murder. 130 on the vibrational scale.

You are a bully…

Instead start being someone who is deserving, someone who is worth a damn.

Only weak, stupid, undeserving people will want to build a life, reputation on the dead bodies of others. Don’t be that person.

But what if you are in fight with yourself… Trying to kill a part of you… so you can only have one side of you, the good side.

Remember, that feelings are like the front of the hand and the back of the hand. Where you have love, you have hate. Like the alternating current, they are together, inseparable, you kill one, you kill both.

The more you allow the feelings you don’t like, the higher the good side will become.

When you use your Life Force, your extremely limited life force, to suppression, you can guarantee to be an underachiever, because you won’t have energy to become worth a damn.

The art is to recognize a feeling for what it is, the art is to recognize a thought for what it is, the art is to recognize an inclination for what it is, and choose what to act on and what not to act on.

Yesterday, on that horrible phone call with the zealous Christian, I had all the feelings, all the urges, all the thoughts of hate and killing… or at least screaming, name calling, and hanging up.

Because I didn’t suppress anything, I survived the call nearly unscathed. I allowed it all to leak out of my eyes… and in the end I was almost well.


religion-school-school-proselytizing-politics-1360499426.gifThe call violated my sense that the world is a safe place. That a marketing coaching call is a marketing coaching call.

I was unprepared, and I got bruised a little bit. Nothing time can’t fix, I hope.

The call gave me an insight into what the 90% of the readers of my site do: they feel superior to me because their belief is the right belief.

That is why their vibration is so low, and even if they wanted to, I would not be able to work with them.

And it also gave me insight how courageous my students are.

Thank you guys for standing up for yourself to live a life where you learn to call the shot, where you live from power instead of violence and force.

Thank you. I am very proud of you.

Download the pdf version of this article the-vibration-of-being-right

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

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  1. I’m sorry Sophie. I hope you are feeling yourself soon. Sending love.

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