Plan to create abundance plus a vibrational review of “Create Abundance 2020”

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First off, this is not the cash gifting illegal pyramid scheme that Carly and Thomas Smith are promoting.

What is a cash gifting program? It’s much like a chain letter: You buy in, and hope that eventually, from the monies that people you enroll personally, you will get more money back that what you paid in.

It’s illegal. I have seen many of these spring up, from time to time. Human greed has no boundaries.

Most people that I know lost what they invested. Some, with lots of salesmanship and a lot of acquaintances, made some money, but they made it on the misery of others.

What is the vibration of that program? On a scale of 1-1000 it is, the vibration, 5. Depraved.

Now, if you came here because you were looking for that cash gifting program, Create Abundance 2020 or any other name, please leave. You won’t be interested in anything I have to say.

You are probably desperate, or too greedy to be interested.

The average vibration of people who are interested in that is 100. Look it up on the Map of Consciousness

Now, let’s look at stuff that people with a higher vibration, with a higher level of consciousness would like to read. Something that isn’t illegal…

By the way, if you haven’t read my Effortless Abundance 39 page ebook/PDF, it’s a great read and will give you a great foundation for the rest of the article.

Why do you need a foundation? Because abundance doesn’t play out in the physical world: abundance is a vibrational phenomenon and it has a stronger vibrational component than most anything… maybe joy and happiness can be compared, and love.

What are your resources? In another word: what is going for you? Do you have enough resources to accomplish your dreams? You’ll be surprised when you really add it up…

Most people who want and crave abundance, relate to it as a one-day-some-day phenomenon: some day it will come to me. Through luck or through a lot of effort.

But if you read my book, you know that this is exactly the mindset that keeps you miserable, and away from what you really want.

Now, I am not going to re-teach what is in the book, you can go back and read it or read it again.

I want to move a little bit forward, and address an issue that most people never address.

I want to address the following question in earnest:

What are your resources? In another word: what is going for you? Do you have enough resources to accomplish your dreams? You’ll be surprised when you really add it up…

Your resources are

1. your time
2. your skills and knowledge
3. people who can provide help, money, work, or support
4. your desire
5. stuff you have lying around that you can sell, barter, re-purpose, take apart and use the building blocks of
6. money to invest

When you create this inventory, you’ll be probably stuck a little bit (or much) at point 2. Most people don’t know what skills they possess, at least I didn’t know back in 1988… until I did the exercises in the book “What Color Is Your Parachute?”

It’s an excellent moral builder, doing those exercises. Most people have a lot more skills that they know about.

And when you get point 5: consider that one man’s garbage is another’s treasure. Just because you don’t value what you have, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t have value!

Why am I, after specifically saying that abundance is a mindset thing, encouraging you to actually do something, sell something, trade something?

Because accomplishment, a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment is so much part of abundance, that without that no amount of money is enjoyable.

Just look at people who did not earn their money: people who live on welfare, people who won it on a game of chance, and people who inherited it. I’d also like to add people who earn it but with services they are not proud of: no sense of accomplishment is there…

And, last but not least: you won’t get any money until you sell something. Your time, your services, your product, or something that you have the right to sell…

So finding out what your resources are that you have going for you to have something to sell is mandatory.

You’ll be surprised to find out that you have more going for you than you thought. You’ll see that you can create abundance in your life in more ways than one.

Starting this coming Wednesday I a new workshop series, to teach you the art of growth of yourself and consequently your abundance.

I have no idea how long it is going to take for us: be prepared for the long haul…

In these workshops we’ll map out your resources, strategize to get you more resources with the least amount of effort, work about the mindset, the skills, and the strategy of how to grow yourself and your abundance.

If you have a business… this is perfect for you. If you want a business this is perfect for you. If you don’t have a business but you want to grow yourself, this is also perfect for you. If you want to write a book, want to make a mark in the world, this is perfect for you.

First you grow yourself, but the context will be what you want to use yourself, your life for.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “Plan to create abundance plus a vibrational review of “Create Abundance 2020””

  1. Periodically I get stuck, mostly in my own mind. I will get a plan in action, it might take weeks or months, then it only takes a day of mind duty to undo everything I’ve accomplished. This happened recently. I had built many options for myself, then just sat around idle thinking of all the reasons not to take risks. I hate the mind too, especially my own.

    Back in June when I was reading the Parachute book, my oldest son gave me another similar book called “The $100 Startup”. Both books made me realize that I did have a lot more skills than I ever thought. I went to a few auctions with him, and he tried to motivate me to give it a try. He told me to start in my home. People have a tendency to give me gifts that I don’t need, want, or will ever use. So, I usually try to give them away, or stick them in a closet.

    I procrastinated for about 8 weeks. Last Sunday I decided to try and list two items on E-Bay(after reading your book). Right before I went to bed I checked e-mails, and one item had already sold for the “buy it now” price, and the other item already had 8 bids. I really did feel a sense of accomplishment, and went to bed with a smile on my
    face. This small act, which took very little effort, rekindled the fire!

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