What is health?

A German who escaped just before all the Jews were hoarded into concentration camps in Germany, came to the United States.

His name was Robert Hartman.

His experience with evil uniquely qualified him to set out to deal with the age long question: what is evil, what is good?

He took on himself to define good… the strait and narrow. Many philosophers failed in that: after all the strait and narrow is delineated by the land that encloses it, not by itself…

But he succeeded.

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what-good-question-ethical-conceptHe said: good is that which fulfills its class 100%. 1

Vague… especially if you consider that we, humans, have only cursory idea of what generosity, humility, kindness, love, etc. mean in beingness. 2

We are punished for being bad… and no one notices when we are good…

Religion concerns itself only with what’s bad…

Medicine concerns itself only fixing what’s wrong with you… not restoring health… because medicine has no idea what health is… 3

In thousands of years no one has concerned themselves (to my knowledge) with what is healthy. What it looks like inside, outside, in behavior, in mental acuity and emotional appropriateness.

So we can safely say that all medical and health practices, modalities, sciences know an awful lot about what’s wrong with you, than about what would be right.

Oriental, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, and Occidental Medicine all use the “what’s wrong with you” approach, and can’t see the big picture… because there is none.

In the impromptu survey I ran this holiday weekend I exchanged emails with quite a few of my subscribers, and got really clear that it would be a real service if somehow I could put more dots into the picture of what constitutes healthy.

I am scared. I hope that Source, The All-knowledge has enough information to give me correct answers.

Why I am scared?

  1. I think Source has been out of touch with humans… on the other hand Source may know what is the Original Design… let’s hope.
  2. The overall health number has been really low for most people I measured. Mine is relative high with 50%.
    But so far all measure around 20-30%

I am going on a call with a medical student, also a full fledged Homeopathic doctor in a few minutes.

His overall health is 20%. WTF, right?

When I measured, he is not deficient in any of the 90 essential nutrients, so where is the low number coming from?

Am I a match to the task? Muscle test says yes, but I am scared.

what-is-healthMy knowledge is insufficient for the task… so I have to go way beyond my knowledge, out on the skinny branches.

I’ll report back from my conversation and insights from the call… a call to bring this doctor’s overall health up in the numbers through adjusting some of his behavior…

Of course I’ll only know the results in a couple of weeks… I’ll keep you appraised.

Judging from my previous experiments, the principles point in the right direction…

But I can safely assert that humanity’s health is lowest when they have more “knowledge”.

The more you know the lower your numbers are.

The few groups of people who are healthiest, judged by their longevity figures, know nothing.

When I muscle test a country’s average health number, over the past 100 years, I find that with every decade the number is lower… proving that the more “knowledge” people have the less healthy they become.

One of the reasons you are so off, is because once you have a little knowledge, you want to prove it right, so you’ll not even listen fully to any new information: your desire to be made right is stronger than your desire to be well, or your desire to find out the truth.

Your soul correction, the machine-like construct your genes created for you, is only interested in controlling you, not the truth.

Your genes are stuck in the mode they are in…

To act and be counter to your genes’ dictates takes spiritual capacities.

The Homeopathic doctor I mention above, has more capacities than most…he had 10 capacities when we started the conversation a few hours ago, and I turned on a new one: faith. I made sure that it’s something he can hold onto, he can use.

Important to mention: I am not any better than you, the only thing I have over you is my working relationship with Source: I am guided to do the right thing, to trust what I am getting, to test what I am getting, and to use all my capacities to interpret what I see accurately.

The conversation was very enlightening.

The changes I could ask him to make will get his health up to 40%. Not bad, yet not much.

Upon inquiring further, I saw that in the questions I asked there is an unseen yet aspect, that wen fully explored, his health can go as high as 80%.

The changes are all tiny, except his addiction to chocolate chip cookies… doubly bad for him, because of his intolerance to fructose and gluten.

The rest of the changes are minuscule, and if he can “surrender”, then he’ll be well and beyond in a few weeks time.

I gave him the capacity to facilitate the “surrender”…

The ultimate capacity for surrender: faith.

Only one out of 10,000 people have faith on any level… in any area of life.

Faith doesn’t have an opposite, a shadow: it is not like belief that has doubt at all times.

Belief is worthless… it is a mind thing.

Faith is seeing. It is certainty. Very amazing.

No amount of talk will turn it on…

Among “religious” people it is 1000 times more rare… because religion is a belief, a mind stuff.

Atheists don’t believe in anything… but surprisingly they have faith.

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  1. I have written articles on this, under the keyword “axiology”
  2. I should write about this in another article… we shall see
  3. When I looked for an illustration to “what is health” I found about a million Tree of Knowledge picture… all about what to do… all wrong… all harmful without looking.

    But looking is missing. You are not looking, and the “professionals” are not looking. No one is looking. Everyone prefers to be sick and right.

    In the book “Dead doctors don’t lie” Wallach says that doctors lie. Nurses lie. Government experts lie. Nutritionists lie. Pharmaceuticals lie. You lie.

    Why? Because telling the truth that you are wrong most of the time, that you don’t know what is true is very painful, and your genes don’t like it.

    And health care lies are a big business… all so profitable because you don’t know how to listen, because everything you know is wrong…

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