What does a robin and you have in common?

6834515032_fed9fd296e_bI am watching a robin trying to pull a string loose on my third story deck. He is persistent.

He was here yesterday, and he was here the day before.

The thread is long. I used it to pull up stuff from the ground, and left it there.

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Every pull makes the knot tighter. An exercise in futility.

I think of the student who wrote to me this morning telling me all the things she believes about herself and the world… for the nth time.

Whether it is pretense or she really thinks if she does it often enough it will make it work… I don’t know. But every time she tells it, the knot becomes tighter, and unbreakable bond.

image51-249x300Like the hanging man trying to free himself by pulling on the noose… trying to do more of what already didn’t work.

A profound no understanding of how things work.

The robin, you, are not unique, they are actually how you live your life.

Remember, when something is not working, there is something you don’t know.

It is probably difficult for you to think that there is something you don’t know.

You never think that.

You keep on thinking the same things, expecting a different result.

Yesterday someone asked for their vibration. At first I didn’t find her… I suspected that she was using a fake name. I wrote back and offered the options of refunding her donation, or sending me her real info.

She send me her info. Her vibration was 170. There is energy there to move higher.

Then she asked for the measurements for her husband and her guru.

Her husband’s vibration is 100, her guru (ex guru) was 130.

She didn’t understand how it was possible that her meek, gentle, loving, compassionate husband’s vibration was lower than her ex guru’s, who was a violent, domineering man.

I answered: your husband is probably religious… religious as in being a baby hoping to be saved. Loving and compassionate in action, but there is no love, there is no compassion on that low level, only the appearance of it.

Your vibration, the number, isn’t high if you are a do-gooder. Or a nice person. Or gentle…

Your vibration, the number, is high if you are closer to seeing clearly how it is, astute, discerning, appropriate, causing, owning, generating, etc.

Those are all spiritual capacities.

The husband has seven active capacities, the wife has 13. The ex guru: eight.

Without capacities you are completely run by your genes, by survival, by others, by your beliefs.

The complaining student’s vibration is 170, so I am almost certain she wants to avoid doing what she needs to do, and she knows it. She is a habitual liar… maybe when she was little, it worked, lying. It isn’t working with me. And it won’t work in the real world.

Telling the truth is hard. Scary. It takes some spiritual capacities to be active. Even to see…

She will get there when lying cost her more than the threat she feels in telling the truth, doing the work, growing, leaving home. She is young. She hasn’t learned to fly yet.

So she is pulling on that darn string… that is, in fact a noose. On her neck.

She has nine working capacities. Her parents have five each.

Not a good environment if you want to grow.

Download the pdf version of this article the-robin-and-you
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