Build your house on rock: Starting from what is, instead of a delusion

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build-your-house-on-rockMy disastrous conversation with the zealous Christian on the other end of the phone opened my eye to something I could not see clearly before.

What I saw is where religion, the popularized version, and where modern spiritual teacherdom overlap and join forces to dupe you.

Before I start:

does your experience of yourself match these principles:
–you are already perfect.
–You are already divine, you just don’t know it.


I didn’t think so.

Now, settle down for a few minutes of pondering: If that is so, if that is not your experience, why are you attracted, mesmerized and duped by that principle?

  • Do you think, like one of my students used to, that you are the only person who, somehow, for a mistake of your own, don’t feel it?
  • Did you think that everyone else is like that, except you?
  • Did you think that you are the only one left behind, while all the people got it, are enjoying it, experience the magic of being a spiritual being having a human experience?

If so, then you are not stupid, you are just duped.

Duped by everyone, including the person next to you.

Want to know what the truth is?

You are not already perfect. You are not already divine. And you are not a spiritual being having a human experience.

The exact opposite is true.

You were born with animal genes, to have animal desires, animal methods, and be completely run by your genes.

The concept of sin is b.s.

Sin, in the original language means: misstep, missing the mark…

But from the creature that is built on the chassis of an animal, misstep is being spiritual, being interested in anything larger or greater than yourself.

Truth be told, most people aren’t interested in anything beyond themselves, anything larger than themselves.


Let’s ask a question that will make this whole conspiracy, religion, new age movement, blah blah blah, suddenly make sense to you:

If you wanted to make someone miserable, what would you tell them?

You would tell them that they are not feeling, not acting, not having what they are supposed to have… like everybody else.

If you told someone that they had a winning lottery ticket but somehow they missed that fact and didn’t cash their ticket… do you think they would be miserable? for years. for decades!

For some reason, having what you have, even if it is wonderful, is already in the bag, taken for granted.

But knowing that you missed something: drives you crazy, doesn’t it?

Saying that god created you beautiful, and perfect is a horrible thing to say. You look in the mirror, and you don’t see the beautiful and you don’t see the perfection. Why? It isn’t there.

Becoming more and better and more beautiful takes work… and is against all those “doctrines” that have been keeping you miserable.

You are supposed to be where you are: that is what you have earned. Your health, your skill level, your knowledge, what you can do, what you can see and understand: everything is exactly on the level where you took it.

You want to hide the truth, but you cannot.

Anyone with eyes to see, can see that you could be more, have more, feel more… there is nothing to hide. It’s obvious for everyone… except.

The gurus, teacher, marketeers you envy are miserable wretches, just like you.

My favorite dead guru is Osho. By the time I discovered him, he’d been dead for 10 years.

When he started out he spoke the truth, he practiced what he preached, and his vibration was 600. That matches a spiritual truth value of 30%.

When he hooked up with Americans, he was seduced to adjust what he said to please the already duped thousands that followed him, and he successfully reduced his vibration to 300. His teaching’s truth value dropped to 10%.

You are craving lies, like a drug addict craves his drug.

The way to stop the addiction is to go cold turkey… there are no clinics for this kind of addiction, but you know there should be, because the rate of recidivism is high.

What is the benefit for the marketeers: church, gurudom, from teaching you what they teach you?

If you are already perfect, then the only thing you need done is removing the blockages to being the perfect you.

So all kinds of courses offer blockage removal… None of them work, because that’s not how it works.

A perfect example for this is in the area of health and well-being.

The secret of good health is actually quite simple: eat what is indigenous in your are, eat and drink food without ingredients. That includes health food, health products, supplements, wonder drugs, everything. Don’t listen to doctors and health gurus and nutritionists, and supplement all 90 essential nutrients daily.

Reduce your carbohydrate intake, grains, potatoes, and sugar in any form, including juices. Eat sweet stuff in tiny quantities, or not at all.

And don’t eat out, or if you do: pass on food that is made with oil, that is fried.

Oh, and stop cooking with oil.

Switch all at once, or gradually.

Consider yourself your livestock, and consider that no health insurance is better than a blessing: you have no safety net.

If you are smart, you book a health consultation with me where I muscle test what nutrients you are really deficient in, how you should eat, what you should eat and not eat.

Instead of thinking that you have everything in your food, or in your supplements, or all you need is some energy healing.

If you need healing, you are already sick.

But you think you are supposed to be well. Not true: you are supposed to be as sick as you are, because the nature of reality is: you need to put stuff in if you want to stay well, or even at the same level of not-wellness where you are.

Just like in spirituality.

You are not perfect (or healthy) with minor issues:

No, you are imperfect with major issues.

And the biggest issues are: you think you already are… which results in you not giving yourself the care you need.

You are screwed up in the big picture of your life, your mindset, in what you consider true, and in what you consider that you need to eat.

If you have had enough of suffering because of a lie, switch to suffering because of the truth.

When you compare yourself with the truth, the doors open wide, and you can step through and get well.

That is what I teach, that is what I help you with.

In every area of life.

We could call this “Build on the truth” School.

You are addicted to lies… lies that are comforting, and… are lies. About you, about others, about how it works.

So your life is built on b.s… which is not a good foundation for living the good life.

The first part of your “education” is unlearning.

It’s painful and it’s necessary.

The more intense you make it the faster you’ll clear off the crap.

I use my articles, 2500 so far, I use my 67 step coaching program, frequent webinars, and occasionally a course.

You do best with the painful part if you use my energy products and my energy services, on an as needed basis. It will make it a lot smoother, and a lot faster.

  • You’ll learn to see
  • You’ll learn to look
  • You’ll learn to hear
  • You’ll learn to look where you haven’t looked
  • You’ll learn to ask questions

All is necessary to get to the point where you can build. Build a new you and build a life that comes from that new you.

So, how do you start?

You want to find out some basic truth about yourself, your starting point:

your vibration
your overall IQ including your intelligence
the number of spiritual capacities you have
your soul correction (your machine)
do you have attachments?
the level of your health

If you bought these separately, you’d pay $30… but buying them all at once, I knock off $15

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