How do you use the three levels of value in your “real” life to fall in love with yourself?

Coconut Is it good for you?How do you use the three levels of value in your “real” life to fall in love with yourself?

The article asking: where do you look to define your value got a lot of “hits” and comments.

Reading the answers I saw that some fundamental distinctions are missing, in spite of the fact that I have written about all of those before, on this blog.

So after reading the article about the three levels of value, you probably start to see a little bit the difference how the different levels of value change what assessment you make, how your appraisal, evaluation, estimation, measurement, judgment will be, looking from that level.

So let’s look a little deeper and see with examples how that looks.

Where you are speaking from is as important as what kind of value you are judging.
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You can stand in systemic value, the black and white world of mind bias… and you can judge, evaluate, assess the value of

  • no-mistakesa systemic value. A systemic value could be: no mistakes. Judged from the systemic level where you stand, it’s wrong to make mistakes, right?
  • youmayrain__53an extrinsic value. An extrinsic value could be rain in May: May showers, June flowers. But looking from the systemic level or right and wrong, you can’t see anything else… and if it is on a May Sunday, it’s wrong.
  • foresightan intrinsic value. An intrinsic value is having foresight. But looking from the systemic level, it is either smart or stupid, slow, or fast, or right or wrong. No beauty in it. All beauty is lost, because there is no beauty inside the systemic level of value.

I will show all levels and all assessments, because judging you from past experiences, you are probably not going to do it for yourself. Or not fully. Or not well…

Listen up, this is not easy. But ultimately there is nothing more important for your emotional well being than learning this distinction.

I remember when I did… because a friend read the book 1 by Dr. Robert Hartman. I struggled with it, and it hit home when my coach says: She was the possibility of fully expressed greatness for me.

Before getting this distinction, that statement would have been a trap. A duty. An obligation to express my greatness fully.

Instead, with the distinction, I heard: I can find myself, at any moment, on any level of expressing my greatness. My greatness didn’t change. Only the level of expression. And wherever the expression was: it’s OK.

What spoils the happiest moments in life is an obligation to be something. You laugh with your mouth open… bad. You laugh loudly… bad. You enjoy your food… bad.

You can’t enjoy life, can’t love life, in a straight jacket.

The three levels of value sets you free, because it gives you three different ways to look at the same thing, and say/think three different things. 2

OK, second level: standing in extrinsic (worldly value) level, assessing…

  • a systemic value: “it’s a lie” the systemic judgment: wrong, bad, the man is bad because he lied. This is how people relate to my vibrational reviews. I write them on the extrinsic level: how useful it is for you, but you read it from the systemic level. People like to judge. 70% of all visitors come to read bad “gossipy” stuff about gurus… Obviously gossip is looking at people and what they do from the systemic level.
  • an extrinsic value: coconut oil. While coconut oil has value, it feeds millions of people because it is nutritious, easy to store, etc. its usefulness value for people who live areas of the earth where coconut doesn’t grow 3)So in spite of the extrinsic value of the coconut oil, or the coconut mil, or coconut meat, if I, born in Central Europe follow the fad of eating it, I’ll get sicker, weaker, because for my body it is toxic. You saw I used a lot more words, than from the systemic level… because all extrinsic value is situational, because the receiver pays the price… The statement “value is in the eye of the beholder” applies to extrinsic values.

    This also means that beauty is an extrinsic value: it is the gene’s effort to have more offspring than others. Nothing intrinsic in beauty. Or slim. Or being a good breadwinner. Or being a billionaire. Or being a good driver. Or being a good teacher. Or writing well. Or all these other things by which we judge. They are values. They are extrinsic values. Extrinsic means: outside… in the outside, from the outside.

  • an intrinsic value: being a contribution. The source of the value is inside. The intention, the attention, the “love”, the “caring”. Looked at from the level of extrinsic, the value of being that way is non-existent. Only the results matter from the extrinsic point of view.They often say “it is the intention that matters” but it is always a lie. Always an expression of disappointment from the end of the speaker. Because whenever you say “it is the intention that matters” you know that the results were disastrous: the gift didn’t arrive, didn’t delight the receiver. So looking from the extrinsic level, intentions don’t matter.

    You may say “but I was trying, really trying…” and if I look from the extrinsic, you are annoying as hell. Because on the extrinsic level only results matter. What you pay for… results.

And now let’s move to the favorite pretend place of the New Age, positive thinkers, Rose colored glasses crowd: the intrinsic level.

