Are you trying to use what you know to be well, healthy, vital, vibrant, and intelligent?

4918575268_668c415bd7_zWhen you are trying to use your mind to be well, healthy, vital, vibrant, and smart

Your mind is good for mind stuff… but being well, being healthy, being vital, being vibrant, and even being smart are intrinsic values, and the mind cannot wrap itself around it: they are above mind.

Mind is concerned with what mind is concerned with, and it is never the whole; it’s the pieces, it’s the spot cleaning.

Mind thinks that if it put together the parts it can see are needed, the parts would create health, vitality, etc… but the mind, the mechanistic systemic organ is sorely mistaken. In the paradigm of the mind two plus two makes four… same level where you started: parts. No life.

Life is an intrinsic value… impenetrable by the mind.
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Today is the age of the mind and the decline of humanity, the decline of health, vitality…

The mechanistic, systemic relationship we have with the Universe, with each other, with our own Self is starting to pay dividends in like: people are unhealthy.

ISF_bottles_v3Plants are fertilized with the three main components that make plant life possible… but not healthy plant life… just limping along.

Fertilizers are the product of the mind. The food rots fast… and its nutritional value is next to nothing.

You put in your body carbohydrates, proteins, and fats… and you rot really fast… and your human value is coming next to nothing.

Everything you read, everything you hear, everything you watch is mind stuff… and mind stuff said in spiritual ways is still mind stuff.

You try to connect to Source with mind… and it’s not happening. You watch others seemingly do it, but they are faking it.

You are weak, and you work on your mind… and don’t even consider that there is anything else out there…

You hear me through your mind… and all the beauty, all the spirit, all the intrinsic value I am speaking is turned into mind stuff… worthless mind stuff, mind you.

You live in your machine-ness and cannot see your own human-ness.

heal-through-your-mindParadigms are like that… you cannot see the paradigm above the one you are trapped in…

So what is the way out of this hellish machine-like living? How could you advance to the higher, the intrinsic level of being?

That is the crucial question, isn’t it?

The other day I gave a student four questions to ponder. Pondering those questions can start the process.

Instead he insisted that he needed his value profile test… Now we know.

Here are the four questions:

try to answer these four questions. the organization is the company where you work, the school where you study, the family you live in. You can also replace it with “society”.

You’ll find that you have simplistic answers… if any. The questions point to the intrinsic paradigm, and you don’t live there, don’t know anything about it.

It is the vertical aspect of you… You live in the lower levels, the horizontal (other people’s, the connections, interactions) and in the dimension of the mind, which is like a line… no breadth. Yes/no.

mind-for-healingYou live like a talking animal… a talking machine… and although you feel that something is amiss, that you don’t feel connected, you don’t feel uplifted, you don’t feel good about yourself, you have no access to the realm your feelings indicate that it’s there… just that you are locked out.

Locked out? Yes. What locks you out is your own incessant thinking that says: there is nothing more. And your incessant indulgence in earthly pleasures… the extrinsic aspect of life.

No spirit. None.

You try to grasp elements of the intrinsic with your mind… but mind is not a tool that is admitted into the intrinsic.

Intrinsic is the dominion of being. The no mind.

For me it opened up through connecting to Source back in Israel at 3 in the morning. No “Dark Night of the Soul” as some “spiritual” authorities claim.

For mind-centered people a good story is all you need. They cannot tell the difference between a made-up story and the truth. For the mind every good story is truth.

But when I examine these people, they all lie.

I am connected right now to Eckhart Tolle… and I don’t wish his inner hell on anyone. Not any different from yours.

Close up of Western wall. Jerusalem. Israel.

The intrinsic dominion, The Kingdom, is silent. No drama, no fear, no fretting, no greed, no wanting. Just being.

No one can take you there.

And, honestly, no one can tell you how to get there.

There is one valuable sentence in all of Eckhart Tolle’s books… I am paraphrasing: Between the thoughts there are gaps. Through those gaps the divine can be peeked at.

Something like that. Peeking is not being there… but when you peeked at it, you want to go there. And that is how it all begins.

I remember the first experiences I had with silence… I breathed deeply into it. And the silences got deeper and longer.

But breathing without the silence will NOT create silence… the way some of you breathe… it is violence, it is forcing.

No, the silence needs to be there, and then you can breathe into it. Penetrating it, going with it, wherever it takes you.

Until it isn’t there… thought returns hijacking you onto systemic territory again.

Looking, observing without any thoughts… it becomes possible.

According to Robert Hartman wording: there are Men of Faith and Men of Fear.

Faith is upward, fear is downward.

Interestingly, one of my clients, after I turned the capacity of faith on for him, lived in faith for a week or two. Then he promptly returned to “earth”… it seems to me from his search history on my site. Faith can be lost… fear of height, I suppose.

But once you had it, you may be able to turn it back on.

We shall see… won’t we?

I am experimenting. A lot. And observe.

I will find a way, or die trying.


PS:  Your vibration, your health number are all low until you obey a power greater than the mind.

PPS: Does the tree falling in the forest make a sound? No… unless someone hears it. By the same token: there are no intrinsic values unless there is someone to see them.

And therein lies my problem.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “Are you trying to use what you know to be well, healthy, vital, vibrant, and intelligent?”

  1. In Deepak Chopra’s book “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success”, he talks about meditating into “the gap” between thoughts. With practice, you are able to release your mind and slip into the gap which is a space of limitless, pure potentiality or total universal consciousness. When you disappear into the gap, thought ceases and you just are. The challenge is to come out of the gap with whatever you gained while being there and use this higher consciousness to, as you say, fulfill your meaning in life. I took the meditation class and stayed with this practice for many years. It set my life on a new path that I continue to this day. I don’t live in the gap but the creativity and insight I receive there lives within me. It’s a small shift but, for me, a most significant one.

  2. Your vibration is 100. The memory of imagining flying is not flying.
    Deepak Chopra knows nothing of what he speaks… he has never done it. So it is all b.s. And you bought into it.

    Being well spoken places you squarely living in the systemic realm, the lowest a human can live. Not even the extrinsic is available to you.

    You are an example of what I was writing about, what is not working.

    Thank you for demonstrating it.

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