How context can unify a fragmented life make it seamless?

One of the reasons humans live a life they can’t love, is because there is no rhyme and no reason to their life. Rhyme and reason comes from a unifying principle, that connects all the "fragments" of your life, and make your life one… where if you do a thing in one are, it effects the whole

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fragmented-lifeIt is time to rewrite the book, Truth versus Falsehood, on muscle testing, measuring for truth, and other practices that most everybody uses to cover up that they don’t know. To cover up that they are amateurs out to get your money.

So who has to write it? Me… and I don’t like to write long things: I am a really short article type person.

People tell me that you write long things the way you write short things… but I don’t know if this is true.

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So maybe I have to do what Osho did for 30 years: his followers recorded and transcribed (well) what he wrote, strung lectured together, and he now has a lot of book.

But surely he didn’t do it.

Because writing a book is mental, and it requires hours upon hours to spend in your head… and he hated that… maybe he didn’t but I do. 🙁

But unless I write what I have to write… I feel I can’t write anything… so at this point I am a tad stuck.

On one hand I really want to let everyone know how amazing my health consultations are… on another hand I really want everyone to buy my water energizer… on the third hand (lol) I need to write this book.

I don’t do well with a fragmented life, and I guess neither do you.

Fragmented often means: nothing gets done… it’s like jumping from unfinished business to the next unfinished business… or like when you see something fall, you reach for it, and drop what is already in your hand, and both smash and break on the floor… you know what I am talking about.

But then again, maybe I can create a context inside which they are related enough so when I do one, somehow all of my life moves forward, even the part I didn’t actually work on!

So how do I do that?

I need to see what purpose all three activities serve, what common purpose I can see, that would make it worthwhile for me to do all, one after the other, or a little of each every day, whatever way I please…

One purpose I already see is a somewhat selfish purpose: to make a living. To have money to pay the bills… All three would help me do that. But that seems to be all about me…

But what if it isn’t necessarily all about me?

  • When I turned 50 I participated in a Landmark seminar called Beyond Fitness. The first job was, in that seminar, to invent a context for fitness. I said, that I want to live long so I can contribute enough of my knowledge to enough people… I said is in a little more haughty and arrogant way, but that was the gist of it… lol.I have an enlarged heart and heart murmur… I wasn’t supposed to live this long. So I did well: the context made me take care of my health, and here I am… 50% well. Including my bad heart… About twice as well than most of the people I have given health consultation to… Who would have thought? lol

    So, my idea is that if I could have my health be inside the context of contribution, then maybe being able to make a living can happen inside the context of contribution, making a difference, and be not just about me, but about me being able to do what I do full time…

  • I remember a phone conversation I had on New Year’s eve, December 31 1987 with a friend where we redefined our lives. I declared: “My life isn’t about my life, it is about what I can contribute.”That was probably the most selfish thing I had ever said: A life that is about you and your life is hell… It’s like driving a car that has those tiny wheels that make your butt feel every pebble on the road, every crack in the pavement… I once had a car like that.

    And my life had been like that until that fateful night…

Of course a declaration has a way of opening a can of worms… both of those declarations did that.

I spent the first five months of 1988 depressed, sobbing, unable to work… And I spent about that long a time after my bold declaration about health dying of heart failure…

But once the scary first months were over, the clouds parted and it became sunny.

I am not running that risk now: I am not declaring anything new: all my work, including making money, has been in the context of making a difference, so this is not new.

But like with any context, unless you keep it present, unless you remember, life can get fragmented, and you can get stuck…

So in this post I am confirming what has already been clear: I am here to map out the path for humanity to move to the next evolutionary level: to human being… That is my job, and I am doing it.

The fact that I have to write a book, albeit a short one, is just a pebble on the road.

Download the pdf version of this article fragmented-life

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

1 thought on “How context can unify a fragmented life make it seamless?”

  1. I welcome such a book.

    I would welcome a laminated card with the dozen or so (what would that number be?) practices and distinctions that form the core of your teaching. Something to look at every day, or several times a day. Just to be able to recall them and keep them present.

    Not like commandments carved in stone; more like beingnesses sealed under plastic. Subject to updates. Of course we could personalize it to our own contexts and soul corrections, but there would be a core set of practices.

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