The wider the availability of food, the less healthy people become

drunk-critterEvery plant is toxic. Every animal is toxic. To one degree or other.

The difference between plants and other plants, from your point of view, is what plant your body can use without much harm, because your body has evolved to handle the toxins in the plant.

Just like high altitudes are deadly for some people, and natural for others, for example the Tibetans, your body can handle some things and can’t handle others.

It takes thousands years of exposure to develop the ability to eat one food and be well, even though it’s toxic.

But no matter what, you’ll always pay the price…

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If you believe that some god created all plants to feed humans… you are living in a dream world, and your health, probably, suffers as a result.

By the way, the same is the situation with regards to animals, seafood, fowl, land animals… they are all toxic… but there are some of those that you can eat without noticeable harm to your health… especially your mental and emotional state.

Of all the elements I address in a Health Consultation session, the biggest and most dramatic results come from seeing what are the toxic foods, that you can eat and what are the toxic foods that you should avoid.

peta2-forest-copy-555x370Why? Because those toxins render you, like all toxins, dumb… incoherent, emotionally unstable, and undisciplined.

All toxins can and do act as addictive substances: the body wants more of them.

Why? I don’t know. But the fact that I don’t know doesn’t make it not true.

I have observed this in myself, and in many people. Maybe because of the emotional response you have…

I have had a lot of food addictions in my life.

A weird example is peppers.

I love peppers. Hungarian cuisine is full of dishes with peppers in them.

Except that Hungarian peppers, peppers grown in Hungary, are not toxic to me.

I have tried all the peppers my supermarket carries, 26 different kinds: my body find them all toxic…

Another example: goat cheese.

I have removed cow’s milk from my diet, but my metabolism wants dairy products, so I have turned to goat cheese.

It’s slightly toxic to me… there are not goat milk products in Hungary.

Turkey: I saw my first turkey in a garden when I was ten. I knew the nursery rhyme: peacocks are prettier than turkeys… but I had not tasted turkey before I went to Israel at age 34.

There, being poor, I ate turkey every day, because it was cheap.

chipmonk-cornI got fat, sluggish, and 450 cholesterol… my body still doesn’t know what to do with turkey, so it dumps it into fat tissues.

I am convinced that if I stopped eating turkey I would go back to my base weight, some 25 pounds lower than my weight now.

I took my health from 8% to 50% in a few years, by implementing mainly this elimination principle: eating only the stuff my body knows how to handle.

I am very close to being successful at it… the last few foods are the hardest to drop.

So, how do you know what toxins you can handle and what toxins you can’t?

When I check people, I go back 200-300 years in time to see what their ancestors ate and thrived.

Ancestors that didn’t thrive didn’t have offspring…

In mixed ancestry it is harder… but possible.

The worst is to live in an area of the world that is too different from where your ancestors lived… but in America everyone is like that…

So it is no surprise to me that Americans are the least healthy of all the developed countries.

Download the pdf version of this article toxic-food
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