Your health number… thoughts from the starting point tests I’ve done

hippocratesHippocrates said: food will be your medicine.

Let’s look at that statement from my experience with myself, and with my clients.

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.

– attributed to Hippocrates

Lay people (you) jump into conclusions… and jump from one superfood to the next, from one fad to the next, from one magic bullet to the next.

Modern (ineffective) medicine attacks this statement.
Energy medicine attacks this statement.

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This is the worst news for any healer and any pharmaceutical.

Why? Because it doesn’t make money. Because it is difficult to manage. Because the action is on the side of the “patient”, not on the side of the practitioner…

Can-Food-Cravings-Indicate-the-Level-of-Your-HealthIt’s a tough job for you to be well, especially when we are bombarded with plenty in the grocery stores, plenty in advertising, and plenty in false, misleading, partial, and seductive information.

You don’t know…

What you eat, when to eat, how much you eat
What you can absorb
What you didn’t or can’t digest and why
What you drink… when to drink… how much to drink

Consider the following analogy:

The body is a factory. It has a product: a healthy, energetic, intelligent person, hopping out of bed every morning, ready for the day…

It needs raw ingredients, stuff to produce that healthy, vibrant person.

It needs stuff that is

  • compatible with its machinery,
  • stuff on time,
  • in the right quantity, and
  • no stuff that blocks the production, blocks the pipelines or interferes with the production or the flow of the “assembly line”.

6e420c5f8e0d5e75feb0a6d418ad07f4If you are not getting the energetic, healthy, happy person as a result of your life style and eating/drinking style, then there is a problem.

You definitely treat your body worse than you treat your car… at least most of you. Some of you treat your car poorly too. But most of you

  • You would not put kerosene in your tank… it will burn your gaskets.
  • You would not put diesel in your tank… it will clog your carburetor.
  • You would not make a hole in your gas tank intentionally

But with your body, your body that is a million times more complicated machine, you think you can do anything.

But you are wrong.

You take advice from anyone. You dull your senses. You eat by your taste buds.


There is no “one size fits all” in getting you straight.

Finding what makes your body factory purr is a lot like picking a lock that has 100 pins… only if all the pins align can you turn the key.

Your health can drop from 30 to 8 over the weekend…


cat-eating-grassIf you watch dogs or cats, they have down days… they ate something that didn’t agree with them… and they go and eat some bitter grass, or throw up, or guzzle water. They sleep.

But humans don’t live by nature, they surely think that they are beyond that antiquated notion…

And humans are sick.

I’ve been sick all of my life.

It started with the infant formula I got fed with in the hospital and at home… my mother dried up by the time I got out of the preemie care.

Formulas are made with gluten and fructose.

Both cause blistering of the intestinal track. Pain. I cried incessantly as a baby… except when I vomited… a few times a day.

I was picky and tiny as a girl. My mother and my nannies tried to force what they cooked down my throat, but I preferred to resist… My body was still talking to me.

Then, when puberty hit, I started to eat everything: I was always hungry.

always-hungry-opener-400x400Always hungry means you are not well… you are not giving your body what the body needs: raw materials. Or you give it to your body in the wrong proportion. At the wrong time. Or you add something that makes the body unable to absorb and use the good stuff you gave it.

A factory, when it is well organized, is humming, brimming with life.

Every worker knows what is their job, every machine is in good working condition, and maintained regularly. The trash is taken out, no clogging of the machine.

If you are not brimming with life, your machine is limping along without the raw materials, your trash isn’t taken out and rotting inside, your energy is off…

It’s a balancing act.

Humans are incredibly arrogant… and their arrogance will cause humanity to go out of existence… When? soon.

Now, are there other factors that will make you unwell?

Hell yeah.

I am getting better at doing these evaluation sessions with every session I do.

Your sleep, your breathing, your emotions, your attitude, your environment: all important factors.

And the energetic attachments, curses, spells…

Hell, the world is a hostile place.

All that work you do on everything else is wasted, and is for naught, unless what you put into your mouth is the right thing at the right time… for you. Your body type, your appetite, your blood type, your nature, and the nutrients in what you put into your mouth become available to the body.

So yes, there is evil in the world… but there will be less if everyone gets what they need in their food and drink.

24ddfc7cdf1f208880fccce8663aaf98One essential nutrient is Lithium. It is a soft metal. When it lacks in the drinking water in an area, people are violent, restless, eager, hostile… etc.

Emotions run high.

A lot of evil can be minimized by supplementing Lithium instead of Fluoride.

Tiny quantities is all you need.

Sodas neutralize Lithium… at least according to my muscle test.
Sodas neutralize a lot of the good stuff your food can give you…

Oh well… I hear you… Only some of it resonates with some of you…

PS: Of course there are other things, like subluxations, ph balance, food combining, and the myriad of microbes etc. that effect health.

But without giving the body the raw materials, all of them, no other method will matter… or not much.
I have been going to the chiropractor for 29 years, at least once a week. Result: before I changed my diet dramatically, according to what I do in the health evaluation sessions for my clients, my health was under 10%. I haven’t stopped going to the chiropractor, but I now have 97% of what my body needs as raw material, and I eat close to how I am optimally to eat… so my health number is now 50%.

jumpstart-your-metabolismAs soon as I add more oxygen, more movement, and maybe more enzymes, I can go up to 80%. Even as a child, I have never been that healthy. Wow.

Download the pdf version of this article your-health-number

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