Republished: The Juice Exercise: what gives you “juice” in life?

what-makes-life-juicyI have been coaching people for many years now. The goal was always to take people on a journey to become their best Self.

Now, the task is easier when someone knows who they are. When someone has a Self.

Most people don’t. They have a persona for each group they interact with, the family persona, the student persona, the friend, the gossiper, the entertainer, the this and the that.

Those personas (roles you play) are not you. They were created by a perceived demand in the circumstances, a perceived demand in the environment.

They leave you empty, they leave you being jerked by the shoulds, and have to’s and the wants… like a puppet on a string.

You sense that you have no control, you sense that you are not you… a vague sense.
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But it’s been working. You have been surviving.

remembering-the-futureIt is just not satisfying. It is not something you’ll look back fondly from your death bed.

“I am so proud of myself of being able to survive by being the class clown.”

No one would be proud, but that is all they got.

They shy away from being left with themselves… because they think it is something wrong, something bad, and they don’t want to find it out.

So I watch people use their smart phones, their computers, their dogs, their food to distract themselves. So that they don’t have to be left with themselves.

Without being able to be left alone, the self with the Self… you’ll never grow, you’ll never even approach the vertical dimension of life, the vertical dimension of yourself, the divine Self.

You use having to, needing to, wanting to, and should to be kept out of that vertical Self.

You want to remain blind so you don’t have to confront the “inevitable” bad news: you are a horrible human.

P.S. if you want to know the truth.

You are on a certain point of human evolution, a mix of good and bad, but your Self is divine nevertheless. Even an axe murderer’s Self is divine. Even Donald Trump’s Self, or Hillary Clinton’s Self are divine.

Really? Really.

So ultimately, there is no such thing as bad Self… divine is divine.

What makes people different are the degree to which they are guided by the Self, or to which they are guided by the lower selves… the systemic and the extrinsic.

Your job, what we call growth, is to meet your divine Self, and define how your divine Self is going to guide you.

I ran a one-on-one inquiry, for years, with as many as hundreds of people.

The inquiry is called “The Juice Exercise.” 1

I didn’t invent it, I developed it to be the most important tool in anyone’s tool box.

Why it’s so important? Because in the 1-2 hours conversation it leads to you knowing how your divine Self can effectively guide you.

Guide you to activities that will make your deathbed experience an awesome one: where you look back at your life and be in awe. I have that.

It will guide you to an experience of being Free to Be Your Self, and full Self-expression.

I use my unique empath capacity to guide the conversation so you get the result… It’s not a mundane conversation. I also use my “Thinking without Thinking” third brain to recognize patterns… I am quite astute, and I have no agenda other than to serve you.

It’s also very enjoyable… because who doesn’t like being the star for an hour or so?

I am going to do a “juice exercise” call, for now, here and there. I only have so much energy I am willing to invest.

And, honestly, I don’t know if I want to bother with people who are dehydrated, and unwell.

Nothing worth having is instant

That includes everything. Healing. Energizing water. Understanding. Enlightenment.

Everything worth having is the cumulative result of intense, targeted, focused work.

When you are not well, you can’t bring intensity, can’t remain targeted, and can’t hold your focus… And work? Work is machine like, at best. A have to.

So you see why I don’t want to give my pearls to people who are not well… pearls can only be used, not eaten. Eaten they cause indigestion.

For now, this is just an “Upcoming Attraction” notification.

But imagine what life will be like when you’ll be pulled by what gives you juice. When your priorities will be decided by what gives you juice. When you can be anywhere, and live in the bubble of your beautiful Self… and no matter who, no matter how hard they try to pull you out, you remain your Self… not a puppet of anything or anyone.

incredible-food-manipulation08All the urges and all the pulls are from the horizontal, the societal, your lower self.

Look at yourself, and see if being well is more important to you than how your drink tastes?

4177077950_3c33e84431How eating food that is too simple to titillate… so you choose something exotic, something sweet, something that makes you feel special.

How, in every sentence, you are trying to prove that you are worthy, that you are better… and have no room to be yourself… your beautiful You.

In the Juice Exercise I am putting your Self on very loud, but the horizontal World is louder.

This is, obviously, not for everybody.

Even though every human is craving being their Selves… but very few ever are or even willing. Because in order to be your Self, you have to let go from the pretense, survival based self…

Because every moment you can be your Real Self… is like Heaven.

The Kingdom of Heaven.


PPS: If you want a private one-on-one session with me to explore what gives you juice in life, you can book a session. I have some time…

If you are in my 67 step coaching program, you get a special discount inside your members’ area.

Download the pdf version of this article juicy-life
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  1. juiced: pumped, excited about

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