It takes tweaking to get things right… including your diet

individual... with a brain to useI find that most people want to be mindless… Get a solution and never look again, never think again.

Tai calls this: an experiment run too long.

But for most people experiments are non-existent. They want to live their lives as puppies or kitties… not as humans.

Why is that? you ask… whether you are one of “most people” or one of the few who are individuals.

To answer that why question,

  • You may look at how you were brought up.
  • You may look at how you were educated to be sheep.
  • You may look at that as character defect.
  • You may blame this or that…

The truth is simpler and more sinister than any of those you have already thought of.

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It takes energy to run the brain, a lot more energy than it takes to be a puppy or a kitty.

And unless you consistently have more energy, a lot more energy than what’s needed to survive, you don’t have energy… and you’ll be mindless. You don’t have a choice about it.

When I talk about “running the brain” I am not talking about the constant mind-chatter: that takes no energy.

If you have a computer, like the brain is, you can maybe tell the difference when the computer is computing and when the computer is just treading water… Treading water is when the hard drive is doing something… something you didn’t ask it to do… the computer’s mind chatter. Rehashing stuff… worrying. Worthless stuff like that.

The bottom line is: when you don’t have enough energy, you don’t have enough energy to be human… to think, to experiment, to pay attention, to think ahead, to have foresight, to have any number of spiritual capacities.

You live in survival mode…

There are exceptions… Some people, like myself, are subversive, meaning seeking or intended to subvert an established system or institution.

Synonyms: troublemaker, dissident, agitator, revolutionary, renegade, rebel.

Aldous Huxley on the toxic state of humanity's health, manufactured by industryThe system where most people are preferred by the system to be mindless sheep (or puppies) is a system, an institution, and without these subversives the system runs rampant without anyone ever even bringing it up that living like that is not honoring the Original Design where human is the highest possible organization of matter… and the highest possible value.

So, I am a subversive, a trouble maker, and I have been like that ever since I’ve known myself. I never learned formulas, I preferred to invent them when I needed them… in Mathematics, in language, in physics… f… that.

But I don’t want this article to be about me… I want it to be about you and what you can do about being a sheep, what can you do about getting enough energy to become finally human, as you physically already are.

85c0cdb72ddf5d2bce4b3c1afeef1bc9Back in 1977 I read the novel “Brave New World”. There were two things that I got, at the time:

  1. “The more stitches the less riches…” and “Ending is better than mending…”I got the inhumanity of this world where you and I exist to consume… so we can produce.
    That the world uses us to make it go around, and what we want doesn’t matter… Not at all.
  2. That when you are the only one who sees the truth, you need to be a hero or you need to kill yourself (John in the novel). 1

Ultimately I needed to make a decision to be John the dead or to be John the rebel rouser.

f4039c29c344137ad7ba0f025c53ccccChoosing to be a rebel rouser meant: becoming someone who finds a solution, to lead people who are ready to follow an alternative path. The path of “not sheep”.

It’s taken me almost 40 years to be able to get to the root of the issue, why people are sheep, and how to beat the system… I think I am at the root of the issue… But only the future will tell.

The root of the issue is this: the “system” wants you to consume. Consume for the system’s sake, not for your own. Consume stuff that is NOT GOOD FOR YOU, it is only good for the system.

And one of the things it wants you to consume is food that is not compatible with your body. Supplements that are not compatible with your body. Medication that you only need because you consume food that is not compatible with your body.

da2ae6806bb0d1b765836da855fa1bc4And they support this system with “research”, with “science”, with lots of everything…

The only “thing” they don’t support is you being able to have enough energy to use your equipment, your brain, to what the brain, well nourished, is capable of.

They push the food items that wreaks the most damage… irreparable damage to your physiology…the more damaged you are, the less you are capable to use your head.

Fructose, grains, vegetable oils. Sodas. Milk. Caffeine.

The poorer you are the more you eat these things… and the more you eat these things the sicker you become, and the weaker your brain becomes. And the poorer you become.

One size fits all damage… one size fits all solution?

