Just because someone’s vibration is low today…

the-future-is-not-set-in-stone-and-even-if-it-was-stone-can-be-broken-quote-1…it doesn’t mean that they are a bad person. Or that vibration, that future is set in stone…

Your vibration is an accurate snapshot of where you are on the vibrational scale today.

Your guru, your spouse, your boss… or yourself could jump to a whole new level of vibration even without any spiritual input… if their health number went up higher.

A friend and client wrote to me today:

I wanted to share with you something interesting that is going on. anyway, you know how dead I have been, and I feel more alive every day, but I haven’t been attracted to a man in over 5 years…

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energy-future-is-not-set-in-stonewell that has changed, as I find one man somewhat attractive now, so I was hoping to understand why and whether it has something to do with his vibration.

I would like you to measure his vibration, because I am trying to make some hypothesis regarding the level of vibration of people…and so far I am clueless, but would like to learn more about people’s level of vibration and I would like to surround myself with people who are vibrating higher than me.

Selfish, yeah, but I don’t care, lol… I feel that my vibration is different now.

I have not been in victim mode since you started to work with me. That alone is amazing, and has made a big impact on my life. I cannot thank you enough!!!

Anyway regarding the guy, his name is X, he is an education expert and a very charismatic person, and his picture is below. Please let me know if he’s worth a damn…lol. Thank you!

I muscle tested the person’s vibration and it was 130.

here is my answer to my friend

his vibration is 130
your vibration is 200

Her answer woke me up:

Thank you very much!!! You might have just saved me from some more stupidity…so thank you!

Would it be ok for me to conclude that there are not a lot of people, if any, around me vibrating above 200?

Everyone that I asked for their vibration from you is below 150….that is really, really sad…where are the high vibrating people Sophie? How can I find them…are you the only one that is so high…is there any hope for humanity? Honestly? Or are you mostly throwing your pearls before swine?

'That's what i hate about being a caveman. Everything has to be carved in stone!'I saw the mind in action… it says: how it is is how it is going to stay…

It ain’t necessarily so.

To prove it I muscle tested the whole picture of this guy:

well… sadly, yes. People’s vibration is very low.

But to look at the big picture: low well being—low vibration
fitting into society—low vibration
caring about what others think—low vibration

here is your guy’s combo thingie:

his vibration 130
his overall IQ including his intelligence 50
the number of spiritual capacities he has 5
your soul correction (your machine) ??
does he have attachments? no
the level of his health 20%

I just watched a video with him/about him… he is soooo afraid, it hurts.

If his health went up to 40%, his vibration would go up to 200. his intelligence to 90. He would stop being so darn scared…

It would not effect the number of capacities he has, but otherwise he would be where you are.

this is why I started to offer the health consultation.

it is a returning to health… he probably eats what he thinks is good for him, but what he knows is wrong.

I don’t have time to muscle test the hundreds of gurus I have tested before… but I can promise you that if their health numbers rose, which is not even difficult, I promise you!, then the overall vibration of all the gurus would rise 30%… the average.

And their combined intelligence would go up too.

And another thing: their greed would drop.

My hunch is that what makes them greedy is their body’s hunger for the right nutrients…

Now, that is a fish to fry… isn’t it?

And with that their earning power, their happiness level, their capacity to enjoy life…

Now, I am not in the business of improving gurus’ vibration… lol, I am in the business to improve the vibration of people who are ready for that…

And it seems the first step if finding out where you are at.

not-set-in-stoneThe second step is to get your health number up… I’ll let you know if I am willing to work with you. 1

If you bought these separately, you’d pay $30… but buying them all at once, I knock off $15.

Click on the paypal button to send me a donation to get your starting point measurements. I’ll let you know in my email response, if you could ask for a comprehensive health evaluation, OK?

After you pay, please wait to be forwarded to a website to register. If you are a member of my freebies subscribers’ site, please log in through the “already a member” link on the registration page… If you mess up, I’ll do it manually for you.

There is a whole dimension to life that you have not experienced, or that you have lost…

Download the pdf version of this article not-set-in-stone
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  1. Why wouldn’t I? I understand your question, but I prefer working with people who I CAN work with. As an empath, I need to be connected to you for a whole hour, and it is often like being in a torture chamber… It knocks me out for a day or two. So I pick people that allow me to be well while I do the work.

    Another important factor for me: will you take my instructions in stride? will you make up your own s-hi-it instead? If I feel that you won’t do what I ask you to do, I won’t take you as a client. How do I know? I feel it… then I verify it with muscle testing.

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