Let’s judge, assess, from the perspective, the vantage point of the intrinsic value:

  • a systemic value: it works/doesn’t work. Let’s go back to some of my own assessments on, like positive/negative. If you look at positive as right, and negative as wrong, you looked from the systemic level.If you looked at positive as something that makes you feel good and negative makes you feel bad, you looked from the extrinsic value.

    And if you look at positive/negative as a way to try to make sense of the world, then you looked from the intrinsic value… because inside intrinsic, it is just labeling, a weak effort to make a distinction.

  • an extrinsic value: spelling mistake: looked at from the systemic level, it’s wrong.Looked at from the extrinsic level, it make a document harder to read, and near impossible to sell… the price is low.

    Looked at it from the intrinsic level, you’d see that the capacities of “looking twice so you can see what’s in front of you”, caring, complete/through are missing.

  • an intrinsic value: Healthy. Judged from the systemic level, healthy is a yes/no phenomenon, and you always try to get healthy, because unless you are “healthy” you are wrong. No levels, no shades of healthy, only a binary switch.from the extrinsic level, you see that healthy means you feel good, you have energy, and you can do things, that make things that have value for others, so you can make money

    from the intrinsic level, health has as many facets as a diamond. You can see all the different aspects. You see that fixing one aspect won’t fix the whole, it may actually lower the value of the whole.

    My health consultations are looking at you, your habits, your food, your liquids, your thinking from the intrinsic level, which is never fixing, instead gently tweaking, balancing, and bringing the whole to a higher level.

    One of the reasons I don’t take everyone is because 99% of humanity, in spite of the pretenses, cannot look at anything from the intrinsic level. Cannot. So I can’t work with a person who won’t be able to look at their health with me, from the same level where I am looking from.

    I have working with people like that in the past. It is not rewarding, because their point of view, mostly systemic, will make them follow some of my advice, and not others. Because from the systemic point of view, they are smarter than me.

    A good indication of your ability to look from the intrinsic level, is your vibration number.

    My experience is that around 170, the view can be opened up.

If you find this really difficult: it is.

Is it worth getting good at it?

This is, ultimately, the best next thing for anyone on the path to a good life, to happiness, to social success, and to more money.

This is what I would recommend that Tai Lopez gets good at… it would definitely reduce his harshness, and his apparent unhappiness over the lack of love in his life. He would become maybe likeable. Now, that would be the day, lol.

Oh, let me hang out on this, the Tai Lopez topic for a little more.

You know that I bought the 67 steps program at the beginning of February.

Every step gives me nausea before I listen, and intense happiness once I listened to. Why happy? Because it opens up my world. A lot. It takes my attention to areas I would never look the way he asks me to… 4

I listen from the level of intrinsic. That is where I listen from.

When I read my coaching students’ answers to his questions, I hear mostly systemic and some extrinsic points of view. NONE from the intrinsic.

He mostly talks about systemic and extrinsic stuff… mostly extrinsic. He is into how he looks, how much money he makes, and to not be the sucker in the room. These are the important aspects of his being, so he asks questions from there.

But the talks are much wider, because the talks are the knowledge of people a lot higher vibration than his.

Definitely possible to grow from them. Especially if you start using it as a training ground to change where you look from.

Priceless. Why? Because it is day after day after day…. And then in becomes a discipline, a habit, an “of course” after a while.

If you buy it from my link, I get a commission. I am willing to share my commission with you… pick a product of mine, any downloadable product or service, max $35, and I’ll give it to you.

Here is my link: 67 steps

Your best bet is to ask for your combo evaluation. And to make it more valuable, I’ll throw in my measurements of your 90 essentials… a $50 value that I don’t sell separately. I have only been doing them for people who pay $200 for their health evaluation.

Do I like Tai Lopez? No. But I see the value of the program, so I can overcome my dislike and take the value. That is what high vibration people do.

Download the pdf version of this article use-three-levels-of-values


  1. The book, Freedom to Live, The Robert Hartman Story. It’s on Amazon. If you can wait, I’ll post the pdf in the subscribers’ area in a few days.
  2. Later on I was trained to be a consultant to people who wanted to have a fuller, happier, more successful life… This was 16 years ago. I never actually used it to coach people…
  3. Coconut_distribution-by-Niklas-JohssonThe range of the natural habitat of the coconut palm tree delineated by the red line (based on information in Werth 1933,[26] slightly modified by Niklas Jonsson
  4. Why nausea? Because he has this grating voice. Because he is too intense, most of the time, for my sensitive vibration… it whacks me out. Because is only 200… and his energy is not pleasant to me. These are all extrinsic ways to speak, by the way… my speaking, not his.

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