Seeing the cookie cutter, one size fits all damage, one could suggests that removing these damage makers will make you well, but alas, you’ll see that removing these won’t make you well.

Not considerably. Not better enough.

In my research laboratory, I have added other “non cookie cutter” aspects, blood type, dosha type, nutritional deficiencies, and yet, the so desired increase in energy and well being wasn’t forthcoming.

Added superfoods… no results.
Added physical activities… no results.
Added healing energies… no results.
Added spiritual practices… no results.
Added your specific eating style… some result. Hm… curious.

No results until I stumbled on the last two pieces of the puzzles I have stumbled onto: ancestry type and hydration.

I have found that all species of plants, all species of animals are toxic to another species.

Human flesh are not toxic to humans… but eating your own kind works against the selfish gene… so it cannibalism is an unacceptable practice for most species.

Humans, as they spread from the original birthplace, had to deal with new toxins in the food at the new area they migrated to.

Through thousands of years, human tribes managed to adjust their physiology to deal with these new toxins and thrive.

Certain groups of people are immune to certain foods, and are slowly killed by others.

Today when you can go to a grocery store and buy food from all continents at all seasons of the year, you can be hundred percent sure that most food you’ll buy is toxic to your specific ancestry.

The more you like something, the more toxic it is for your body.

The very complicated job to find the handful of food items that do not contain any of the offenders you are sensitive or intolerant to (fructose, gluten are the most frequent), the foods that also match your blood type, match your dosha type, the foods that match your ancestry, is the job of a skilled practitioner, me.

Every toxin you remove from your diet adds a little bit of energy. It is a lot of tweaking and changing and fine-tuning.

If you are OK living a sheep life, this is not for you.

brave_new_world_quote_by_beberequin-d3cmoulIf you want to experience a life as a human, with your brain enabling you to see fully, enjoy fully, think fully, so you can grow… you want to enter this process of finding the ideal way for you to eat.

As you start to gain energy, you’ll have more energy to stick to this way of eating.

You’ll find that the most satisfying food is what is also perfect for you. But not perfect for the “system”… It won’t make you poor and it won’t make others rich.


You can’t eat enough of what your body doesn’t really know how to handle… Just watch people as they can’t stop at one potato chip, one piece of chocolate, one serving of ice cream, they have to eat more and more… because it is not satisfying…

The body can’t use all that stuff, not even a little bit of it, but it’s craving… like a heroin addict craves a fix. You eat what you are… you are toxic, you crave the same toxins you have in your body wreaking havoc.

Want your kids to be dull? Feed them grains, juices, sodas, ice cream, and stuff that doesn’t match their ancestry.

I have a student who married a guy from a whole different ancestry. He is a fisherman. She eats what he eats… and even though she knows what is good for her, her health number is below 10%. Her hydration is higher… but she is, I guess, still too dumb to see that she is digging her own intellectual grave.

I am now 99% clear on the food items I can eat. I only eat those. The way my eating type says to eat.

Next step is to weed out the supplements that are a hidden source of gluten… like dextrose. Or fructose. Or oils: stuff that don’t agree with my body.

I have been suggesting my clients to have a main session, and one follow-up.

I now see that a regular monthly “checkup” adjustment, tweaking session is in people’s best interest.

And if all goes well, they have saved enough money by not eating what is bad for them, to be able to afford the additional session, even if they are on a fixed income.

How do you get started to get well?

  1. Your best bet is to start with getting your base numbers. You want to know where you are at…your vibration
    your overall IQ including your intelligence
    the number of spiritual capacities you have
    your soul correction (your machine) (your date of birth is needed for this)
    do you have attachments?
    the level of your health
    the level of your cell hydration
  2. Once you see where you are: you may want to start hydrating your body… I only know one way: energizing your water to the fullest, and drinking that energized water.
  3. And once you feel a little better, hydration will make you feel better! you will, book a health session…But not before…
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  1. “Suicide by cop” is a good solution. I have a suspicion that if Jesus ever lived, this was HIS solution to this choiceless choice.

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