How Healthy are you?

health-checkYesterday I sent out a request to my subscribers asking for

  1. a health question that you have answered to yourself and you live that way
  2. one or more actual health questions that concern you, with regards to your health or your loved ones’ health
  3. Please let me know if you go to the doctor regularly… it will let me know something about you, that I’d like to know.

It is a holiday weekend and I got surprisingly quite a few answers to my request.
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They were all interesting.

My general impression was that people are clueless about what it takes to be well.
Every person thought they were better, healthwise, that they actually were. I measured that and sent it back in my answer.

There was one answer that clued me in what is the most important thing people across all ages and genders do.

drinking enough water

The second question that I asked myself was: “Do I drink nearly enough water as I should?”

I made an interesting observation that spurred me onto asking this question. I noticed that I would be angry and in a foul mood almost on a daily basis. Some days I would be able to get through most of the day without feeling angry or like someone pissed on my car battery… but those days were few and far between.

What I noticed about those days was that I was drinking a lot more water than I did on other days…maybe about a liter of water in a few hours. I did not, and still do not, count tea and fruit juice etc. as water, because even when I had those in the place of water, my mood was still awful and dull. So now I always keep water nearby so that I force myself into drinking it and it has made an appreciable difference that I have noticed for myself

I then spent time and checked every person who answered, and all my students if they are chronically dehydrated.

Except for one person, they all were dehydrated.

The person who is not dehydrated has an interesting story” she used to drink a gallon and a half of water, and still was thirsty all the time.

I recommended that she gets the water energizer audio, and energizes her water.

She now drinks less water, and feels much better. Especially emotionally.

You can get dehydrated two ways:

  1. you don’t drink enough water
  2. your water does not get into the cells because it is incoherent water.

All water sold or found naturally in the world is incoherent water.

Your cells refuse to allow it to enter, because the incoherence is like death to cells.

So like the person who drank all that water, you can drink a lot and still starve your cells.

Many equipments are created to make water alkaline… but no one dares talk about coherence: it would be opening a can of worms.

My water energizer audio raises the vibration and the energy of the water by making it more coherent.

Coherence takes the bite out of the water… the bite that makes you not want to drink it.

Incoherent water is chunky, and repulsive. You drink it dutifully, and flavor it, because you are thirsty… and you know you need to drink, but incoherent water is a cruel and unusual punishment.



Coherence or the lack of it is what you feel, about yourself and about people around you.

Violence, anger, hate, depression all are signs of incoherence.

Corrosive substances like chlorine, or the fluoride in our tap water all respond to the audio and smooth out the edges.

Chlorine stops stinging your eyes, fluoride stops killing you… no matter how much the authorities try it to kill you… lol.

I should have called the audio Water Coherence Generator… Because that is what it is.

Interesting tidbit: I got curious and searched google for “coherent water” and found 12 thousand pages… Wow…

I found a Dr. Jack Kruse, personal vibration: 170, truth value of his “science”: 8%

He explains a lot of things why coherent water is good for you, and a lot of other things, and is 10% accurate, but 30% true.

I wish I could find explanation with 100% truth value, but alas, it is really hard to know why something is happening in a complicated machine as a human.

But one thing I can tell you with 100% certainty: being dehydrated is like driving a car that has run out of oil…

fa7fe87fa7750ea81d8f6dfe3adfdf6eThe Water Energizer harmonizes the water 60%… so it is not the panacea of perfect health. But it comes as close to it as it is possible… given what we start with: totally incoherent water in a totally incoherent world.

Here are sites I found helpful: This is Dr. Jack Kruse’s site. He’ll scare you into wanting to protect yourself, but I’d like you to focus on the explanation what is coherence and why it’s important in your water. Please. the author Dr. Mae-Wan Ho: personal vibration: 170. Truth value of what he teaches, what he says: 8%

As you can see, science (and pseudo science) hasn’t penetrated the truth much… so don’t believe everything they say. Actually, don’t believe anything they say.

9710e369104c9e1e902038f45eb0ada9If you are coherent then you can use your critical faculties to see that there is a flavor (truth) diluted in much inert stuff… (untruth).

Your best bet is to use the Water Energizer to make your water coherent, as coherent as possible in this world, and drink at least eight glasses of it, without anything added to it.

You can make tea, coffee with it, but don’t count that water as water: both tea and coffee are diuretics.

So, how do you use your water energizer?

It is easy to use it: you play on any decent audio device through full size headphones that you wrap around the container of the purified, filtered water, for an hour per gallon, A gallon is 4 liters.

If you play it through ear buds… it won’t work. The audio carries the energies, but the amount of energy that can be transferred to the water through the earbuds will have to fight with EMF… the electric load in your world, and probably won’t win.

If you prefer to do the audio infusion only once a week, once a month, you can get the energizer pitcher at Amazon, and fill its chamber with water.

Energize the pitcher as I said above. The water in the chamber will remain in the pitcher after you empty the pitcher. You refill the pitcher and let it sit for 24 hours… and the water will be energized and ready to drink.

You’ll need to re-energize every 7-30 days, depending on the electromagnetic load of your environment.

Fully energized water’s consciousness is 650.

Coherence and consciousness are strongly related. Coherent water increases your own coherence. You’ll notice your emotions and your intelligence change in measurable and visible ways.

Here is the button to buy the Water Energizer audio.

Download the pdf version of this article how-healthy-are-you

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

4 thoughts on “How Healthy are you?”

  1. Sophie, does the thickness of the pitcher matter? I use tap water that has been filtered with Aquasana filter and then keep it in a rather thick glass pitcher. I have headphones attached to the pitcher playing 24/7. I switch between water energizer, hoe and unclove energizer. What I have noticed that when I charge my water in a plastic bottle it tastes much more silkier then water in a pitcher. I am thinking maybe thick glass doesn’t work as good to transfer energy through headphones? Thank you.

  2. Thank you, Sophie, for this article. Your description of how incoherent feels like allowed me to feel it for myself. And thank you Amy for asking about the glass – turns out I need to switch to plastic bottles, too, for it to work.

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