From my correspondence: Astrological Signs, Are they preventing us from changing lanes?

stuck in a lane by the starsI stumbled on this old post… and it is exactly perfect for the “What’s the truth about you” workshops, so I thought I republish it…


Hi Sophie, I have a question. I would like to know your advice. I recently found an astrological site with natal chart sun decrees interpretations which are scaringly accurate.

I bought your Effortless Abundance Book, three days ago, I do believe one can get much more. My doubt is, can we change lanes? concerning those astrological imprints for a better life?

All the best,

My Answer:

it all depends on your mindset.

if you are trying to change lanes to fix anything: the answer is no.
if you manage to not make anything wrong in the present or in the past!!! not easy, then yes

astrology and such are the mind’s effort to understand the world so it can control it.

the world can’t be controlled, moreover when you want control for safety etc. you are making something wrong.

it goes against the flow of life: there is nothing to fix, there is nothing wrong. there has never been anything wrong.

now look again, and the world shows up different.

the astrological imprints, in my opinion, are the different ways we block the flow. They are not fixed.

I am a Virgo and as a Virgo I should be different from how I am. I used to be different. I have changed in fundamental ways. The most important tool I had is dropping the idea that there is anything wrong.

so there you have it. look at your mindset carefully and find out if you are asking these questions from “there is something wrong here” or “this isn’t it” and you can be sure that as long as they are there, nothing can be changed.

your mindset provides the context in which the world occurs and will create more of the same.

Thank you,

PS: you’ll see in the second part of the Effortless Abundance book that using the picture of your path as a rail (as in railroad) is a more apt picture and gives you a lot more access to changing, while the lane picture you used keeps you in victim mentality: not consciously, just habitually… lol

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